Having in Japan

The first man and the first woman, in understanding the Japanese, is God Idaan and Goddess Izanami. Hello, how they appeared on the light. But the touching dialogue that followed this. Iznananga: "How is your body?" Izanami: "My body grew-grew, but there is a place that he never grown". Iznananga: "My body grew up, but there is a place that too grown. Therefore, I think, I have a place on my body, which has grown too, insert into the place that you have not grown on your body, and give birth to the country. Well, how, give birth?" Izanami: "This will be good". So the islands of the Japanese archipelago appeared.

Interestingly, the land creates not a single Creator (as in the Christian tradition), but two deities, and their connection is not perceived as something sinful. Therefore, and the whole further history of the relationship of men and women is not in Japan with a laidness of the chandeliness, but the Religion of the Japanese – Sintoism – never knew the Institute for Monastics.

The relationship between a man and a woman was determined by the Special Code of Conduct. He having heard that in some family there is a girl, fitting and skillful in writing poems, a man directed her a message in which it was certainly necessary to contain poems. They spoke in them praise her beauty, as well as impatience about the upcoming date. The girl usually answered that he did not believe in the sincerity of his correspondent known to his windiness. Withstanding the prosity of the term of Tomny, she finally agreed on a date, which happened very peculiar: a man and a woman talked, separated by a curtain, harboring inland women.

So what about any "Love at first sight" Could not be speech. But you could fall in love "From the first word" — Only having walked the voice. After the participants of the dating were made in a mutual pleasant, the man spent the night in the house of his chosen, and early in the morning he returned home, absolutely leaving a poetic message. If the expectations were not deceived, he came to the second and for the third time. And a few days later in the house of the bride, a meal was arranged, during which the bride’s parents were first seen the groom. After that, the marriage was considered concluded, and the husband received the right not to return to him in the morning.

Among the Heiang aristocrats of windy men, there were many of them, and many of them left his wife (there was no marriage proof process), without living with her and month. During rare visits, the son-in-law’s parents slept, holding his shoes in their hands, – with the help of this magical agent, they tried to keep her husband’s husband.

Polygamy was quite legalized. But it was not at all like a Middle Eastern or ancient Chinese harem with female labels, when the ladies were kept together under the supervision of the Almighty Eunuch. Each of the wives (or mistresses) of the Japanese lived in his home. The husband visited them only at night, and women did not necessarily know about the existence of each other. Aristocrats joked that no matter how good was the wife, one is clearly not enough, well, if bad, then two enough. Women, however, also possess great freedom of choice. And otherwise to whom could the nights of the Men travel at night?

The case, however, changes with the arrival of the military class – Samurai. Now the woman is seen in two hypostasses: as an object of sexual pleasure (public houses arise) and how the LONO, necessary to continue the kind. A very strict code of the behavior of a woman is also produced, which is persistently recommended not to lose control even in a dream: it is necessary to sleep on the back with his legs folded together and stretched along the body.

Ethiquity of female behavior did not disappear today. The European European, brought up on the witness of the sex equal ideas, as a result of which a woman becomes like a man (short haircut, trousers), and a man – on a woman (long hairstyle, earrings), Japanese makes the most favorable impression. One enthusiastic traveler somehow noticed: "Connect the Mercy Light View of the Sister of Mercy and the Heart of the Unspoiled Child – and you will get an idea of ​​a Japanese woman!"

Having in Japan

Japanese woman when talking with a man always needs to smile. Sometimes, however, it leads to annoying misunderstanding. For the first time I found himself in Japan, my good japanese friend began to tell once about the circumstances of the death of her brother, who had fallen into a car disaster. At the same time she smiled cute. I took it for mental worn, and only then I realized that the rules of decency oblige her to demonstrate a smile under any circumstances.

Interesting statistics of interethnic marriages: Europeans are happy to take into wives of raised, smiling, trained household and rarely swinging Japanese husband. Yes, and those should be noted, not soluble in the native country any signs of attention (like "Lady’s First" At the door or concern about female orgasm in bed), with pleasure, respond to the offer. I myself have repeatedly observed how some Japanese young man who invited a girl in a cafe, lounging in a chair, turns the magazine, while she hardly waiting for him at least a single word. As a result, she hears only one thing: "What, let’s go from here?"

At the same time, white women are rarely dried on the Japanese husband. Here playing a role and arrogant attitude towards a woman, and the medical proven is weakened (compared to the Europeans) potency of Japanese men. One Russian "moth" told that in her circle of the Japanese gentlely called "kittens" — Oscorm.

But still, of course, most Japanese women deal with Japanese men. Where, in fact, it is possible to have this business (I mean time before marriage)? Japanese houses close, family morals are still strict. But in the country there is an extremely branched network "Love hotels" Love Hotel — "Slava Hotera"), the room in which can be removed for two hours, and for three, and at night. The hosts do not require identity cards and, moreover, carefully monitor the customers to come out of their apartments in the corridor at different times, so as not to be confused at each other’s sight. Visiting such institutions is not considered something reprehensible. A young man with a girl who decided that the creation of a family is not under force can use the services "Slava Hotera" years.

For lovers, less serious relationships exist other establishments – Baths, "Beauty Salons", Dubious nightclubs. They act quite openly, although official prostitution is prohibited. It would be funny to think that the omnipresent Japanese police do not know about their existence, but the centuries-old tradition "Cheerful quarters" makes itself felt today. And public opinion does not dramatize the existing position, rightly believing that it is impossible to win the nature.

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