Hawaiian walls do not know air conditioners

The real estate market in Hawaii (they are also called the sandwich islands) for many years demonstrated the steady increase in prices, but now, as local agents say, abides "not in spirit". All Wine financial crisis in Southeast Asia, from which the main mass of tourists and buyers arrived on the islands. As a result, the Hawaiian capital of Honolulu for the first time in many years lost the title of the most expensive city of America. Therefore, now Hawaiian realtors are trying to reorient on visitors from other regions of the planet. According to their forecasts, those who still fluctuates about buying their own bungalows in Hawaii, there is still a year or two. After that price, inevitably take off again up.

Population of all 24 islands "Aloha" (Takovo "informal" The name of Hawaii), who became part of the United States only in 1959, now barely passed for a million people. Official island languages ​​are considered to be Hawaiian and English, but it is impossible to say that some ethnic group here prevails. It is estimated that a quarter of the island population in a family circle communicates in any sense, only not in English. In Honolulu, you can find people with Danish, Irish, Vietnamese and even with Caucasian roots.

Honolulu Islands Capital is located on the third largest island Oahu, where 80 percent of all Hawaiians live. The city is known for the fact that he is the only one in the territory of the deformation of democracy was founded by the monarch – His Majesty King KamehameHa I. Residents of another "Sandwicheva" Islands – Kauai – also have something boast. There is the most humid place on the planet, where 37 feet of precipitation falls during the year. Brooks and waterfalls – a typical part of the local landscape, real paradise scenery. No wonder the exciting panoramas of the island appear in the most famous exotic films of Hollywood – "Park of Jurassic period" and old "King Cong".

Another record. On "Big island" (Big Island of Hawaii) operates the world’s most active volcano Kilauea – Magnet for tourists and scientists. From time to time, some lone inquisitive traveler disappears from time to time, therefore the authorities constantly call for foreigners to abandon amateur walks.

Island named Niihau, also called "Forbidden Island", No wisdom invitations will not be able to visit. A piece of sushi area of ​​70 square miles 125 years ago was redeemed by a certain family of Sinclair. Since then, the islanders lead a simple and closed lifestyle, remaining the main stronghold of the Hawaiian culture and traditions. They merged with nature so much that they practically do not have asphalt roads and even TVs.

The offensive of civilization in nature, in addition to legislative obstacles, limited to Hawaii and natural reasons. For example, 45-50 percent of the surface of Oahu and Kauai islands have an angle of inclination over 20 percent and therefore not suitable for development.

Most often, visitors enters Hawaii for a couple of weeks. To their services – a huge number of hotels and rental of private housing. Agencies speak honestly: to find the appropriate option, you will not need any effort, but there will be a lot of cash. An apartment in a multi-storey building on Oahu Island can now be removed on average for $$ 700-800 per month. Section in a more comfortable townhouse is already estimated at $ 1.000, and a solid villa for one family about $ 1.200. The closer to the beach, naturally, more expensive.

No less nice to rent in Hayees Hale Iki – on top of the local adveria it means "small house". Many undemanding travelers choose such a bungalow with their main refuge to listen to the singing of exotic birds, to eat fresh papaya, sunbathe on a virgin beach and drove on the island by car.

Nale IKI consists of a bathroom, bedroom, living room and adjacent to it "Foodie" Zones in which all necessary utensils and electrical appliances were prepared for the tenant. Usually there is a TV, if you wish, you can install a telephone. Renting such a house for two in the beautiful place of Napoopoo (to the airport of as many as 22 miles) costs about $ 95 per day. If you take off for a week or a month, the fee is reduced to $ 80 and $ 70, respectively. When subtle in the double dwelling of children or friends for everyone will have to pay extra $ 15 per day.

Although the purchase and sale of real estate is still experiencing the consequences of the Asian shock, to the great joy of local intermediaries a small rise in someone has already been designated. So, in March of this year, the hosts changed 204 Hawaiian houses, which is 50 percent more than at the beginning of the spring last year. Despite the fact that the average villa for one family from December 1997 has been steadily cheaper, compared with February, prices rose by 15 percent and on average reached $$ 300.000-312.000.

At the price of the house in a large extent reflected in character "Applications" To him land. The plot under the house can be decorated as Fee Simple, that is, in the full legal ownership of the buyer, or as Leasehold, when the soil under your legs in the legal sense continues to belong to some third party. Historically that "Third" was the Hawaiian monarch who either sold his lands or "gave" first migrants and missionaries. Now such distributed royal "Pai" (a total of 24 percent of all non-state land on the islands) belong to seven local legal entities.

In each case, the price may depend on the quality of beaches and availability "civilization" in unobtrusive form. So, on the northern coast for the house is usually asked below the total-level level – $ 245.000, and near Leeward Coast and is less – an average of $ 142.000. On the other hand, in the prestigious Diamond Head rates are now three times above the average island and reach $ 430.000 for Villa. In the Central District of Oahu Prices also "bite" – $ 361.000.

Hawaiian walls do not know air conditioners

All members of the local Association of Realtors (Honolulu Board of Realtors (R)) sign the Nationwide Ethical Property Market Products Code. Article 10 of this document states that the Hawaiian agent should provide the same quality of services to any buyer, despite its nationality and origin. Before planting you in your car and carry on "an object", A good manager should suffer a client in question. Without such an interview, it is not worth starting to the voyage on the island: during this tedious journey "at random" You are unlikely to find what you need.

The process of acquiring real estate in Hawaii in general is no different from buying a house somewhere in the south-west of the United States. But there are small differences. For example, when concluding the contract, lawyers are rarely resorted to. The final meeting of the parties to sign the contract is also not practiced, so the buyer often does not manage to look into the eyes of the former owner of the house. Even the exchange of counter-contracts occurs in absentia – on paper.

Before tying such correspondence and make a 3 percent deposit for "product", Certified of the seriousness of intentions, the buyer should get acquainted with the form of the contract, which wears the long name of Residential Resale Real Estate Purchase Contract and Receipt for deposit. It specifies the price of the seller the price, terms of payment and describes the subject of purchase and sale. The buyer should also make sure that the contract suggests his right to spend on the site and in the house all possible types of inspections. If there is no one point, the buyer must demand legally consolidate his right to inspect the house.

The question of who will pay fees and taxes, in each case, faces individually. If the transaction appear in cash, usually the burden of tax on the transfer of property rights ($ 1 every $ 100) is assigned to the seller. He also pays inspection for the destructive activities of termites (by agreement). Buyer who risked pay "Live" bills, will have to pay the registration of the transaction, add 0.01% of the transmitted amount to the coast protection fund from hurricanes, as well as if he wants to make sure the construction, hire engineers who can conduct inspection. The services of the company through which the deposit is transmitted and which stores copies of contracts (Escrow Company), speaking as a third independent party, usually pay the seller and buyer in half. The cost of real estate agency services are not regulated by any standards: such a thing as "Standard commission size", In Hawaii does not exist.

As for utility payments, the average home owner pays about $ 22 for drinking water plus $ 24.85 for the usual water supply at a cost of less than 2.000 gallons per month. Experience is estimated at $ 1.05 for each extra gallon. So that electricity is connected to the house, the new owner has to open a new account in the Hawaiian electrical company (Heco). Registration it costs $ 15. Electricity fee itself is $ 7 per month plus 12 cents per 1 kilowatt-hour, but not less than $ 16 per month.

And the most pleasant thing is that on the island is hot all year round. Therefore, to spend money on heating slightly impoverished after the purchase, the newly minted Hawaiita does not have to. Heating systems are installed only in 2 percent of Hawaiian housing. In 82 percent of apartments and houses, you will not meet a typical air conditioner for hot resorts – thanks to the perfect climate and fresh breeze from the sea there is no need to refresh air artificially.

Hawaiian walls do not know air conditioners

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