Huckripsh — Little resort village not far away from the Russian-Abkhaz border, where the Psou River replenishes its waters of the Black Sea. This is a wonderful place for fans of a quiet holiday, tired for long working days from the noise of large cities. If you dream of not living in warm sea water and at the same time admire beautiful mountain landscapes — The resort of Hachipsh was created as expected for you.

This is a relatively young tourist center with a very rich future. It began to actively use it as a spa village only in the middle of the 20th century. Today Hachipsh — Wonderful place to relax families with children of any age. In the village proceeds measured rural life, the population, along with the service of tourists, is engaged in animal husbandry and crop production.

The resort of Huckripsh is drowning in the gardens. And the surrounding mountains will delight their magnificent vegetation of lovers of virgin nature. And even in the central part, the hosting is not a noisy quarter, but a small park of 68 slender cypresses, which guard the monument General Colonel Leselidze. In this way, local residents commemorated 68 of their countrymen who died in the battles of the Patriotic War.

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What is interesting to see in the ground?

Top sights Hachipra

Huckripsh: Excursions and Events

Resting in the ground, you can almost at any time to go not a tour of Gagra. Be sure to visit the water park, the restaurant Gagripsh, and also climb the mountain Mamzyshha, where from the observation deck you will gladly admire the magnificent view of Gagra and the extensive part of the Black Sea.

An excursion to the viewing platform above Gagra can be made on the usual taxi. A trip from the colonnade costs 1000 rubles. At the same time, many drivers also provide an interesting story. From the mountain overlooking Gagra, Adler and even Sochi. These expanses just amaze. Especially the magnificent picture gets in the evening when a bright moon comes from behind the mountains and slowly floats to the sea.

During your holiday you can make wonderful excursions in different corners of Abkhazia. But even close to the ground, in the village of Tsandapsh, there is a beautiful local attraction — One of the oldest Christian temples of Abkhazia. The Basil Temple, erected in the 6th century, partially collapsed and rejected again. But the building preserved to our time allows us to talk about the highest skill of ancient architects. And visiting this beautiful building yourself or with an excursion will not require a lot of time, and not much empty wallet.

History Huckrip

Climate in Huckripzhe

The climate in the tarry is very soft and comfortable, although a little wet. Hardly believe that before there were impassable swamps. Even summer torrential rains do not create inconvenience for vacationers. They quickly pass, and again the bright sun shines in the sky. Weather in Guregrian for months generous to heat, which contributes to a long-term beach season.

Huckripsh, Abkhazia Recreation, reviews, Hotels in Grip Turta Guide

Huckripsh: Entertainment and Active Rest

In the guesthouses, the tarp is equipped with football fields, tennis courts, basketball and volleyball courts. In the village you can study and traditional for Abkhazia — Horse riding. Transparent sea water near the ground will delight tourists who are fond of diving.

Good choice for sports lovers — Equestrian excursions by expanses of Abkhazia, hiking in the mountains. At a short distance from the grounding there is a great field for flights on deltalans, where instructors will provide wishing and deltaplans, and their help.

It is also worth climbing the mountains to test the buzz, conquering mountain rivers on the boat Raft. This sport is called rafting or alloy on mountain rivers. Sliding in the boat on rapid water leaves unforgettable impressions. At first glance it seems that it is very difficult, but even children may participate in RAFT management. Only courage is required, the instructor will help.

Transport features Hackipra

The close location of the Gagram (only 15 kilometers) gives an opportunity at least every day to be in entertainment facilities and inspect the sights of this more noisy resort, coming there on our own transport, taxi or by bus.

Also on the minibuses is convenient to visit the resorts of Pitsunda, Gudauta, New Athos, Sukhum, Ochamchir. This type of transport runs quite often, especially during the tourist season. Before the neighboring village, Tsandripsh can also throw you on the taxi route, although on foot there is easy to get in just 10 minutes. In addition, in Abkhazia, good taxi services, where you can order not only a passenger car, but also any desired type of transport. In the target, it is better to order a taxi by phone and immediately negotiate the cost of the trip.

Huckripsh, Abkhazia Recreation, reviews, Hotels in Grip Turta Guide

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