Heianger-Fjord and Gayranger Village

Heiangerfjord ; One of the most picturesque fjords of Norway, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The name of the fjord is owned by the village of Heiranger, located on the shores of Fjord.

Heiangerfjord ; One of the most visited fjords of Norway. It should be understood that this fjord is obliged to be its popularity primarily to the fact that, on the way to Heiranger and in the area of ​​Heiranger, many viewing sites from which excellent views of the fjord are opening.

Heiangerfjord, Norway. Photo Credit: Martin Hauge-Nilsen, Flickr

In other words, in order to simply see the beauty of the fjord, which you usually see on advertising booklets, in the photo wool and t.NS. You do not need to make efforts, you just need to get to the perfectly equipped observation deck. It is, so an endless stream of tourist buses is coming to Heirangerfjord, making stops on the viewing sites.

But, good news ; Guerangerfjord is really beautiful and really worth the trip, and the whole tourist party, if desired, is very easy ; costs ; since it is rather localized by buses, cruises, viewing platforms and a couple of restaurants at the pier. From the village in the mountains, many tourist trails are laid from which fantastic species on the fjord are opened.

Plan to spend a minimum of two or three full days on Heiranherfjord

Do not miss in Geiranherfjord

  • Climb on the main viewing platforms of Heiranger and make their amazing photos of fjord and villages.
  • Take a map of pedestrian routes, rush to comfortable sneakers and spend a day or two, exploring the neighborhood of Heiranger in finding beautiful places and incredible species.
  • Rent a boat or kayak and walk along the fjord, along the rocks and waterfalls to see the beauty of the fjord from the water side.
  • Admire the incredible species that open from the road from Heiranger to Dalshiba Mountain (Dalsnibba), be sure to rise to the viewing platform on the top of the mountain, which opens the dramatic species of the stretched at the bottom of the fjord.
  • Arrange a picnic, barbecue and / or evening sites with chic species on the fjord.

Hoperarger viewing sites

In the area of ​​the village of Geiranger there are two large equipped viewing platforms.

The first Flydalsjuvet, which is located immediately ; over the village ; In the direction of Mount Gold. From this site, the majority of the Travel-photo of Heiranger was shot, including those where people stand on a sheer cliff overlooking the village and the Fjord. View-point is equipped with a large parking and an observation platform from which you can go down the hill to the installation of a large chair overlooking the fjord and, in fact, to that ; photogenic ; Rock.

Lookout Flydalsjuvet. Photo Credit: Javier De La Torre García, Flickr

The second observation deck Ørnesvingen is located on the eagle road ; A serpentine area that begins in a pair of kilometers from the village upwards to the ferry crossing to Valdal. This road has a very characteristic zie-shaped form and is clearly visible in the photos made from the Observation Dext of Flydalsjuvet. From the observation deck on the Eagle Road, a photo of a fjord is usually removed overlooking the village, as well as photos of Fjord overlooking a very photogenic waterfall ; seven sisters ;.

Observation platform Ornevegen. Photo Credit: Martin E-Box 65 (123167375 @ N06), Flickr

Both platforms are located a few kilometers from the village, on car serpentines, it is unrealistic to get to them. If you do not have a car, then the first option ; Buy a ticket to Panoramic Bus (Panorama Bus), which regularly runs between the viewing platforms with 10-minute stops on each (cost of about 210 NOK / adult ticket).

Second option ; Emobile Machine Rental (Geiranger Tourist Chip ; Little double green electric car, which can be rented for travel to local attractions, the cost of about 800 NOK clocky tour or 1600 NOK in three hours).

If you are traveling by car and have such an advantage as mobility, then it is better to go to the viewing areas either early in the morning, or to closer to the evening (good light for the photo and the absence of a large number of tourists).


The observation deck on Mount Dalnsnibba (Dalsnibba) is located at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level. You can get here from Heiranger by car (entry about 120 NOK / auto) or on a panoramic bus that makes a stop on the Lookout Flydalsjuvet (cost of about 290 NOK / adult ticket). Road to Dalshibu ; Already an adventure, it is one of the most beautiful roads of Norway.

On the part of the road, which is closer to the gameranger, you can stay in ; Pocket ; Roads and walk to the waterfall, on the serpentine site near Dalsnibba ; Also quite a few places where you can park the car and take a walk in the mountains.

From the observation deck, the look is just incredible. If it is possible and good weather, come here for a sunset or dawn. From the observation deck can be climbed into the mountains ; Several pedestrian routes are laid here.

Dalsnibba. Photo Credit: Martin Ystenes, Flickr

Pedestrian trails along Heiranger

Trekking along fjords ; This is an unusual and absolutely fantastic experience. In the region of Geiranger, about 10 tracking routes of different lengths and complexity (from simple time spells to complex 5-6 hour tracks) were laid.

Heianger-Fjord and Gayranger Village

Part of the routes stretches along the fjords, part goes from the village high to the mountains. Some routes start directly from the village, to some you need to go by car (you will see parking signs on the map). Map with routes can be taken on site in the tourist center or in the hotel.

Abandoned farm, Skageflå. Photo Credit: Jelle Houbrechts, Flickr

The most spectacular and xaRaternity is considered Homlong ; Skageflå (old abandoned farm on fjords). The route starts from the Campig Homlong, located along the fjords in a pair of kilometers from Heiranger (on the opposite side of the Eagle Road).

In fact, it is recommended to start this route from the fjord on the water taxi (which will cost about 400 NOK), from the pier ; Very steep rise up to the Skageflå farm, which opens a completely fantastic look right on the waterfall ; seven sisters ;.

From farm ; Another very steep rise to the path and further ; About 5 km along Fjord to Campground. If you are in good physical form, you can pass the route to the farm and back. But, learn that the descents on this route are much more difficult to rates).

Waterfall seven sisters, Guerangerfjord. Photo Credit: Heidi Tømmerdal, Flickr

Cruises, Rent Boats and Kayaking on Guerangherfjord

Get around Geiranherfjord ; experience almost mandatory) options, in fact, quite a lot.

First, you can combine a cruise with moving along the route. Ferry from Heiranger can be reached from Olesund, Waldala, Strachrada and Hellesilt Village. See more about these areas: Northwest Fjords of Norway.

Second option ; hour or one and a half-hour tour on the walking boat along the fjord. Cost of about 250 NOK per person, departure every hour and a half.

The third option is expensive, but cool ; This is the so-called, Safari on inflatable AIDS-Bot (RIB Boat). Cost 650 NOK per person.

Fourth option ; Kayaking. You can take kayaking ; Tours with guide, you can just rent kayaks hourly (250-350 NOK / hour).

Fifth option ; Rent boats. Here is the choice from small inflatable boats, to the motor boats more. Fish tackles can be rented with a boat (rent a boat from 350 NOK / hour).

Tickets, Tours, Rent are offered everywhere in Heiangerger.

Kayaking on Geiranherfjord. Photo Credit: Goatwriter, Flickr

Kayaking on Geiranherfjord. Photo Credit: Steinar Eilerås, Flickr

Guyrangher orientation, housing selection

The village of Heiangerger, in fact, tiny. There is no classic concept of streets-quarters, few houses, hotels, guest houses and some of the Kemp sites stretch along the serpentine road. Center for the village ; Fijord himself, there are tourist center, a couple of restaurants, souvenir shops and a small grocery store. Buses stop near Hotels Hotel Union. Actually, this is the entire Heiranger infrastructure and is limited.

Hotels in the gameranger just a few pieces, book rooms in which you need in advance. In addition to hotels, there are guest houses in which rooms are surrendered (in high season, to count on such pensions is very risky). Cabins in Kemp sites ; Alternative cheaper and less tourist option (cabins in the Sidesships of the Heiranger also need to book in advance, in the booking systems of the cabin are often called cottages).

The choice of housing format in the geiranger depends in many respects from the travel format. If you are traveling urban transport ; Watch the hotels located closer to Fjord. If you are traveling by car, you can safely take the cabins in the campsites, choosing campgrounds, oriented in T.C. on their location.

Those who again travel the car can watch the options for campgrounds and hotels, located not in the country itself, and along the fjord ; The most picturesque accommodation options in Geiranger, also pay attention to the presence of parking lots.

If you are planning to live in a hotel or in Cabin at Campsites (about what is ; Cabins ; cm. Read more here), start searching and booking 2-3 months before your trip. If you are traveling with a tent, you don’t need to book anything, just come to place in the morning to take a good parking place).

Heianger-Fjord and Gayranger Village

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