Health keys.

Here everything is simple: treatment and entertainment. Thermal sources and shady gardens, healing dirt and clean sea, luxury yachts and rich kitchen. Another Homer and Vergili wrote about this blessed place Island Island. Fathers and grandfathers belonging to the ancient in Italy a good kind of coska, with a casual pride tell the growing Dukes about the reckless acts of their ancestors. In the XV century, the descendants of the great Roman commander Cornelia Coska, the Kaspar brothers, Michele and the Baltazar, earned a pirate craft, and so succeeded on this field that many of these things were eager to attract them to their side and put on shopping ships of their enemies. Dear goods, the brothers of the Kosovo were overwhelmed with their victob.

Now there are no trace from the past passions. Instead of pirates, the milestone staff, doctors, cosmetologists and enjoying life tourists from Germany, Belgium, Greece, Japan from around the world, but most of all here are the Germans and the Italians themselves who can appreciate the treasures that are within their state border. Ancient Romans knew that more than 300 hot springs on this island are able to heal old wounds and illness, and also prevent future hands. They built here the first terms, and following the example of Achilla, dipped their mighty bodies into healing water.

The area of ​​the island is 47 square kilometers, and it is easy to get around on foot, but how much joy, exotic and health is waiting for you! A ferry or a boat from Naples brings thirsty of people in a cozy bay. Once the bay was a closed lake, which was in the crater of the extinct volcano. But Bourbon, which one time belonged to the island, destroyed one of the walls of the crater and joined the lake with the sea. The town of Ischia and the whole consists of a flip of multi-colored houses with balconies, on which matrons in white blouses redeem. They can calmly talk across the street without even increasing the voices. Belkanto physiological feature of all Italians.

In the port on the embankment there are many cruel cafes and restaurants, as well as nightclubs, discos, taverins, where dressed in old-fashioned short pantaloids. County musicians from local playing and singing, entertaining the most honored public. But especially good piano bars, in which the tapper without tired plays the whole evening. In the sea, on a rocky rock, there is a mysterious castle of Aragona, built back in 1441 from gray stone. With the island it connects a narrow bridge. In those days, when the pirates were commissioned, the castle was needed by local residents to hide their good, and life too, from uninvited guests. In the middle of the XIX century, a gloomy castle was transferred to prison, but now there are no prisoners there, and each adolescent or adult is given the opportunity to explore the fortress in the past.

In the bay of Kartaromana, hot keys with healing water beat right into the sea and create thermal baths along the shore. In cool days, this is an amazing feeling you sit on the sand near the line of the surf, hot mineral water plays under you, and sea waves come from above. No contrasting shower is in comparison. In general, on the island of Paradise climate: from April 1 to the end of October, when the holiday season is officially opened on this, the air temperature ranges around the mark +25 degrees, and the water temperature in the sea is approximately + 22-24 degrees. It is not even that such a mild climate is useful and children and adults. When treating thermal waters, the lack of temperature drops between water in the pool, the air outside and the sea water is important.

Health keys.

In addition, to go to the case, this is not the same thing to go "on water". "On water" It sounds pretty sad, and means you go to correct your sick health and communicate the advantage with the same duties that can be colorfully describing their gout or pyelonephritis. Ischia is an active holiday place. Diving, windsurfing, beach entertainment, discos and night bars here is the norm of life. And if there is no hunt to play tennis or ride water skiing, it’s the pleasure of going shopping to refuse yourself will be difficult. Everyone knows that the artist is a beautiful island in the Tyrrhenian Sea, the pearl, left in the inheritance of an antique world. But if, going on vacation, all other wonderful places on the globe, you preferred exactly as a skener, then your main goal to relax and improve your health.

There are many thermal hospitals on the island, but if you want rest, it is best to stay in the town of Lacco Ameno. The area of ​​its total is 2 square kilometers, and 4 thousand people live in it, which seems incredible for residents of megacities. There is a thermal park in this city "Gardens Negombo". This is a combination of pools with water temperature from + 15 to +40 degrees and a natural sauna, drowning in green in the open air. Treatment in such a garden true pleasure. On the seashore at the foot of Mount Monte Vico, there is a silence and peace oasis, which is open to guests from May to October. Lowned tracks connect the thermal pool, sea water pool, viewing platforms, restaurant and bar.

In Lakko Ameno, there are dirt that bring significant relief in many diseases. In the hospital at the hotel "Terme di Augolov" Experienced doctors will prescribe a course of procedures that you need. Medical procedures based on this dirt and thermal mineral water help with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, diseases of the peripheral nervous system, the central nervous system, the digestive organs, the broncho-pulmonary system, chronic inflammatory diseases of the uterus and its appendages, chronic prostatitis, and also contribute to resorption scars after injury and burns. In combination with sea swimming and air baths, treatment will be a full-fledged vacation. So it should be.

Health keys.

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