Healing waters

Karlovy Vary — The largest city resort of the Czech Republic — Located 120 kilometers from Prague and 45 kilometers from the border with Germany, in the confluence of Rivers OGRGE, Rolavel and Heat. The picturesque valley is located at an altitude of 400 meters above sea level and is surrounded by twisted and doupious mountains covered with a dense Slavkovsky Forest.

The city itself is built by stepped terraces, thanks to which almost any of his points are clearly visible in the greenery. Landscape: everywhere parks, exchanges, vintage mansions, sanatoriums, boarding houses, hotels… And of course, colonnades with medicinal sources. Their in Karlovy Vary and the surrounding area registered 132, including those that ceased to exist.

Existing sources more than 60, but only 12 of them are actively used in therapeutic purposes. Although the local residents are joking, there is also the 13th source — Legendary Becherovka, the most famous and original drink of Central Europe, born and produced here, in Karlovy Vary.


His name the city is obliged to Emperor Carlo IV, who once arrived in these wooded places to hunt for game. During the hunt, one of his dogs chased at a wild beast and got into the pool, from which a severe jet of hot water was beaten. Hearing the man’s frightened dog, the hunters hurried to help him, deciding that the animal was injured. The spectacle that appeared before their eyes was awesome!

The hunters approached closer, pulled out a dog from the pool, and then they themselves tried hot water from the source.

The Emperor was informed about the incident, and after a while he had set off to this place with his numerous squad to personally lay down the unusual phenomenon of nature. His Lekari suggested that this water could be a healing, and the wise ruler washed his sore leg. Feeling relief, Karl IV was delighted and immediately ordered the area around the source. It is said that in this place for the emperor was the throne from the cliff, so the source that knocks out there and today is the name "CARL IV".

In memory of his complete healing, Emperor Karl ordered to build a new city. And the name of the town is reminded of its discovere room: he is called — Resort Emperor Charles, Karlovy Vary.


Mineral waters of Karlovy Vary in their chemical composition Bicarbonate-sulfur-chloride-sodium. They contain natural healing substances: thermal carbon dioxide sodium sodium, hydrocarbonate sodium containing calcium compounds, potassium, magnesium, iron, lithium, bromine, etc. They differ mainly on the content of carbon dioxide (from 0.37 to 0.75 g / l), by temperature (30–73 °C) and performance.

Vrzhidlo (73 °C) — Natural geyser emitting from a depth of 2500 meters by about 2000 liters of mineral water per minute. Todaysto is the only source that supplies water that is used for all balneotherapeutic procedures.

The colonnade contains a total of 5 tanks with source water temperature 72, 50 and 30 °C. Water pole from the source due to pressure can rise to a height of 12 meters.

Karl IV (64 °C) — The very source whose therapeutic properties in the XIV century influenced the decision of the emperor to build their resort here. The opening of Karlovy Vary is depicted on a carved picture of the German architect of the churcher located above the spring.

Nizhny Castle Source

(49 °C) was found in 1769, and in ten years it was removed on the surface of 14 meters higher than Lzhidlo. Now it is available for public use on Market Square.

Top lock (63 °C) — In fact, the same source as the lower, just water from it is supplied to two vases. But thanks to the greater height of the upper spring above sea level and physical laws, the upper lock source has a different temperature and content of CO₂ than the lower.

Market source (62 °C) Since its opening, in 1838, several times disappeared and appeared again. Recently, a new bank was drilled to a depth of 38 meters. This made it possible to establish a source vase at the floor level, whereas before the patients had to go down to the dance stairs.

Mill source (53 °C) gives exactly the water that blooms in the bottle of "Mattoni" and sold in the Czech Republic and other countries of the world.

Russalkin source (60 °C) From the XVI century until 1945, wearing the name of the new source. The water flowing out of it at one time enjoyed even greater demand than water from the mill source. A pavilion was built over this spring in 1792, in a short time replaced by a colonnade, which became the first building of this type in Karlovy Vary.

Healing waters

The source of Prince Vaclav I (65 °C) was discovered in 1784 at the foot of the cliff, on which Statue of St. Bernard. Mighty jet beat to a height of 4 meters, and in power the source was comparable to Lzhidlo. This is the only source that has two vases. One of them posted in the middle of the Mlyn Colonnade, and the second, since 1964, — on the banks of the river heat.

On the existence of the tenth source, which in its location and parameters responded to the current source Libushi (62 °C),

first spoke in the Karlovarian city chronicle of the XVIII century. But then it was not used. Upon completion of the construction of the Mlyn Colonnade (1871–1881.) Four of his springs were bred in a vase under her arches.

Rock source (48 °C) found right in the line of the heat river. Only in 1845 it was equipped with water intake and brought ashore not far from

of the current mill colonnade. Since 1850, he provided the Karlovar residents of drinking water.

Source of freedom (60 °C) was discovered when booking Lazne III sanatorium in 1865 and brought to a wooden pavilion. Today, he has been wearing the presentation since 1946. Above the source of freedom was constructed a gazebo, which today is among the historical objects protected by the state.

Garden source (39 °C) was discovered when building a military resort sanatorium in 1851. Since the yield of the source was directly under one of the carrier walls of the building, it had to withdraw it to the surface with the help of a hollow lime trunk chute. For many decades, the construction has retained all its qualities, and the tree remains absolutely healthy.

Mineral waters of Karlovy Vary are used mainly for drinking treatment — use all sources free, most of them work around the clock. In addition, from mineral waters by evaporation, a natural Karlovysk salt is obtained, which contains 18% sodium chloride, 36% sodium bicarbonate, 44% sodium sulfate, about 2% potassium sulfate, as well as in small quantities of calcium, magnesium, iron, lithium salts , fluorine, bromine, etc. Other important components of resort treatment — Karlovyar Mud, Natural Gas and Peat.


The resort is treated with patients with impaired operation of the musculoskeletal system, diseases of the stomach and intestines, liver and biliary tract, as well as with impaired metabolism (diabetes mellitus, obesity, gap, etc.). Resort Polyclinic, Balnelesegnes, Drinking Gallery, Bouffles of Individual Sources, Numerous Hotels, Pension and Sanatoriums. In therapeutic institutions are widely used by therapeutic physical culture, various types of massage, electric and freeze, heat collecting (including mud baths and appliqués). For dosage walks there is terns — Over 100 kilometers of tracks that pass through the most picturesque places of Karlovy Vary.

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