Havana is one of the most beautiful cities in the Western Hemisphere, full of music, fun and unique history.

Havana – the capital of the island. Founded in 1515 by Konkistador Diego Velasquez, Havana is one of the oldest cities of the new world.

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What is interesting to see in Havana?

Top attractions of Havana

Capitol in Havana

Cathedral of Holy Cristobal and ..

Ernest Hemingway House Museum

Museum of Roma

Cannonian ceremony

Santa Clara Monastery

Palace of Fine Arts in ..

Beaches Santa Maria Del ..

Havana: Excursions and events

Havana City Tour
A visit to one of the most beautiful cities of the Western hemisphere, full music, fun and unique history, the well-preserved Spanish colonial city declared by UNESCO «The property of mankind». Walking with the inspection of the main attractions, the inspection of the square, fortresses, palaces and buildings, erected in the XVI-XIX centuries. Inspection by bus of modern Havana, Capitol, Museum of Revolution, Presidential Palace, famous embankment MALECON.

City tour with lunch: Havana Espeihail.
A visit to the main attractions of the colonial Havana announced by UNESCO «The property of mankind». Walking with a Russian-speaking guide with an inspection of squares, fortresses, urban museum Palacio de Los Capitanes Generales, the buildings of the former presidential palace (entrance tickets included). Free time to buy souvenirs. Lunch at the best restaurant of the old Havana Cafe Del Oriente, with an exclusive menu and a better kitchen. By bus Inspection of modern Havana, Capitol, Museum of Revolution, Presidential Palace, famous embankment MALECON.

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Show Cabaret Tropican
A visit to one of the most visited places in Havana, the most spectacular cabaret on the Caribbean – Tropicana, created in 1939. View the most popular and famous worldwide shows in the style of the 50s «Paradise under the stars». Musical view with the participation of more than 200 artists, musicians and dancers. The cost depends on the location zone of tables. Enabled one drink and light snacks.

Ceremony shots
Departure by bus to the most famous fortress of the city of La Cabana. Presence at the Ceremony Shot. Free time to inspect the fortress, lighthouse, historical center and the opportunity to make unforgettable photos.

In places Hemingway
Departure by bus. Visit at home-museum Hemingway. Dinner. On the way back, visit the favorite places of Hemingway – Obispo Streets, on which the first writer is located – Hotel Ambos Mundos, Bodegita Del Medio restaurant and Bar Floridita.

Tobacco and Rom
A visit to the tobacco factory La Corona, with the ability to see the entire process of manual manufacture of the world’s most popular Havana cigars in the world. Visiting the Roma Museum with the possibility of a museum Learn the story of the production of the best ram varieties. Continuation of the trip to the statue of Christo De La Habana with a stop at the observation deck. Time for photographing and shopping.

Ability to see the best and most popular resort of Cuba, located on a narrow 20 km of the peninsula 130 km from the capital with a stop at the highest bridge of 120 m., Overlooking the Valley of the Yumuri River. On the way, check-in Mathanzas. Rest on the beach and swimming in the sea.

Vinyales Valley
Departure by bus in Pinar del Rio, the province with the richest Cuban nature located in the west of the island. This part of Cuba is considered to be a natural cathedral. Journey to Vinyales Valley, on the plains of which is grown by the best tobacco in the world and which is famous for magnificent views of the unique hills, called «Mogota», Proclaimed by the UNESCO World Committee of the Cultural Landscape of Humanity. Stop on the observation platform in Mirador de Los Jasmines, the path to the Cueva Del Indio Indian cave, where, at will, you can make a boat trip on the river flowing inside the cave. Visit Mural De La Prehistoria with prehistoric on-line drawings and dinner from national cuisine.

Island Kayo Largo Del Sur
Departure from Havana Airport (on the way 25-30 minutes). Ride on the boat to Iguan Island, to the coral reef, which is the underwater reserve, to the island of mermaids. Lunch outdoors. Walking on an open bar with an open bar with the ability to swim in the warm waters of the Caribbean and sunbathe on the snow-white wild beaches of the island with unusually small sand. Here is one of the best in Cuba zone for scuba diving and occupation by other water sports. Ability to return to the island of Cuba to Varadero Airport.

Kayo Coco Island
Departure from Havana Airport (on the way 40-50 minutes). Ride on Kayo Coco Island, Island Located east of Cuba in the Atlantic Ocean – carefully protected natural reserve. This is a hundred kilometers of magnificent nature and more than 26 km of virgin beaches. Cayo Coco is rich and practically not affected by man. Here you can admire the numerous community of elegant flamingos, constantly living on the island, swim in the sea with a tube, mask and flippers, sunbathe, just relax and engage in fascinating water sports. Ability to return to Varadero Airport

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