Heiress Aphrodite

It seems about ourselves we know everything. Or much. At least, exactly and more apply, it is known that there is a certain mysterious Russian soul in us. True, so far it has not been established, what exactly is its significant riddle. But this is good: not deepening in historical details, with the help of the phenomenon of the Russian soul, it is so easy to explain to our unlike women in other countries. Maybe everything is not quite so? However, whether it is worth depriving itself so pleasant, even if illusory places, damn.

Our conversation today about women of another country – about the beautiful half of the island of Aphrodite. Her heiress, like their homeland herself, in a fairly short period of time passed the big way. Everyone knows well that today’s prosperity on the island – the achievement of the last decades. Consequently, the young female part of society today is significantly different from the generation of senior. Modern weak half, equal to Europe and global feminization, somehow even stopped seemingly weak. Education, highly paid work and, as a result, independence – these are the aspirations of young Cypriot. Completely in the spirit of global trends. However, it seems sometimes that all the same way of thinking itself remains in many ways the same, a kind of patriarchal. And some inconsistency of external bright independence and internal explicit dependence arises. Depending on what? From public opinion, from those adopted in this small country of unshakable orders. Changes of life, but with difficulty overcome some stereotypes. Let marriages already and are not so early as in the near past. But, the girl is not married to the 27th, the fate of her secretly is already considered almost no effortful, life – almost not successful. With all self-confidence, a woman as it remains dependent on the established ideas.

And Ideal for many years served joyfully thickening mothers surrounded by the head of the family and children. "Woman’s happiness" always put on the head of the corner, and the presence of many children was an indispensable attribute. Love for children was permeated with the whole life of a woman. Caring for your own babies smoothly passed into custody of already matured grandchildren. Of course, today it has not gone anywhere, but official ambitions still fought this desire to gain only family happiness. Life aspirations are already out of the familiar frames. But how far – time will show. Why does it happen: the European lifestyle tested for armament or still his own thinking style?

We must not notice how much attention is paid to the modern beautiful half of Cyprus of its appearance. Possessing luxurious hair, local women invariably demonstrate to the world around the world. This generous gift of nature. And visiting the hairdresser twice a week, regular repainting, timing, straightening naughty curly curls or the next change hairstyle is all that is considered as a household need. Impeccable manicure and pedicure are hardly considered something special, rather, their absence will seem almost unusual. Face and makeup care in the spirit of fashion are no less important. But there is another passion for a resident of the island, which stands out with particularly obviousness – it is love to dress up.

The new wardrobe with the onset of the next season is easy! The benefit that the variety of shops allows themselves to make a pleasant ladies both with high supply and more modest. And strictly follow the fashion not only young female students, but also quite adult lady. Of course, the love of beautiful outfits is manifested in a high degree not all, but also women are not too interested in modern trends, there is very little. How, however, and those who do not strive to improve the already, almost perfect forms.

And if the gym itself is an attractive idea, but somewhat troublesome, then follow the diet – the thing is truly popular. The ability to cook delicious – an integral feature of local women. Well, for her and you have to pay restrictions. Dessert-sodium – Children and Husband, Himself – Low-calorie yogurt and the opportunity to look at all hundred in a new ultra-modern blouse.

Heiress Aphrodite

Of course, women are no longer the ones that were before. Contribute to this and raised the travel rate abroad. And also television. Greek women remain the standard to which many Cypriot women seek all the soul. They imitate not only in the style of behavior, but even in the manner. And the identity of women of the island of love is not always valued by themselves. It is sometimes that it happens to get rid of the feeling that much is done on the show, as if with the desire to demonstrate something. From here – rivalry that sometimes become a norm of life.

This conversation can be continued for a long time, adding all new features to a generalized portrait of the island’s female population. Agree, Heredice Aphrodite has something to learn – they are amazing musical, very economic, polite and neat, follow their health and appreciate related ties.

And I would finish, I would like to suit the challenges with the words of the great connoisseur of the female heart, French writer Gida Maupassant: "Woman always takes a position corresponding to the beautiful illusion that she can create". Like this, dear women. And happy holiday!

Heiress Aphrodite

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