Hua Hin: Park himself Roy Yot and Praia Nakhon Cave

Continuing the topic of famous caves, it is impossible to bypass Praia Nakhon in Prachuapkhirikhan Province (Prachuap Khiri Khan), which is located 60 kilometers from the resort town of Hua Hin. Located in the territory of the National Park by the Roy Yot itself, the cave is perhaps the most visited attraction of the reserve.

Cave Praia Nakhon

National Park himself Roy Yot

The name of the National Park comes from Khao himself the swarm of Yot and translates as "The mountain of three hundred peaks", What is quite conforming to the landscape. Limestone hills climb right on the shores of the Siamese Bay. The highest point of Khao Krachom rises 605 meters above sea level. Between the hills there are freshwater swamps and lakes, some of them grown shrimp. On the territory of the National Park there are two sandy beaches – Lem Sala and Praia himself.

It is assumed that the Roy Yot himself for the first time from the royal family visited Rama IV for observing the solar eclipse in 1868. He was interested in astronomy and independently calculated the date and the best place of observation. The status of the National Park was assigned to these places in 1966.

In the cave of Praia Nakhon

The National Park of Roy Yot himself boasts a variety of landscapes, ranging from snow-white beaches with coconut trees and casual, mangrove thickets and ending with magnificent caves, forest paths, freshwater swamps with waterfowl and singers. Park himself Roy Yot is a great place to retire from noise and bustle of typical tourist resorts.

Animals and birds in the park

National Park is of interest to ornithologists. More than 300 species of birds are registered here, half of which stops on the way of annual migration on the road from China, Siberia and Northern Europe to Australia. Some of them hold here the winter months from November to March. On the park there is a largest freshwater swamp in Thailand. Part of it covered with lotus, and you can see all the beauty, walking on wooden bridges. In the swamp there are herons, hills, drank, shaking and other birds.

Views from the first pass to the beach Lem Sala

From mammals in the National Park, Palm Cywesters, Cats-Fishermen, Mongoshos, Pangolines, Surou, Spectacles, Plow Things, McAki-Caboled and Slow Lori.

Praia Nakhon and Pavilion Cave

Lovers of short trekking and natural beauty Be sure to visit the National Park itself of Roy Yot. Great Praia Nakhon Cave is considered to be one of the most mysterious attractions of Thailand.

Way to the viewing platform

Path in Cave

To see the cave, you need to make a small climbing in the mountains. The path consists of two parts. The first part starts from the village of Bang Pu, where you can park. Here you need to pay the entrance to the 400 Bat National Park. In addition to the Cave of Praia Nakhon, on this ticket, you can visit the rest of the sights of the National Park of the Mouth Yot itself – other caves, viewing platforms and freshwater swamp covered with lotus.

In my opinion, go around a kilometer through a mountain pass, not as difficult, on the way you can enjoy the magnificent views of the beaches, the sea and nearby islets. Take with you drinking water and put on comfortable shoes. On the beach near the village of Bang Pu and on the beach Lem Sala you will find a restaurant and small private benches where you can buy water and other drinks.

Hua Hin Park himself Roy Yot and Praia Nakhon Cave, photos, reviews Guide in Thailand

On the beach, Lem Sala are located bungalows, tents and coconut palms grow

The first pass can be held on foot for half an hour. You can take a long-tailed boat to swim to the beach Lem Sala, there are thereby first lifting. The only inconvenience – to the boat will have to sit down, passing on the water, there is no pier. But in any case, from the beach Lem Sala you need to go around 430 meters up the stone steps, which sometimes uneven. With a boatman, you can agree on a visit to another cave, specify it on the pier.

430 meters to Praia Nakhon Cave

Camping in National Park

On the beach Lem Sala is located camping with tents and bungalows. Conditions for accommodation do not differ from other national parks and are similar to camping on the Similan Islands. If you decide to stay at the campsite, do not miss the dawn, it is unusually beautiful in these places. You can sit on the clock on the white sand in the shade of palm trees and casuarins, watching the sea of ​​sea. If you’re lucky, you will notice the flock of dolphins.

Closed from three sides among the steep limestone cliffs in the cave is located 430 meters from Lem Salay Beach. Praia Nakhon Cave was named after Sithammaraja Nakhon, who first discovered her. He traveled on the ship along the east coast of Thailand, when the storm rose. Nakhon with his team was forced to land ashore and hide in the mountains. Most likely, local residents of the cave were known a lot before, but this is no longer such an interesting story.

Pavilion Cuha Karuhat

Praia Nakhon Cave consists of two halls, they both are open to sunlight, which gives a special mystical species. Inside the cave reigns the atmosphere of calm and serenity, especially when there are few visitors. In the first hall you will see stalactites and stalagmites. In the middle of the second hall there is a famous pavilion of Cuha Karuhas (Kuha Karuhas). It was built by the arrival of the frame V in 1890 and is now the official symbol of Prachuapkhirichan Province. The best time to visit the cave is an early morning when the sun’s rays under a special angle pass through the hole in the ceiling.

Another important landmark of the National Park himself of Roy Yot is a freshwater swamp covered by the lotus. There are singers and freshwater birds, amphibious and other types of animals. You can visit everything on the same ticket as in the cave of Praia Nakhon.

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