Heinol – royal health resort in Finland

In recent years, recreational tourism is becoming increasingly popular, and the main flow of tourists falls on classical directions – Switzerland and the Czech Republic. However, there are places with beautiful nature, wonderful sources and magnificent services, but few people know about them. One of them is the city of Heinol in Finland, who deserved the title of royal health resort in the XIX.

The city was founded by the Swedish king Gustav Third in 1776. Initially, it was a small settlement, the status of Heinol received only in 1839. By decree of the emperor Nicholas of the first.

To this day, the Russian monarch here remembers and respect. The emperor personally visited Heinol to relax here on healing sources. About Nicolae the first in the city remind not only his travel house and keys, but also "Tsarsky Topol" – The biggest tree in Finland, growing in the coastal park.

The city is located two hours from Helsinki, to get to it by the autobahn will not work. Heinol also walks from Lahti and Vyankui boats.

Despite small sizes, fans of history will be where to spend time. The museum will tell about the history of the city from the end of 1700 to 1930s. An excellent collection of European porcelain is collected in the art museum. Get acquainted with Finnish art xx in. can be in the Lambert gallery.

Locals prefer to relax on the island of Siltassari, located in the heart of the city. Summer in the theater Ruins arrange performances and concerts.

Shopping lovers can look into Kenkahalli Virtanen’s clothing stores and shoes, E75 Outlet, Gourmet – to numerous fish shops, shops where environmentally friendly products are sold from small manufacturers. Every first Friday of the month, Haynol’s central square comes to life: a fair goes here.

Fans of nightlife costs to look at Jura and Heinolan Heili clubs to dispel the myth about the chopurnurality and emotional coldness of the Finns.

Topics, who will go on a trip with children, must certainly visit the Haynol bird nursery and the adventure center "Saksala" With paintball, cable car and climbing.

In Heinole, many hotels and guesthouses. Rooms offer Spa Hotel Kumpeli, Hotel Hotelli Valo, decorated in 1950-Hg., Cronin’s Guesthouse with Irish Accent. Double Room in Kumpeli will cost 100 euros per night, other hotels offer even more democratic prices.

This Pearl in the Finnish Lakes Necklace is a sports center "VIerumyaki", Haynola. This is a whole empire created to restore and maintain tourist health.

Here you can do 135 sports. The center includes several golf sites, three descents for ski jumps and 25 km of illuminated ski routes working around the clock, 12 tennis courts, two hockey rinks, football fields, swimming pools, gyms, horseback rims. Some services can be used for free, others must be paid.

Tourists can rent a room in a hotel or a whole house with sauna. Five nights in a cottage for six people will cost 845-1245 euros. For lovers, there are several baths in black, comfortably located on the shores of the lakes.

V "VIerumyaki" Dozens of cafes and restaurants work. Country Club offers a buffet, a cozy Retrorentor Wanha Sali can be rented for private parties, the Scandic Hotel has several establishments with national cuisine. The average score with drinks for two persons will be 50-70 euros.

Heinol - royal health resort in Finland

Uniqueness "VIerumyaki" It is that local experts will not only check your physical condition, but also make up a preparation and correction plan.

Every year, 250 thousand pass through the center. tourists. "VIerumyaki" Popular from the Russian clubs of the Continental Hockey League, the Russian Hockey team trained here.

Management "VIerumyaki" Actively lobbies the creation of a special association, which will unite them and other representatives of the tourist industry, such as a ski center in Lahti, located 25 km. This will allow the players of the Turryman to perform a single marketing front, RBC told.Travel Managing Director "VIerumyaki" Heikki Hietainen.

Russians are increasingly sent for the treatment abroad, but choose the laugs: German and Israeli clinics. The existence of a powerful Finnish medical services market is heard a few, and sorry: Glory about local dentists rattles throughout Europe. So, Finns completely eradicated in the country such a disease like caries. In Finland, the lowest mortality rate among the births and babies, the republic recognized the most convenient for labor of the country.

In Heinole there is something to offer to those who want to improve health. So, private hospital "Valolynna" Includes daylight surgical hospital, radiology and MRI. Next year it is planned to open the cabinet of plastic surgery. Hospital There is a hotel, swimming pool, spa, gym. Every year it can be carried out up to 3.5 thousand. Operations.

In Finland, patients remain in hospitals for long, sometimes just one day. This is due to the high quality of the provision of services and the effectiveness of treatment.

How to get to Heinol: Flight from Moscow to Helsinki, travel time – 2 hours. From the capital of Finland in Heinol, there are regular buses, the road will take 2 hours.

Heinol - royal health resort in Finland

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