Hua-Hin, A coastal city near Bangkok (200 km) is considered one of Thailand’s most expensive and respectable resorts. It successfully combines the features of civilized megacities and the most modest island resorts. In Hua-Hin, luxury hotels are coordinated with a stunningly clean beach, and modern shopping centers – with ancient cultural monuments. It’s not so noisy here, alone and turmoil, like in Bangkok, not such a stormy nightlife. For those who do not want to disappear from civilization, but wishes to relax with the maximum comfort, not embarrassed in the means, Hua Hin – Best place in Thailand.

The biggest pride of Hua-Hina – This is a wide beach, surrounded by green trees, located next to the beautiful Buddhist monastery. White sand and calm gentle sea, architectural and natural attractions, the best conditions for outdoor activities – Here is an incomplete list of things that attract tourists in Hua Hin. If you add to this the highest level of service, the goodwill of local residents and the real Thai cuisine, then the city can be called modern paradise with full right.

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What is interesting to see in Hua Hin?

Top Sights Hua Hina

Hua Hin: Excursions and events

70 km from Hua Hina, in the West, the largest national park in Thailand, Kang Krahan spread out. On its territory there is a stunning waterfall fell, transparent, clean, with many pools. In these places, the King of Rama IX was brought to his monk. In these places well reflecting, looking at the water. Wild jungle around create the atmosphere of mystery and sacrality. The cost of excursion can be different, as well as its duration, depending on what else is included in the program. To the waterfall you can go on your own, it is easy to find.

Very unusual excursion program – Traveling to the floating market and roses. The market is in Ratchaburi province. Noisy, bright, crowded, on water slide small boats of merchants loaded with fruits and vegetables. Fame Market received, thanks to the film about James Bond. The program includes boat riding, visiting the royal center of artisans, where wooden furniture and silk products make. Tourists go for lunch to roses garden and can enjoy the battles on swords, Thai dancing, wedding ceremony and elephant show. Excursion stands within $ 100, duration 10 hours (7: 00-17: 00).

During a sightseeing tour of the city, tourists can look at the summer palace of Rama VI, which is reminded by the Moscow Museums with its architecture. Another beautiful building in the city – Railway station, a representative of the royal family was staying at him, so the station cannot look different. Excursion ends with a visit to the silk factory, where you can watch the process of fabric production. The cost is approximately $ 30, duration 3 hours (10: 00-13: 00).

History Hua Hina

Climate in Hua Hin

The air temperature in Hua Hin does not significantly change throughout the year. And in winter, and in the summer, the thermometer column holds at + 25-29°WITH. The situation is changing only in the hot season (allocate three seasons, as in most of the resorts of Thailand). Then the air temperature can reach +34°C, and the air is very wet because of the rain. But in general, Hua-Hin – This is a place where you can relax at any month. Even during the rainy season, the rains are not constantly. But it is still better to choose sunny months, so it is worth clarifying the weather in Hua-Hin by months, planning a vacation at this resort.

Hua-Hin: Entertainment and Active Leisure

Hua Hin, Thailand Recreation, Reviews, Hua Hihina Hotels Tourprom Travel

Not far from Hua Hina, behind the city, there is a park, in which tourists can ride all-terrain. As a rule, all-terrain vehicles are taken for one hour. There are experienced instructors in the park that can choose a specially developed track of any level of complexity. It is very extreme and most importantly – Original way to explore the terrain.

On the beach near the hotel «Sophytel» You can take a horse and ride along the shore. Rider on the background of sunset – this is an unofficial symbol of the resort. Walking on the horse will like and avid riders, and beginners who first sat down in the saddle.

At the bottom of the sea, the coast, many coral reefs, among which bright tropical fish live. This is the perfect place for diving and snorkelling. Immersed under water, divers see a huge mysterious world, hidden from prying eyes in blue depths.

And adults and children will appreciate kating. Track length 700 m, tourist services Bar and diner.

The best way to explore the caves – Kayaking. Melted on kayake can both experienced pros and beginners. From the sea there is a stunning view of the National Park, Mountains and Jungle Hua Hina.

Transport Features Hua Hina

To get to some attractions or from one beach to another, tourists can take advantage of public transport. In Hua-Hin, he works without failures, it is not necessary to wait long. The price of a trip depends on speed and comfort. Public transport in Hua Hin:

Hua Hin, Thailand Recreation, Reviews, Hua Hihina Hotels Tourprom Travel

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