Headman in captivity of the Japanese

REFERENCE In the pleiad of Russian navigators Vasily Mikhailovich Golinov (1776-1831) occupies a special place. Vice Admiral, Corresponding Member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences, he made a significant contribution to all the fields of naval affairs, made a lot for the organization and construction of the Russian fleet, known as a talented scientist and writer, brought a whole Pleiad of brave Russian navigators: f.NS. Lytka, F.NS. Wrangel, F.F. Matyushkina and others. Cape has been named on the south-west shore of North America – the former Russian America, the mountain on the island of New Earth, the shed in the ridge of the Kuril Islands, the bay in the Bering Sea.
In the book "Notes in captivity of the Japanese", the head of the mysterious world of Japan and its inhabitants opened Russian readers. The unique material about the unknown country and her people immediately made a Bestseller’s book, she received a lot of enthusiastic reviews and was translated into many European languages.

In the fortress introduced us to the same tent, but neither the first nor the second boss in it was no longer. Here they tied a slightly hand back and took it into a large, low, the barracks similar to the structure, which was on the nasty side of the fortress, where all of us (except Makarov, we did not see it) put on your knees and began to knit the ropes in the thicker’s finger the most terrible way, and then still tied up with thin ropes much more painful. The Japanese are very skilled in the case, and it is necessary to think that they have a law rid of them, because we knit different people all, but completely equally: one number of loops, nodes, in the same distance and so on. The circle of the chest and near the neck were the loops, the elbows were almost converged, and the hands were connected together, they had a long rope from them, for the end of which he held a man in such a way that with the slightest attempt to run, if he jerked the rope, then his hands in elbows would have breaking with terrible pain, and the loop near the neck would absolutely tightened it. Over this, they tied with us and legs in two places – above the knees and under the calves, then told ropes from the neck through Matitsa and stretched out them so that we could not move, and after this, searching our pockets and drove everything in they could only find, they began to smoke tobacco. Until us knitted, we came to two second boss and showed on my mouth, the timeless, as it seems, as a sign that we will feed, and will not kill. In such a terrible and painful position, we stayed for about an hour without realizing that we will do with us. When they did ropes for Matitsa, we thought we would like to hang. I didn’t despise so much death in my whole life as in seed, and wished from a clean heart so that they quickly accompany the murder over us. Sometimes it was in mind the idea that they want to hang us on the sea shore in mind our compatriots.

Finally, by removing our ropes with our legs, who were under the eggs, and weakening those that were above the knees, for the step, led us from the fortress in the field and then in the forest. We were connected in such a way that a ten-year-old boy could safely conduct us all, but the Japanese did not think so, each of us was holding an employee for the rope, and sternly there was an armed soldier, and we were one after another in some distances. Rising to a high place, we saw our gate under sails. This appearance pierced my heart; But when Mr. Khlebnikov, who went after me, told me: "Vasily Mikhailovich! Take a last time on "Diana""- that poison spilled in all my veins. "My God! – I thought, – that these words mean? Take a last time at Russia, take a look at the last time on Europe! So! We are now people of another light. Not we died, but everything died for us. Never hear anything, never know anything that is done in our family, what is being done in Europe and around the world!"Sia thoughts tormented the spirit of my terrible way.

Passing the versts two from the fortress, we heard a cannon. Our shots we are conveniently distinguished from serfs by sound. Judging by the Murderer of the Japanese garrison and the thickness of the earthen shaft, which the fortress, it was impossible to expect any success. We were afraid that the slut would not catch fire or was stranded and at all with all his crew did not fall into the hands of the Japanese. In this case, our sorrowful fate would never be known in Russia, and most of all I was afraid that friendship to me Mr. Rykord and other left-owned geeks of the officers did not force them, having neglected the rules of prudence, plant people ashore in their intention to take possession of the fortress, What they could eat, not knowing the crowdings of the Japanese collected for the defense of Oyoy; We also had all the officers, the lower ranks and with servants of 51 people. This thought was tormented by me, especially since we could never hope to learn about the fate of "Diana", believing that the Japanese would not be revealed to us, that would not happen to.

I was so tightly connected, but especially about the neck, which, having passed six or seven miles, began to choke. My comrades were told to me that my face was extremely swollen and smoking. I could hardly spit and told you, we did the Japanese different signs and, through Alexei, they asked them to weaken a little rope, but the cannonal pallets didn’t care that they didn’t listen to anything, but only one could go rather and looked around. I wished to finish my days rather and expected whether they would not be told us across the river to rush into the water, but soon I saw that I would never be able to do this, for the Japanese, passing with us through small streams, supported us under the arms. Finally, having lost all the forces, I fainted, and came to feel, I saw the Japanese, pouring to me. I got from my mouth and from my nose, I had blood, unfortunate comrades, Moore and Khlebnikov, with tears, the Japanese was asked to loosen the ropes on me at least a little, for which they agreed with great difficulty. After this, I was so much easier, and I could already go with some effort.

Passing the verst from ten, we came to the Sea Coast of the Strait, separating this island from Mats, to a small village, where we introduced us to the room of one house. First offered us cereals from the Saracinsky millet, but then we were not up to me. Then they put us around the walls, so that we could not touch each other to another, gave each of us on empty tub, to lean, ropes, for which we were led, tied to the ends to the iron brackets, were deliberate to this case in the wall us boots and tied legs in two places are still very tight.

Having done it all, the Japanese sat on the middle of the room around the roar and began to drink tea and smoking tobacco. If the lions were thus connected, as we, it would be possible to sit between them deceased without any concern, but the Japanese could not be deceased: they saw all of us every quarter of an hour, did the rope weaken. We considered them then Lutty barbarians in the whole world, but the following case showed that there were good people between them, and we became quieter, if it was possible to calm down in our position.

Headman in captivity of the Japanese

Here they brought us together with the sailor Makarov, from the fortress to that place it was very. He told us that the Japanese, capturing him in the fortress, immediately led to some barracks, where the soldiers slept him Sake and Porridge, and he was pretty good, then tied his hands and led from the city, but only went out in the field, then they unleashed him immediately and until the most famous village was unleashed, allowing you to rest often on the way. The one of the convoyed several times gave him to drink from his road flakes of Sake, and approaching the village himself, again they were tied up, but not tight.

In this position we were until the night. I now can’t think without horror about my condition then, I did not worry more about my own fate and honor myself happy if it were possible to free the ill-fated comrades of my, whom disaster I was one of the Wine. Gnuffed actions Lord Mura and Khlebnikov at seeds even more tormented by my spirit: they did not just reproached me in my careless power of attorney to the Japanese who had surrendered them to death, but even tried to calm me and defend me when some of the sailors began to rapid, attributing death of my mistake. I confess that for the reproaches of those sailors neither now nor then I did not have against their lack of displeasure – they were absolutely right; Moreover, the indignation of his against me was spawned very modestly, without using any not only daring, but even an unacceptable word, and those complaints were more sensitive to me. The position of our made us equal, we never hoped to return to the Fatherland, therefore, simple people, with other feelings and worse to me located, could use our tongue and at least though a bangs to abuse or punish me for your misfortune, but ours Sailors were far from this.

Despite the terrible, one can say, unbearable pain, which I felt in my hands and in all the bones, being so cruelly connected, mental torments forced me at times to forget and not feel almost no pain, but with the slightest movement, even one head unscrew scrap spilled instantly all over the body and I once asked for the death of death as the greatest grace. Meanwhile, the notes, who, having read, was infrequently brought to the head of our convoy, which, after reading, he announced his subordinate. Their conversations were so quiet and, as it seemed to us, so careful that we thought they were taking away from us, although we did not know a single Japanese word. Therefore, I asked Alexei well listen to their conversation and, if that he would understand, we retell to us.

Book of Vasily head "Notes Captain Fleet" from the "Great Travel" series publishing house "Eksmo"

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