Havenley and Skvo Valley

High in the mountains of Sierra Nevada around the amazingly beautiful lake Tahoe (Lake Tahoe) scattered 17 large and small resorts, which together form the largest area for riding in the US. The largest of the resorts of Heavenly (Heavenly), located on the southern shore of the reservoir on the border of two states – California and Nevada, the main city of which Las Vegas is pleased with the center of gambling entertainment. On the North Shore – Squaw Valley – District of more complex and steep riding – a peculiar mecca for true gourmets of dizzying descents. Only an incorrigible dreamer and beauty connoisseur with such love and under the influence of local pictorial scenery to call so these places. After all, Heavenly translates from English how "Heavenly, boring", and Squaw Valley (Squaw Valley) – "Indian Valley".

When you climb on the top of the mountain Mountain Peak Monument (Monument Peak) with a height of more than 3 thousand meters above sea level, you simply can not be amazed by the dimensions of Heaven. And stretching right under the legs of the lake Tahoe with his cast bright greens of water will make you beat your eaves to earthly concerns. Fancy, as if toy "Shatla", Comfortable and fast ships, water strokes and help to get to neighboring resorts, only complement the divine picture of the Universal Paradise. And it is difficult to believe that this resort began, no more, no less, with a simple towing cable and one single ski route. But thanks to the efforts of a handful of enthusiasts, who conceived to create world-class resort on this site, a modern ski area appeared. Their history is a passion and pain, a long fight against misfortunes, then the case dumping on their heads.

Lake Tahoe Long before the 1960 Olympics was well known, but not as a ski center. Ski development in the southern shore went slowly. The thing is that in the winter there was no transport connection between the two states. But even if someone managed to get here, he could not find accommodation, as most hotels closed already at the end of the summer. In short, as it does not have paradoxically sounds, the main obstacle to the paths of lovers to ride skiing was winter. And only after World War II, the district began to transform.

In his book "Mountain Sea. History of Lake Tahoe" ("THE MOUNTAIN SEA. A HISTORY OF LAKE TAHOE") Local historian Dr. Lindel Landauer told that somewhat suitable for skiing slopes were open shortly after the end of the war.

One of the tracks was laid on Mount Schooner (Spooner Summit), two – on Eco (Echo Summit) and two more – west of Highway-50 (Highway – 50). The largest, called Edelweiss (edelweiss) is located in the Camp Socramento camp (Camp Socramento). On Edelweiss, a little distant from the Central Valley (Central Valley), there is a sedentary lift and 3 towing devices.

In 1946, a t-shaped lift was installed on the stench, a springboard for flying skiers was built, and the area is equipped for "smooth" White Hills Ski (White Hills). But, unfortunately, he existed only 5 seasons, to the strongest snowstorm, who fell into the area in 1952.

In the following years, thanks to solid financial influences, the area continues to develop intensively, its infrastructure has become more slender and complex, which could not not attract lovers of winter sports from all over the world.

The development of Havely as a ski resort is associated with a local legend Glen Playcker, a passionate skis fan. They were fond of, barely learned to walk. Glen’s father was the head of the South Tahoe fire service, which is why Playk – the youngest better than anyone knew Havenley. His passion for skiing, interest in active rest and some kind of supernatural power to make people rejoice did not leave anyone indifferent to the enthusiasm of this sport and its popularization.

Today, one of the most famous skiers in the world, seriously began to engage in skiing in 1968. Then he entered the local team on running skiing "Blue angels". But very soon the heart of Glen was conquered by the new sport for these places "Hotdoging", now known as freestyle. Since then, there is not one competitor for a different level. And Glen’s successes in Freestyle allowed him in 1985 to even become a member of the US National Team.

But back to the resort.

In the late 80s, Havely acquires Forest Forest, whose company (American skiing company) was already well known from the eastern to the west coast of the country. An enterprising businessman immediately started incarnation of his grand plan, one of whose points was the thought of tie two areas – Steitline (Stateline) and Avenue Park (Park Avenue), – For what to equip a gondola station, as well as build 2 hotels and ski trees. The first stage of the super project was completed in December 2000 with the introduction of a high-speed gondola – pride and decoration of these places. In just 12 minutes, it is able to deliver skiers, snowboarders and simply want to explore local attractions from Mountain Heaven to the nightlife of Lake Tahoe. Thanks to her for holidaymakers in the mountains, hotels, all kinds of boutiques, skating rink, cinema, located on the shores of the lake. In the near future, it is planned to turn the southern coast to the leisure center and studying the environment, and in addition, construct an exact copy of the lake Taho with an area of ​​almost hectare.

Havenley and Skvo Valley

Today, the resort of Hevelli is 86 modern ski slopes equipped with 29 lifts, 4 mountain hotels, 4 ski bases, 13 outlets and 3 bowling.

Not stopping in its development, and boldly looking to the future, Hevelli is rightly considered one of the best international winter centers and has a top rating for newcomers and medium riding lovers. There are many gentle slopes and almost endless trails. More prepared by Milky Way Bowl, and Extremes – Big Dipper Bowl (Big Dipper Bowl), offering extreme riding among pine trees and jumping from rock outputs. Cool and narrow slopes can be found in Mott Canyon Canyon (Mott Canyon) and Killebre (Killebrew Canyon). There is also a favorite place of freeriders. Hevelli enjoys very very popular and in snowboarders.

Squaw Valley (Squaw Valley) is considered a complex and steep riding. This is one of the most revered places by lawnies – a whole range of sidelines and rock outputs.

In the central part there are many simple trails, as well as a large number of medium-sized descents, with a wide variety of riding. There is a track even for night skiing. Extremalum, no doubt, remember the adrenaline hayadwall, where a magnificent panorama opens from the top. In the meantime you admire the beauty you can get together with the Spirit and jump onto the first hill. A single ski pass around Lake Tahoe allows you to ride in Heavenly, Sierra (Sierra) and Kirkwood (Kirkwood) on the southern shore and in Squaw Vally, Northstar (Northstar) and Alpine (Alpine) – on the North. The last five seasons were recorded here a stunning level of snow cover – over 2 meters!

So you can be sure of the presence of snow until the end of the season. When you decide to break from dizzying descents, restore the rapid pulse and breathing, then the surrounding forest and the dazzling sun will not let you sit in the hotel room. Everyone’s fascinating cruises on Lake Tahoe are organized. Evening too will not leave you alone.

24-hour casinos and restaurants – at your disposal, and the city of Reno (Reno) is the second size, after Las Vegas, the city of gambling entertainment. Yes, and before Vegas himself is not so far. Northern Beach or South – Decision remains for you, but wherever you decide to go, you will find a magical world of quiet and cozy nature of the lake Tahoe.

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