Haustsitting: how to live in someone else’s house for free

Previously, "My Planet" gave advice and dispelled the most common stereotypes about the crawls, and also wrote, how to eat visiting local residents. In this article, tell about the new trend for economical travel – HausSitting.

Rules are simple: the owner invites you to look after the house in my absence, for which it provides accommodation in it for free. Sometimes the service includes care not only about real estate, but also about pets, plants, fruit gardening, receiving parcels and many other duties.

What should the owner be prepared

First, trying to protect your home from robbery and save on a hotel for animals, you can put a potential thief. Guarantees that when you return your property will be safe and preservation, and gold jewelry will not disappear from the box, no. You can minimize risks, thoroughly examining the profile and reviews of a potential haousesitter. And of course, you should not give the key from the safe where money is lying, and put the box with jewels for a prominent place.

Secondly, Housitter is also a person. During his stay can break something or crash, and it will not be sure to blame.

How to become a haousesitter

  1. Select a site where Hallsitting offers are published. It is worth being prepared for viewing vacant seats will be open to all, but applying will be possible only after registration. The system of its passage from all sites is different. For example, somewhere asked to provide documents in the form of scans, and somewhere – make a membership fee.
  2. Remember missing competition. You need to view proposals without periodically, but constantly. And send several applications every day. At the same time, it is better not to teach yourself to hope that the owner of a gorgeous house in Hawaii will choose a person with a half-empty profile and without recommendations.
  3. Collect feedback. Most often the first experience is somewhere in the wilderness, but the more positive recommendations, the higher the chance to be chosen the next time.
  4. Carefully study profiles and no less thoroughly fill your own (without forgetting about the photo!). Not everyone is ready to take a haousesitter with children and pets, but even in this case there is a chance to be invited. The main thing is to be extremely honest. Don’t write that you speak English freely if you really can hardly support the conversation. All this is easy to find out.
  5. Pre-communicate on Skype and ask even those questions that seem to be obvious. Such a precaution will help to avoid unpleasant surprises upon arrival. Suddenly, the owner’s requirement in the root diverges with your trip expectations?
  6. Conclude a contract with the owner of the house where all the nuances. This is especially true for a long stay.

Plan in advance difficult

And if the vacation is only two weeks – almost unreal. Should be a big luck, so that at this short time the owner chose you and in the country where you have a visa.

✪ Polina Harbert, Blog author ¡Vámonos!:
We looked after 12 days behind the house in Australia, while his hosts flew to Hosexitant to Canada. They scheduled their trip in advance. It also happened with us when we were planned for the first two Housitel in Australia a few months ahead, while still in Mexico.

✪ Elena Asanova, Russia:
Once we practically agreed on Hausatsitte in Abu Dhabi on a villa with four Abyssinians, when they found that for Russians a visa can be done there, only having a stay of a hotel on all days, to cancel which is impossible, that is, our company loses any meaning. I had to apologize to homeowners and remove your candidacy.

The owner may change

Circumstances are different, and the owner of the house can at the last moment to change their mind to leave the housing to an unfamiliar person. And if you have to provide a room in the hotel (about this "my planet" told the booking manager), then in this case, as in the trap, there is no guarantees. Therefore, Housiting is suitable only to those who are ready to instantly change plans.

✪ Dany Hanerich, USA:
When I arrived in the apartment, the first thing that the owner told me when she opened the door: "We canceled the trip. My wife feels bad, and she needs time to come to himself ". I was shocked because I did not know what to do! I had no reverse flight, I have no place to live, and rental prices in New York were incredibly high.

Living conditions are different

HausSitting how to live for free in someone else's house

Unlike the crawls, where two people and a dog can be in the same room with the host, the whole house remains at the House of Housin. But this is not at all a guarantee from unpleasant surprises.

✪ Polina Harbert, Blog author ¡Vámonos!:
In my first house we arrived late in the evening, it was already dark, and we almost immediately went to bed. But in the morning they found, what a terrible mess is going on in this house! Everywhere, things are lying, clothes, toys … on the tiled semi stain, dog wool … on the plate fat, in the closets with difficulty blotted things … shock! My haousesitting began with the cleaning of the kitchen, because cooking there I could not. Washed the plate, floors, work surfaces. All glitter, but so that all this remains in the same condition, you need to clean every day.

✪ Peter and Tracy McDermott, USA:
Our first house in England has opened our eyes on the phrase "Diverse Standards of Clean. Golden wires and extension cords hung over concrete floors, on which the construction trash was lying. It took three days to clear enough space in the kitchen and be able to at least prepare sandwiches.

We’ll have to work

Do not think that you can ride in neighboring cities and inspect all the sights. Haustsitting is not just a free roof above your head. This is a job. Sometimes it happens that all that is required – is to look after the home. But this is extremely rare. You may need to water the plants, vacuuming carpets, mow the endless lawns, clean the pool or walk the five dogs. Each owner has their own requirements.

✪ Josh and Erin, the authors of the blog Travel with bender:
When we were asked to look after the house in Belgium during the month, we thought we hit the jackpot. It turned out that of the 17 animals, of which we had to take care, most do not train a.

✪ Nora Dunn, United States:
Thank God that before I agreed to look after the house in the UK, its owners were warned that this position is more suitable for couples. I invited my mother and we had a great time. when not working. We were busy up to four hours each day, taking care of three dogs, cleaning the house and taking care of vast gardens. To this day I can not imagine how the owners manage to combine all of this with work and raising children.

Immersion may be deeper than expected

Usually at home, for which care is required, located somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Of course, depending on haussittery duties may be somewhere to go, but it is unlikely to succeed missing for days. This holiday is more suited to those who are interested to live in different cities as "their own". At least briefly.

✪ Blogger Why Wait to See the World?:
We lived in a pretty little Spanish village, and I liked it. Tourists looked to extremely rare, and we caused great surprise to local residents. We could buy a package of fresh churros (fried sweet pastry choux dough. – approx. Red.) From a street vendor and eat at a nearby cafe; Cruzcampo beer to drink at night and eat his Tapas (Spain so is any appetizer, served in a bar with beer and wine, – a comment. Red.). All this is rarely cost more than € 10. We did not do every day photos worthy of Instagram, but were totally immersed in the culture.

Additional financial expenses are not excluded

Lovely house with a garden can be a good distance from the supermarket. Hence – spending on rental cars, travel by bus or taxi. If the accommodation is planned for two or three months, it is necessary to be ready for payment of utility bills. However, this is discussed in advance.

Do not forget that the cup can break the vacuum cleaner cover – crack, and the door left of the machine – scratched. Furthermore, upon arrival the owner could say, "And here on the shelf I trehkilogrammovy gold nugget lying!"That is why better to ask to remove valuables and ask if equipment is working properly. But in this case, there is no guarantee that will be able to avoid claims and additional financial costs.

✪ Pauline Herbert, author of the blog ¡Vámonos!:
The last adventure: the washing machine has blocked our towels inside and did not want to give them. We had to communicate with the hosts, and then to the store, which was bought stiralka, and manufacturing company that was sent to us by a person guarantee that will save our towels and opens the door treasured.

✪ Carmen and David Allan, Petal, Australia:
Once in the Caribbean, we rearranged crystal basket full of heavy objects, and it broke. It happened by chance! We bought a new one, but it turned out that it was a family heirloom. When the owners returned, they were furious.

You are in control

Typically, the owners are asked to regularly inform them how things are going, by email or phone. It happens that once a week, and sometimes every day or most of the. But there are those who, on the contrary, do not want to be disturbed while resting.

✪ Tim and Nat, blog authors A Cook Not Mad:
The problem with mold was much worse than we were told we did not go periodically tap water, and we were taken to hospital after a tick bite, which brought into the house of the owner’s cat. We informed the owners about the problems, but they called us the complainants.

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