HE at the very blue sea

What do we know about Switzerland? We know Swiss banks, Swiss cheese and watches. Another joke about the sailor of the Swiss Royal Fleet. The joke is that in Switzerland there has never been a fleet nor king. It is assumed that everything else is in abundance.

Zurich – Lucerne – Grunevald – Interlaken – Davos – Saint-Moritz – Flix – Zurich. During the week.

Have trains, buses, funicular, walking, and once even on limousine.

Get used to good fast. But from the good and surprisingly changing. When in the evening, you dine in the restaurant, where there is a breath pair under Foxtrot, and not just circling, and the back will be straightened professionally, and the back will straighte it, and you no longer laugh, and every word you are starting to weigh. Feeling that you play Cinderella on a fabulous ball. What funny, pumpkins and rats are not annoying. As if it is necessary. In the evening ball – in the morning.

In addition to the European Supreme Light, the most familiar public comes here from other continents. Including those distant as Australia. Of course, and Japanese tourists are much, but where they are not.

Switzerland does not boast of historical monuments. In Geneva there is a route "on Leninsky places". Swiss museums, many may envy, especially in terms of contemporary art. Stained glass for one of the Cathedrals Zurich did on a special order Mark Chagall. The Gothic Cathedral, directed into the sky, with the cosmic stained glass windows of the Vitebsk Grandfather on the plots of the Old Testament, seems perfect by the alien in a gingerbread city with carousers and tirami.

The Swiss historical monuments include their hotels. Still would. Tourism flourishes in Switzerland for more than a hundred years and long-lived hotels stand as if they were built yesterday. In St. Moritz, there is a Carlton Hotel, which at the beginning of the century was equipped in anticipation of the visit of a holing second. But the emperor did not come – he distracted the revolution. From those times in Carlton, a magnificent moraine oak and a mahogany furniture remained.

There are, of course, and hotels are simpler, not such historical, built in the traditional Swiss style mountain "chalet": Cozy houses, with tiled roofs, fireplaces and tennis courts. It seems to be small, and the rooms turn out to be more than a hundred, and the huge rooms. Such is Switzerland. White country, and borders almost with all European countries. Million population, and can not find a common language. Speaks in French, German, in Italian and in reto-romance.

Have you ever heard about this language? And the whole country from us is closer, talking on it.

Nature in Switzerland monotonous. Mountains and valleys. But the mountains are compared with the Caucasus, then with Karelia, then with the Crimea. Really really. Only in the mountains and the tiny, not sparing landscapes are running with them, it’s as if watercolor drawn houses with neat flies, and, as if from the advertising screen, the cows graze.

The sea is really no, but yachts, windsurfing and even bathing in abundance, it is worth only to move to a less high-altitude area. Lakes in the valleys of the blue of any sea. Deep and clean. If you want to live in a rustic, but comfortable silence – for God’s sake! Songs and dancers for every taste. Under the famous "fondue" — Melted cheese in the pots on alcohol burners, which makes white bread or meat with forks on long handles, floating on white wine or beer in huge clay circles, – Loo is the Tyrolean singing and the sounds of the Alpine horns. In the horn can be troughing anyone. You can breed, repeat Tyrolean Rajores and disrupt the applause, but for some reason everyone has the sounds of alpine horns. The consolation serve only the promial attempts of Japanese tourists to imitate the Alpine Rog – they have the womb overgrafts of the closet pipe.

In Lucerne, I managed to destroy the myth about the non-political fortress of the Swiss bank. I went to exchange money and heard a strange question from the clerk about the presence of my shallow exchanged coin. My confident "Yes" Cute young man for the partition reassured, and I, too, soothered, began to rummage in the bag in search of these smallest money. My companion my incredulously glanced at me and only three minutes later decided to clarify.

— Really?– I asked Poz.

HE at the very blue sea

— You have something, there is an account in the Swiss bank?

— She gone crazy? He asked if I had a surrender.

It turned out, I admitted that I had no and could not.

After confused explanations, the employee sadly said that in banks take commissions in the amount of five francs with the exchange amount, and for the owners of accounts, the exchange rate is completely different. He did not believe in the failure of my claims and quite increased my humble state. Dear Government of Switzerland! Honest word i wanted how better.

English in Switzerland does not use the same reputation as in the rest of the world. In English they say employees cafes and hotels. To make a conversation with simple passersby on the street much more difficult, especially if the case does not happen in the metropolitan city. In general, the local population for conversations with passersby is not located. Young people in the usual understanding of this word come across Zurich and Lucerne. From all the rest of Switzerland, the impression arises that her citizens appear on the light in the years and in the same predependence take place to the forefets.

When it was time to think about souvenirs, it turned out that most of them accumulated by itself. Alpine bells of all calibers, wooden cows, jewelry from mountain stones. But hours. Really, horror about what is expensive. The best souvenirs, in my opinion, is the Swiss knives. Exact copies of knives Soldiers of the Swiss Army *******, special ladies with scissors and other things. By the way, a separate word about the army. Previously, the Swiss army was really invincible: in the Middle Ages, she took all the mountain passes, and it was impossible to capture the country. I know how about the seizure, but today the entire army of the country is given in combat readiness for 24 hours. Each military service after the exercises, and this is several of the festers in a decade, the weapon is issued, which he keeps. at home. Under the bed or something? Soldier we met once in interlakene. They look like our special parts (a form of about the same coloring) and therefore first even frightened us with your too familiar view. Then we frightened them, asking us to take a picture of memory.

Eh, nevertheless it is a pity that there is no sea in Switzerland. And then it would have been completed by Jung on the ship of the Royal Fleet and I would swim myself, to sometimes go ashore, go to the grass and. do nothing, just breathe a mountain.

HE at the very blue sea

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