Hectares of the forest with drug trafficking for nothing – not at all "Panama"

According to statistics, every person you will meet on the streets of Panama will be white. This is a local resident. But it is not at all necessary that he was born here in the Central American Republic of the eponymous. For more than three years, the Panama government has implemented a plan to attract foreign investment to the country. As a result, a small state became attractive not only for cocaine deltsi as a transit point or as a traditional laundering point of the wrong dollars, but also as a place where it is not bad to invest from legal sources.

The political storms of the late 80s – when to protect the life and property of US citizens in Panama, President George Bush was forced to introduce troops on the experiencies – gradually weathered from the memory of frightened investors. With many years of tradition, the presence of the military under the authority is finally. General Noriega, who has done everything to deteriorate the investment climate in the country, has been serving a conclusion in one of the prison staff of Florida for the aid of drug dealers for more than 8 years. On the shores of the Panama Canal, a strategically important for businessmen of the whole hemisphere, democracy bloomed.

The narrow strip of the Earth is a natural bridge connecting South America with the North, – geographers are among the hemisphere record holders. First, here is the lowest point of the earth’s surface, and secondly, the shortest path from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean is running around the territory of Panama. On the Panama Isthmus from one to another shore you can walk on foot – just 50 kilometers.

No matter how little state, but its continental territory plus 1.The 600 coastal islands of the authorities managed to share already at nine provinces: Bocas Del Toro, Chiriqui, Cocle, Colon (known in the fact that there is a free trade zone here), Darien, Herrera, Los Santos, Veraguas and, of course, Panama. Plus another one – "territory" called San Blas. Foreigners are allowed to acquire objects by no means everywhere: as in some other countries of the region, the house near the State Border of Panama will not be sold. True, in view of the low territory, the restriction is symbolic – you can set up 10 kilometers away from the borders of Costa Rica and Colombia.

The rights and obligations of private owners in all localities are the same. Speaking of legislation regulating your relationship with local land, the law on natural fossils always remember. The approach of the state is approximately as follows: it is itself a permanent owner of all land wealth and has the right to alienate with individuals their property, if it is necessary. Thank God, take away the property, if they require public needs (from the construction of benogogenous institutions before developing the same minerals), the state can only compensate for the homeowner material damage.

"Punitive" confiscation for non-payment of land tax is not practiced – prohibited by the Constitution. Yes, he, in fact, is small: the annual fee depends on many circumstances, but in general is from $ 30 per hectare.

Plot 3.000 square meters (approximately 1/3 hectares) with a fruit garden, in a prestigious place with roads and other infrastructure, you can buy for $ 50.000. In the mountains, at an altitude of 1.500 meters above sea level, prices just dumping – 5 hectares of picturesque area are sold for $ 11.500.

Holidays on the ocean can spoil except that climatic conditions: in a month in Panama just starts "wet" season, and up to January rains will be very frequent here. But when in Europe and especially in Russia the worst, slightly year, here in the weather forecast reports appears "clear". More than half of the Panaman territory is occupied by forests, and in suggestions for the sale of land often indicates: Wooded Land. The need to emerge perennial trees abruptly reduces the price of the Earth. For $ 50.000 On the island of Bocas you will be offered a huge – in 34 hectares – a piece of forest, and even on the ocean.

In local units, the price in the price lists of real estate agencies is almost never expressed – only in American dollars. If you still meet the mysterious amount measured in some "B", Know that it is about Panaman money – Balboa. Turn the price to the usual measurement is very easy: the rate to the dollar is fixed and is 1 Balboa for $ 1. But in nature, Panaman money exists only in the form of coins, paper weight consists of solid "Green".

Taking into account property and control of re-registration of rights to it in Panama has not yet been computerized. This helps many wealthy people avoid additional taxation, masking objects under the names of third parties – "Levy" owners. In general, various types of frauds – especially bribery and couch – are common, and it is possible that you will be offered to use exactly the shortest way to goal. Unclean officials spoil the country’s image no less than local drug trains, but so far, the authorities cannot do anything with this.

Although manually, but in the registry (Real Property Record), all transactions, however, are registered, and to cope with the prehistory of the object and the facts of its mortgage to mortgage can always be. After a property transfer agreement (Public Instrument) signed and certified by a notary, your rights can be confirmed by just reference to the volume number, folders and recordings in the registry.

Hectares of the forest with drug treasures for a snot - not at all Panama

Real estate agents in Panama are not licensed, and certifying the prosthetic intermediary official piece of paper requires here, alas, it is impossible. Some guarantor can serve as membership in one of the nationwide professional organizations – for example, in Asociacion de Corredores Y Promotores de Bienes Raices. True, it unites only eight percent of professionals working with real estate, and take there only by the Skop – any agencies. So ask a membership card from a separate broken broker can not anyway – it is necessary to go to the mediation firm and check there.

Property prices in Panama are not too big. A new three-room apartment in the cooperative (2 pools, elevator and 24-hour security) in the immediate vicinity of the beach and with your own jacuzzi can be purchased for $$ 40.000-45.000. A four-room house of 900 square meters in the Caribbean is estimated at $ 35.000. Even better than the villa on the shore of the lake in the province of Colon, quite close to the international airport and Panama City: plot in 4.000 square meters like a small peninsula from three sides is surrounded by water. It costs a 5-bedroom furniture house for which the current owners ask $ 45.000. On the already mentioned Island Bocas Four-room housing in condominium with two bathrooms can be bought for $ 34.000.

Amazing the care of the state of housing reservoirs. Paying a rent, you can ask from the owner of a house or apartment throughout the rigor. If you need to repair, the owner is obliged to quickly conduct all the necessary work. I was remembered – say that according to his fault, the object has become unsuitable for living. This is a sufficient condition to terminate the contract. Stretching the repair for more than 40 days, he does not see the rental fee, Panama law allows the tenant to save on inconvenience caused to him.

Rental rates in the capital Panama today are approximately. Four-bedroom apartment with an area of ​​157 square meters with furniture and two bathrooms on the 5th floor of an apartment building for rent for $ 850 per month. Slightly more (180 square meters), with three bathrooms, two places on the underground parking and two telephone lines – for $ 1.200.

The current legislation on the taxation of real estate owners (Fiscal Code) was made back in 1961. Since then, Panaman homeowners keep the following rates in the mind: living in a house worth $$ 10.000-20.000 should pay 1.4% of its cost annually, for the object from $ 20.000 to $ 50.000 – 1.75%, $$ 50.000-75.000 pulls 1.95%. The maximum tariff is 2.1% – they pay all the others, who was lucky enough to live in a house or apartment estimated by more than $ 75.000.

Businessmen who are interested in Panama are always pleased to find out that the revenues received from foreign sources, Panaman authorities will not charge. Earnings of local origin are subject to progressive scale. Since almost half of the country’s population lives at the poverty line, those whose revenue is less than $ 3.000 per year, from the tax here are generally released. The maximum percentage is almost the third of the work challenges – "Remove" with individuals earning more than $ 200.000 per year. At the same time, the income received on the territory of Panama from the management of foreign financial transactions or cargo flows is not considered taxable. Capital gains official does not officially exist, but revenue from the resale of real estate objects is considered to be income under the law.

Hectares of the forest with drug treasures for a snot - not at all Panama

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