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Museum of Roma "Havana Club" enjoys particularly popular with tourists. We visited it, recognize the centuries-old history of the production of this world-famous drink. And the exhibits of the collection of persons demonstrate all the stages of its manufacture, ranging from the fermentation process and ending with a long exposure. Layouts of various plants built on the island for the manufacture of Roma are represented by a separate exhibition.

Who will fall into the museum at the weekend, can fully enjoy Cuban handles performed by the local orchestra "Tata Guines Junior Y Sus Mulatas".

Of course, a stubborn, for some visitors, will be the tasting of the most-selling Cuban drink in the world. Here you can buy a famous souvenir home, and in its authenticity can be sure.

Where the museum is located

The museum is located at: Calle San Pedro, 262. This is in the very center of the old Havana.

It will be easier to hire the Cab, Coco (tricycle moped) or a taxi and go on the main attractions of Havana, stopping and museum. You can get to the old part of the city for 25-30 cookies. With public transport in Cuba bad.

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The entrance ticket to the famous museum costs 10 dollars. Some loner tourists save by taking to the excursion group. So pass for free. In conscientious tourists we advise you to wait a bit at the entrance to the museum building (5-10 minutes), the people will come down and when there will be about 30 people, the guide will begin its story, and you will go to the world of Roma.

What time is the museum visiting

Roma Museum open all week: from Monday to Thursday it works from 9:00 to 17:00. On Friday, on Saturday, his work time is reduced per hour: from 9:00 to 16:00, and on Sunday – for 2 hours: from 10:00 to 16:00.

How long will get acquainted with the history of the famous Roma brand

Excursion to the guide will last no more than 25 minutes. Beverage tasting – 10 minutes 10. In general, in the Roma Museum, delay no more than 40 minutes.

It is advisable to combine the trip to the museum on a visit to other famous memorable places of the capital of Cuba.

History of the Roma Roma "Havana Club" in Cuba

The brand Roma "Havana Club" appeared on the island of freedom in 1934. Since 1994, the rum of this brand has become actively sold worldwide. And it was so.

In Cardenares in 1878, the Arechabala family opens his distillery. Having created the most ordinary (so far) brand "Havana Club", the owners opened the production of Roma at the highest level, taking care of his excellent quality. Set up the sale of a drink throughout Cuba and in the US. In 1960, the Fidel Castro’s government nationalized all the distillers in the country, and the Arechabala family had to emigrate: part of the clan went to Spain, part in the US.

Lose and close production bringing huge income, socialist cube did not intend. The export of Roma was established in 1972 in the Soviet Union, in Eastern Europe. "Havana Club" by the government of Cuba is announced by the national heritage. In 1977, the time-consuming production of Roma is transferred to the plant in Santa Cruz del Norte.

Rum under the same name produces and sells Bakardi since 1994, which built plants behind the territory of Cuba, in Puerto Rico. Recipe for a drink She sold members of the Arechabala family.

Conflict "Bacardi" and "Pern Ricar", which owns the company "Havana Club International" with the Cuban government, stretches for several years. Since 1995, more than a thousand court claims have been filed. In January 2016, the Patent and Trademark Office issued a license until 2026 by Pern Ricar company for ownership of the Havana Club brand. "Bakardi" this document did not suit, and the final point is not yet delivered. In the meantime, "bacardi" on their labels "Havana Club" makes the prescription "Puertoricovsky Rom".

Today, Havana Club is the 5th brand in the world in terms of sales. He knows in 120 countries of the world. The design of the Roma bottles is unchanged not one dozen years: a plug of red-golden color, the label contains an image of La Real Fuers with a vane of another old fort Havana.

Fortress Drink – 40-45 degrees. Available bottles of 50, 500, 700, 750 and 1000 ml. HAVANA CLUB INTERNATIONAL produces several types of hot drink.

Types of Roma "Havana Club"

"Angheo Blanco" is a young one one-year white-colored rum with a fortress of 40 degrees. Completely unobtrusive, barely catchy smell vanilla, caramel and cocoa. Used to create cocktails: Mojito and Daikiri.

"Anghao 3 Anos" is a 40% rum with an excerpt of 3 years, with a weak beige tint. There are notes of pears, banana, caramel, chocolate, vanilla in it. Also designed to create cocktails.

"Axeo Espeit" – Medovo-Gold Color, Rum Fortress 40%. It breaks through a more distinct taste of spices, colors, wood and citrus. Uniqueness Roma add notes of orange zest and tobacco. Withstand him 3 years. We advise you to dilute it with pomegranate or grapefruit juice before use.

"Angheo Reserve" – ​​Amber Rum Saturated Color, Fortress 40%. It is connected to pears, wood, tobacco fragrances with cocoa and coffee taste. Stand it for 5 years. Drink this rum should be undressed, slow and small sips.

"Anga 7 Anos" – a rum of dark color, aged 7 years, a fortress of 40 degrees. The fusion of fruit, coconut, walnut, spices and tobacco makes a drink unforgettable and saturated. The technology of its creation is such that several varieties of Roma are mixed, the youngest of them is 7 years old. The technology of their connections is kept secret.

"Anga 15 Anos" – rum marked with a prestigious reward from International Spirits Challenge, produced in limited quantities and has a 15-year exposure. His color is a merging of dark amber with gold. Loves of fruits and oaks prevail. Insist drink in special old oak barrels.

Havana Club - Museum and Rum

"Maximo Extra Anneo" – rum elite, even poured into special bottles of his fortress – 40%. One bottle of such a drink costs 1000 dollars. Hand glass glass produced only a thousand bottles for such a noble drink. It feels dark chocolate, vanilla and dried fruits.

Selekson de Maestros – Premium-class rum, named "Choice of Masters", awarded several prestigious awards, including a double gold medal at the "World Spirits Competition" (San Francisco).

Havana Club organized a museum in 2000. The building chose an old, built the palace was in the 18th century in the old part of the capital of Havana.

What will surprise tourists collection of the museum exhibits

The building of the museum consists of 2 floors and Ground Floor. The first floor is assigned to the workshop for the manufacture of oak barrels in which the drink is kept. The second floor is a whole production. Here you can see and the press used to clip sugar cane, and the real car in which the cane has been transported from sugar plantations to the factory.

The exhibits of the museum are selected in such a way that visitors get acquainted with the detailed manufacturing process, seeing all stages of development of the famous Cuban drink.

It is interesting to children in a demonstration workshop showing all stages of work on Rom: Mockups of steam locomotives, ships, electric railway for the delivery of sugar cane, spray strands for the storage of drink and T.D.

Tips for tourists for dating Cuban celebrity

– Go after the excursion to the store: there is a large selection of an excellent Roma, there is even a drink bottle for 1700 euros.

– Excursion may seem a bit boring. This is not a party in Tropican. A little screensy visit tasting and music.

– Plan an excursion to the museum along with other attractions in the capital of Cuba: City Town Hall, La Fuerst Fortress, Cathedral with the Cathedral, the abode of Santa Clara, the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. And you can go on museums: ceramics, anthropology, colonial, national, Ernest Hemingway, Guanabocha. If free time is available, then look at the "Partagas" cigar factory.

– The museum is allowed children, they don’t need to buy a ticket.

– Unfortunately, excursions are not held in Russian. Guides lead their narration in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. We will have to lie down and remember at least a school curriculum.

– Once a month a lottery is held in the museum. The winning receives a bottle of luxury drink as a gift, and it does not matter where the winner lives.

We wish you to be lucky! In any case, the visit to the Roma Museum "Havana Club" will be remembered for a long time.

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