Hayvan Pass – one of the most spectacular mountain roads of Vietnam

Long pass between Danag and Hue opens one of the most incredible ocean species.

With steep, winding roads Pass Haywan, perfect paintings of the merge of blue water and covered with green carpet mountains are visible. Duplicate paintings and a bit of history – what can be expected from the Haywan trip.

View from the Beach Pass Lang Co in Hue. Photo Credit: NGUYEN MINH SON, FLICK

So it turned out historically that the pass was the border between the two kingdoms located on the territory of modern Vietnam (CHAMPA and diving). Being part of the Annam Mountains dividing Vietnam up to the South China Sea, he served as the only expensive binding south and north of the country.

Due to the inaccessibility of these places, the pass at a certain point of history, I had to play the role of defensive fortress. This is reminded by the ruins of bricks and the tower of the 19th century. On the gate of the fortress from the northern and south sides there were still inscriptions: "Gate Hayvan" ; From the south, and "the most important pass under the sky" ; from the north.

Mountain features

Partitioning Mission Pass determined Nature itself. In addition to the physical barrier between the Northern and South Vietnam, Hayvan Pass (Hải Vân Pass) serves as a dividing strip of the climatic zone of the region. Especially obvious it becomes in winter, from around November to March. On the north side of the pass, it can be cool and rainy, but in the south, dry and warm. Thanks to the natural effect ; The neighborhood of two climatic zones, it would seem next to the towns of Hue and Danang, one and the same day can be absolutely different weather.

Pass Haywan ; View of the coast. Photo Credit: Phong Tran, Flick

Haywan Pass As much in Southeast Asia wears a poetic name. And how otherwise, when there is such a beauty around). Đđo Hải Vân translated from Vietnamese means "sea cloud", and all because the base of the mountains goes into the water and due to high humidity, the fog often spreads along the body, well, and as a result, dense clouds are squeezed on top.

Pass Haywan. Photo Credit: NGUYEN MINH SON, FLICK

Hayvan Pass - one of the most spectacular mountain roads of Vietnam

In addition to stunning species, Hayvan Pass has always been known for its dangerous roads. Winding, overloaded, the path often presented unpleasant surprises to drivers who followed from Hue in Danang and on the contrary. Actually, this was the reason for the construction of the Hayvan tunnel, after the construction of which, the traffic on the pass significantly decreased. But now the drivers should be attentive to the pass, especially if there are little driving experience or bad weather.

The road runs directly by the pass, the tunnel inside the mountain, but there is also a railway, the path of which goes straight over the coast, rich scenic spurs of the mountain chain. In places, the train window is not visible to the sleeper and it seems that he rides right above the cliff, at the bottom of which waves. From the opposite side, the emerald green slopes are framed the road, which, places dissect white water flows. The train on the pass goes for quite a long time, which makes it possible to enjoy the beauty of Haywan.

Train on the havan pass. Photo Credit: 277277 (14800553 @ N04), Flick

At the entrance to the pass. Photo Credit: Luke Kwiatkowski, Flick

How to get to the chawan pass

The pass crosses the area of ​​the National Highway No. 1a, which, runs on the south side of the top of the mountain ah van Sean. From Dananga Airport to Pass ≈ 28 km ; You can take a taxi. From the railway station ≈ 22 km ; You can take a taxi, motorbike or bike (although the bike is not the most suitable option). On a bike or bike from the city, it is better to go round early in the morning if you plan to return to Danang on the same day. From Hoian or Hue (60-80 km) ; on a taxi or bus. Through the pass, the train from Hue to Danang several times a day. Also, buses that pass on the pass will usually stop during the route. There are a number of tourist companies in organizing trips to Hai Van Pass. Make an order can be in local busofis or hotel. Learn more in the guide to Dananga ;

Hayvan Pass - one of the most spectacular mountain roads of Vietnam

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