Heathrow Airport: All the necessary information

London Heathrow – one of the largest airports in Europe, where many transit flights also passes. Get confused easily as in many large airports. But you have us, so tell what you do not run like a sparrow in search of bread there and here.

Flight schedule


Total at the airport 5 terminals, but now 4: 2, 3, 4 and 5, and 1 on reconstruction.

Terminal 2 – the most fresh of all terminals, accepts and sends flights 27 airlines, among which the members of the Aviation Alliance Star Alliance.

Terminal 3 – for Dalun Founders USA and Asia.

Terminal 4 – Tickets Etihad Airways flights, Malaysia Airlines and Qatar Airways.

Terminal 5 – Only for servicing airlines British Airways and Iberia.

How to get

Heathrow Airport is 24 km from the center of London. You can get from the city and to the city you can:

By bus

From the central railway station of the airport to Victoria Station goes National Express, Otitis from 10 pounds sterling (about 800 rubles). You can also use buses Megabus. Ride 40 minutes.

By taxi

London and so not cheap, and taxi in it at all costs unknown money. Get ready to post for a trip from 65 pounds sterling.

By train

A new high-speed train rides from the airport to the railway station "Paddington". Walks every 15 minutes and costs from 22 pounds sterling one way.


To get to the center of London, you need to go along the line "Picadilly". The cheapest way, but the longest – in the way you will spend about an hour.


To visit the UK, you need a visa, and the usual Schengen is not suitable here. Tourist visa can be made independently or through visa centers.

And if in London you have only a transplant, you may need a transit visa, but it is not always. In the hectow, the transit zone is located so that you can get from one terminal to another right in it. This type of transit is called Airside .

If your transplant lasts less than 24 hours and you do not need to change the airport and pass passport control, then the transit visa is not needed.

But if you fly out of the other airport during transplantation, even within 24 hours, you will have to make a transit visa. It costs 80 euros and operates 48 hours. You can arrange in advance, but you can right on the spot, but it is more difficult on the spot – you need to convince an officer that this visa is needed to you. It all depends on your behavior, if an officer considers you inadequate, then you will not get a visa.

Services at the airport


Each Cafe Terminal, Shops and Restaurants. If the money remained only on the burger with a cola, not trouble – such institutions in excess. There is a local "vocal" Pret a manger – There is always fresh food from natural products.

Heathrow Airport All the necessary information


For children of different ages at the airport there are free playgrounds with slides and educational games. For moms, separate rooms for swarenia, and in cafes and restaurants there is a children’s menu.


If during the transplant you need to refresh yourself, use the shower, they are in 3 and 4 terminal. In the latter, the adoption of the soul is free, but if you need accessories – they will have to pay for them. The standard set includes a shower hat, gel and shampoo. There are shower and lounges.

Rest and beauty

There is even a beauty salon on the airport Be Relax. Look for it in the fifth terminal. Among the salon services: massage, leaving nails, aromatherapy and so on.

If you want to touch the beautiful, look at the art gallery. There you can not only see pictures, but also to purchase. We are talking about young artists, Monu Lisa, you, of course, will not see.

reference Information

Direct flight Moscow – London lasts about 4 hours, from St. Petersburg three and a half hours.

Phone reference airport: +44 (0) 844 335 18 01


Official Airport Sight: www.Heathrowairport.Com

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