Healing forces of Hungary

In one well-known Russian fairy tale, the hero dives into the boiler with a boiling water with a stupid elder, and emerges the priestly well. In Hungary, famous for its thermal sources, this fairy tale may well become a yawl.

In Hungary more than 60 thousand. sources of mineral water and 1150 – thermal. Sin not to use such a wealth for the benefit of a person. And the Hungarians built 55 waterproofs and 67 thermal hotels, actively develop therapeutic and wellness tourism.

The leader of this type of tourism is the Hungarian capital Budapest – the most beautiful city of Europe, the first spa capital of the world (thermal sources here 130). In Budapest, about 70 purchasing and public baths with thermal water: antique Turkish and modern, modest and luxurious, democratic and aristocratic. The terms here built more ancient Romans here, and the flowering of a bunny occurred under the Turks. From them in Budapest there were three baths – "Kirai", "Ritcen" and "Rudas". Another popular bath – "Secheni" With 12 different pools, the largest in Europe. The cost of visiting Budapest Kupyen – 5 – 25 euros. Budapestrs themselves love to be in the bath "Lukach", in which water comes from sources on a pink hill with a special healing force. Thermal pools are with many hotels. Most famous – "Gellert" (4*). It was built in 1918 in the style of Modern. In the 20s and 30s of the last century, his swimming pool with mosaic floors, dual columns and glass ceiling used tremendous success at the highest light of Europe. But the hotel does not have its own medical base.

Tourists who come to Hungary are preferred to stop in hotels having and thermal pools, and wellness centers. Two of them are located on a quiet green island Margit, in the middle of the Danube. Here is the hotel complex chain "Danubius" – "Grand Hotel Margitsighet" and "Thermal Margitsighet", interconnected underground tunnel. The procedures offered in the Complex are therapeutic and health character. The cost of a weekly package without treatment with accommodation in the hotel "Grand Margitsighet" – Approximately 557-710 euros, two weeks – 811-1047 euros. Order procedures can be in place, but in this case you will pay more. And the superconduct package with balneseling and placement in "Grand Margitsighete" for 21 night will cost 1472-1858 euros. Many tourists are located in the hotel "Thermal Helia" (4 *) the same chain "Danubius", which is located opposite Margita in Pesta, or in the modern hotel 4 * "Aquinkum" chains "Corinthia" In Buda.

Healing forces of Hungary

Tourists who certainly want to watch Budapest, travel agencies advise to buy combined tours – they include familiarity with the Hungarian capital plus treatment or spa treatments in the nearest resorts. For example, on Lake Heviz, 200 km from Budapest. Heviz is one of the largest and well-known Hungarian resorts, it is located on the shores of the world’s largest natural thermal lake with the same name. Lake It has healing properties and a unique microclimate, water temperature in it 28-38 degrees, so you can swim all year round. From the Hungarian capital to the resort go round buses and train "Intersiti" (Kesthely station, 6 km from Heviz). Combined tour duration of 10 nights (three in Budapest, seven – in Heviz) costs from 955 euros (half board).

In Heviz, many hotels, boarding houses and guest houses. But therapeutic bases are available only in large hotels. One of the most popular – hotel "Europe Fit" (4 * Superior). The hotel has a beauty institute "Pearl", Offering Spa Services for Women and Men. A package that includes half board and a full course of treatment will cost 506-721 euros (10 medical procedures), 1010-1410 euros (20 procedures). In Heviz there are still a number of specialized hotels with own clinics -4 * "Carbona", "Lotus Terme", "Aqua", "Heviz", "Rogner & Spa Lotus Thermal" and 3 * "Panorama".

Russian tourists are gradually starting to ride and the popular thermal resort Haidus Communication, which is called Mecca for rheumatics. It is located 202 km east of Budapest. On the flight bus in Hai – Dusoboslo can be reached in 2, 5 hours, on a comfortable train "Intersiti" – For 2 hours. Train rate by train – about 10 euros. This resort is known in Europe in Europe in the open-air swimming complex, which includes a lake and 13 pools: therapeutic (three indoor), children’s, sports. In 2000, the first water park with an area of ​​6200 square meters was opened in the complex. m, which four years later were expanded twice. In the bathing, you can pass more than 40 different healing and wellness procedures. Living Week in Double Room 4 * "Aqua Sol", which is close to the complex, costs about 402-442 euros (half board), two weeks – 786-868 euros. Medical programs are charged additionally. Travel agencies also offer accommodation in hotels 4 * "Silver", 3 * "Beke" and "Dalibab".

Healing forces of Hungary

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