Sixth Day: Hayking in Hong Kong

Yesterday we found more than 20km, so today it was decided to give holidays to your feet and spend time quietly and calmly in the playground, and after lunch, try one of the Hong Kong trail for Hayking and go to the Museum of Police. The morning, as it was usually early, we had breakfast with the whole family and then everyone went on their own business: Sergey to work, and Natasha with Maxim on the playground. This time we chose a new multi-level children’s zone, which is located in the Stubbs Road area, and we chose it not just so. The fact is that in the area there are a lot of younger schools (Primary School) and for some reason we decided that there should be not bad. Actually, the playground was really great, but to get to it from Our hotel It was far away, and there is a busy road next to it, which affects the freshness of the air, but in Hong Kong with this almost everywhere there are difficulties.

We were so good on the site together that we didn’t even have done a single photo during this time, but on the way back it was not able to refuse themselves in pleasure to take a picture again Sikh Church Khals Sofa. &# 128578;

Khalsa Diwan Sikh Temple

For lunch, Sergey called us and reported that after lunch he had a small day off, so we can go to the Museum of Police with the whole family, but first – day sleep. Police Museum is just 2 kilometers from our hotel.

Therefore, it was decided to walk, especially since the path was to the picturesque, one of the Hong Kong trail for Hayking – Wanshai Green Trail.

Wanshai Green Trail

If you do not know what a hayking is, then this paragraph is specifically for you. Hayeking is one of the types of tourist sports that is pedestrian walks in mountain or hilly terrain. Hayking routes are for several days and a few hours. In Hong Kong for lovers of this sport, real expathers, because hiking a trail that leads to peak, here are a lot. For those who and this little, there are special routes in new territories. We never practiced this, so it was our debut, although in some extent yesterday’s descent with Peak Victoria You can safely call with hayking.

Maxim boldly storming Hong Kong trails

We had to overcome the route of only about one and a half kilometers long, but in fact it turned out very difficult. We, of course reached to the end, but it was very hard, and the only one who was not tired in this campaign was Maxim, who was walking along the path back and forth, looking at trees and birds.

But mom and dad thought once again thought and scored on this idea. In general, Hayking in Hong Kong was quite an interesting occupation. We, people far from sports, was very interesting to try him, and despite the fact that we barely reached the finish line, we will return to this "type of sport" and will train. &# 128578;

Trail goes far away

Sometimes there are places where you can sit down and relax

And types are excellent

We were amazed by the number of older people who flew past us with ease – that’s what it means to play sports. But the most insultant was the fact that before the Museum of Police, we reached the point when he was already closed. It’s a shame, of course, that we did not get into it, but it was not well strained. &# 128578; In the opposite way we went again on foot.

The expense due to the steep descent was more difficult

The whole walk up and down, we took everything just over an hour, so we decided to extend our adventures and go to the riding museum located on the Hong Kong hippodrome, and on the way looked inside Old post office in Vacan, After all, Sergey has not yet seen him, but we really wanted to show him.

Inside Old Wan Chai POST Office

Old Wan Chai POST Office

Horse racing for Hong Kong – a very important event. Every Wednesday, thousands of people go to the "Happy Valley" (Happy Valley) to look at this fascinating sport.

On the races themselves, we have not risked to go with a small child, but in free Horse riding museum, Located right on the hippodrome, decided to look.

Hayeking in Goknong

Horse riding museum

The museum is open daily from 10:00 to 17:00 except Monday. In the days of the jumps, the opening hours shifted from 12:00 to 21:00. As we said, the entrance to the museum is completely free, but there are no visitors anyway. The museum talks about the history of racing in Hong Kong, about the Jockey Club, in general, despite the narrow focus, quite interesting for general development.

In the riding museum

Museum is small, so attentive inspection of all exhibits took about half an hour. After the museum, we went for dinner, but on the way we decided to look at the usual grocery market for the local to understand the level of prices for food and approximately estimate the costs if we decide Move to Hong Kong.

Market for local, tourists almost no

At prices it turned out about the same as in Moscow. For example, fresh fish – from $ 2 per kilogram, frozen – much cheaper, vegetables and fruits at the same price. In general, we would not have experienced food problems, it remains to find extra 2-3 thousand dollars at housing and you can go! &# 128578;

Fish in the Hong Kong market

We have dinner cafes for three tables for local, located right next to our hotel. Dinner on three cost us in 40 HKD or about $ 5, these are two huge noodle plates with chicken, one soup, tea and beer. After dinner, we, as usual, went to the playground. It so happened that if we are free, in the evening we went to play and ride the whole family, and Maxim appeared there their Hong Kong friends, with whom he learned to communicate with.

This article was stolen from http: // poznamka.Ru.

Today came out very free and relaxed, but, nevertheless, our 10+ kilometers a day we still found. Tomorrow will be a new day and new adventures – Stay with us! &# 128578;

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Hayeking in Goknong

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