Hazards in Thailand. What you need to know the tourist

Worldwide Thailand – Synonym Sentity Recreation. The warm sea, palm trees, exotic cuisine, the sea of ​​fruit and of course hospitable Thais are entailing hundreds of thousands of tourists annually. But how much holidays in Thailand is safe as pleasant?

"The country of smiles" has established itself as the safest in Southeast Asia. However, 100% warranty is not anywhere. Here, as in any other country, you can encounter problems.

Food poisoning and infection. What can I get infected

Because of the heat and high humidity products in the tropics spoil quickly. If you add unsuccessful food and dirty hands for stomach, then the risk is great. However, you should not be afraid. Observing uncomplicated rules for this trouble is easy to avoid.

  1. Carefully follow the hygiene.
  2. Before buying in stores to check the shelf life of products.
  3. Dairy products from the ration is better to exclude.
  4. In any cafe phrase "no spicy" partially protects from ailment. Often it is not connected with food quality, but with unpreparedness of the stomach to acute food.

Important! No need to be afraid of local street food. Poisoning with Makashnitz dishes is extremely rare. It is necessary to assess the state of the workplace and the cooking process. But the food in these mobile kitchens "The Most Thai".

Tropical climate is favorable for all living, including infections, bacteria and viruses. To avoid such problems, any wound appeared, even a small, be sure to regularly process the antiseptic. There are no threats of epidemics in the country.

Medications better take with you. So, if necessary, it will turn out faster and better to assist myself and loved ones.

Natural dangers

Nature is unpredictable and dangerous everywhere. However, people often incorrectly assess the situation. They scold loudly, seeing the harmless heckon number on the ceiling, while they strive to silence monkeys, which represent a real threat. What is valid to fear?

Sea hedgehogs – residents of the bottom of coastal waters. They themselves are not dangerous. But if they accidentally come on them, then problems will be real.

The first thing that the person feels is strong pain and burning. After the place of the injection blushes and swells. This happens because the needle contains toxin. Because of the meager dosage, he will not kill a person, but some, particularly sensitive people can cause anaphylactic shock.

The needle itself acts as a zanozoz – causes purulent inflammation. Just get it much more difficult. Needle fragile, and crumble at the slightest exposure, causing severe pain.

Present Asia without snakes difficult. In Thailand, they represent a real threat, because of almost 170 thirds living here a third of poisonous.

Unlike other representatives of the animal world, kite can be found anywhere, but not often. Poisonous species in resort areas are found extremely few. But you should not feel fate. In order not to encounter a problem, you just need to follow security measures:

  • In the territories with thick vegetation, it is better to wear closed shoes and clothes.
  • Snakes do not attack, but defend. Don’t need to annoy them.
  • If the snake crawled into the house, you do not need to try to tremble her. It is better to open the door and give to leave yourself.
  • If the snake still bitten, immediately consult a doctor.


That someone in Thailand suffered from jellyfish you can hear extremely rarely. Of course, bathing in the open ocean, the chance to meet with its inhabitants is always. For example, in 2016, on the beach, Patong found deadly jellyfish Physalia. Their bite threatens the loss of consciousness, stopping the heart and even death from pain. But this case was united for this region.


Externally, the mosques do not differ from our usual. However, Thai mosquitoes sometimes carry dangerous diseases, such as malaria and dengue fever. But not everything is so scary. In tourist areas, mosquitoes are very rare. You just do not need to go to the cinema of the jungle.


To look at the scolendra, you will have to try to very much because they live in high humidity and only with complete darkness. Probability stumble upon the beach or in the hotel is zero. But still it is worth knowing that the touch of the scrolls leaves the burrow, and the bite causes an increase in temperature, sometimes accompanied by fever.


Wild monkeys are not so miles as I would like. They are aggressive and often attack without reasons, especially if you see food or a bright item. These animals – flea and rabies. The consequences of the latter are fatal. Scratches applied to primates should urgently process, and after contacting the hospital.

If nevertheless decided to get acquainted with Primates closer, then you should know:

Hazards in Thailand. What you need to know the tourist
  • Do not take with you valuable things – monkeys steal even from bags;
  • Do not wear bright jewelry – can disrupt borrowing;
  • Do not put animals on the shoulders, they sometimes bite;
  • Do not smile at the meeting too wide, they take it for Raskal – manifestation of aggression.


Sea in thailand calm, but dangerous. Underwater flows occur unexpectedly. With full visible calm on the surface, the underwater stream may be an incredible force. This phenomenon is especially dangerous for children. It happens not often. Mostly in the rainy season.


How it is not strange, but the main danger of Thailand is the sun. It is so active that it is possible to get burns even constantly being in water or cloudy weather. Some tourists do not guesses about it, others want to get a beautiful tan at any cost. As a result, you can not only spoil the vacation, knocking down the temperature and running along the pharmacies of ointments, but also strongly undermine health in principle.

Going to Thailand you need to know:

  • Creams need to buy with the highest SPF indicator and enjoy them constantly on all parts of the body.
  • In defense need hair. Protection is sold in pharmacies and for them. Also, hair must be regularly moisturized and nourished by special means.
  • Eyes – Our most important sense body. It’s not worth saving on glasses. Copy from the Thai market, whatever it is fashionable, does not protect the eye.
  • Do not save on insurance. According to statistics of insurance in Thailand, 23% of people are addressed for insurance assistance.

If burns failed to avoid, you can buy ointment in any pharmacy. Thai funds really valid.


Despite all the friendliness of the "Smiles Country", even here are not rare cases of crime, especially in relation to tourists.


The main percentage of theft occurs in public transport. There are also cases of hotel rooms. Even the personnel of respectable hotel complexes do not happen a pair of bills from the wallet. All valuable things and documents need to be stored in a safe.


The main type of fraud – counting. You must always follow the prices and invoice.

The likelihood of the fake is also most likely to acquire jewelry. Such things need to be purchased only in specialized stores, where they give a quality certificate.

Many scammers specializes in bank cards. Should not show her presence in dubious places. When the disappearance is detected, urgent blocking is required.

Also not rare cases of imposing not necessary services. Usually do taxi drivers. They try to persuade the client to go there, where they pay for brought customers.


Do not trust unauthorized people who "from the pure heart" treat something. Especially this applies to alcohol. In Thailand, it often disappears victims with potent drugs, and after rob.

In order to avoid trouble, you need to carry copies of documents and cash only for the current day. Original, and bank cards, keep in a safe room. Jewels are better and not at all.


In Thailand, punishment for drugs. According to some articles, even the death penalty is provided. It is certainly most often replaced by a prison term, but considering the conditions in Thai prisons, it is not known what is better. Despite this, they are sold everywhere, especially in the tourist area. Sellers themselves are suitable on the street and offer to "break away". No need to think that the tourist will be treated softer than to the local resident. In this country, there will be no difference in sentencing.

Road traffic

Another not a little important danger of Thailand – Road traffic. In addition to local drivers who do not fully comply with high-speed mode, there are tourists. They are not oriented in an unfamiliar city and often do not have experience in left-hand driving. As a result, on the roads full chaos.

The sidewalks are extremely small, and numerous bikes are parked along the roads so tightly that it comes directly on the roadway.

Pedestrian transitions Drivers usually ignore. You have to wait for the accumulation of people in the transition and go a large stream. Only so cars manage to slow down.

Police officers are on highly lively transitions for safety, adjusting traffic.

Millions of tourists arrive on the Siamese Bay coast. All of them leave the country only with positive emotions, and unpleasant cases with guests of the country are extremely rare. But about the presence of dangers to know nevertheless. At least in order to prevent them.

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