Heart Tuscany

This city is called Tuscany’s heart, a city-museum, a blooming city. Actually, his name is Florence that occurred in 59 g. to N.NS., and translates as "blooming".

Whatever you say, familiarity with the city should be started with Signoria Square. Here, next to the Palazzo Palazzo Vecshio, you will meet several sculptural creations by Michelangelo, including the legendary David. However, this giant, which served as a symbol of the Florentine Republic for a long time – only a copy, and the original was in due time was postponed to the Opera Del Duomo Museum (Piazza Duomo, 9).

Nearby (Piazzale Degli Uffizi, 6) is the famous UFitzi Gallery. Do not be afraid to go inside, even if you are limited in time – this is not a Louvre and not the Hermitage; Gallery is quite compact and bypassing it quite possible for two and a half hours, but the feelings will be remembered for a long time. It is here that the famous "Hits" Botticelli – "Spring" and "Birth of Venus"; Huge panoramic fabrics, from which it is impossible to tear the eye and for which it is already worth come to Florence! In addition, the gallery windows offer stunning views of the other pride in the city – the Bridge Ponte Vecchio across the Arno River. This is unusually "alive" Bridge, which is shot by small built-in houses with arches and windows.

  • "Blooming"
  • Heart Tuscany
  • Santa Maria Del Fiore Cathedral
  • Bridge Ponte Vecchio
  • Piazza del Crocifisso

From the other Florentine Must See, which can be covered in a couple of days, – Galleria Dell ‘Academia (Via Ricasoli, 60), where there is also a large collection of visual art; Santa Del Duomo Cathedral (Piazza del Duomo) with an incredible marble mosaic on the floor, which practically translates the perspective, expressing modern tongue, in 3D format; Casa Di Dante – Museum dedicated to the famous poet (Via Santa Margherita, 1); Palazzo Pitti (Piazza Pitti, 1), where the unique collections of historical costume, porcelain and modern art are stored. In addition to cultural attractions, in Florence should not ignore Shopping. The most interesting shops are located in numerous streets Piazza del Duomo and Piazza Signoria. There is an excellent choice of stylish clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry; You can also buy a product from Venetian and Muranian glass at quite a reasonable price. Special "chip" Local shopping – Accessories and clothing with prints of the Renaissance Talks: Michelangelo, Botticelli, Rafael.

In the same quarter, you can have a delicious dinner, and it is not necessary to look at the expensive restaurant at all: almost in any pizzeria you will be offered a disheveled coffee or a glass of Chianti, the finest pizza, which melts in the mouth, or an appetizing paste.

In an hour drive away, and half-hour – by car from Florence is the thermal resort of Montecatini Terme. This is a very pretty bourgeois town with picturesque hills and mineral sources that have been opened hundreds of years ago. Healing Waters here are several: rinfresco, which displays slags from the body; Leopoldina, which improves intestinal peristaltics; TETUCCIO, Cleansing Liver, and Regina, is shown for gallway diseases. Mineral water here drink, baths take baths, make various procedures. Of course, you will not spend serious treatment for the weekend, but even if you are in Monkatini passage for a day or two, do not deny yourself the pleasure of walking along the gallery of vintage drinking windows with frescoes on the ceilings in the style of the Italian Art Deco (here is called Liberty) , swallow "alive" water, swimming in the thermal pool in Terme Grocco (Via Delle Palme, 1; cost of the entrance ticket – 8 euros), and then go to the GRAND Hotel SPA Center&La Pace, who took the Princess Monaco and Christian Diora at one time (Corso Roma, 12; Cost of procedures – 50-150 euros). Here you can make various anti-aging, moisturizing and modeling procedures for the face and body, developed by local cosmetologists and doctors using Italian cell cosmetics Villa Paradiso produced on Lake Garda. Brand procedures Grand Hotel&La Pace Spa – SPA Candle Massage Hot Aromatic Candles with Carcees Oil and Clay Rasul, Combined Bath Ritual, Combining Hammam, Hot Steam Bath and Warm Aromatic Shower.

Useful information. There are no direct flights from Moscow to Florence. You can get from Rome in 45 minutes by plane (FiUsiccino airport) or 2.5-3 hours by train. The cost of the ticket – from 200 euros, Railway – from 80 euros. From Florence to Montecatini, Terme can be reached within an hour by train or bus from the Central Station. Ticket price – 5 euros.

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