Humiliated at your own request, or unusual services in restaurants

Previously, "My Planet" wrote about the most unusual services and opportunities that are provided in hotels. In this material – about the most unusual services in restaurants.

Beat dishes

In many countries of the world, including in Russia, you can find special establishments where you are offered to "release steam", breaking dishes. But in some way such a service is found in catering establishments, and with the right opposite purpose. So, the Greeks, the coolest plates, express not anger, and delight. Earlier in the country even existed a tradition to beat the dishes after the meal. Went to the dance – do not forget to bang a glass of sex. There is this custom and now, but mainly it demonstrates tourists. Broken dishes, of course, is included in the account.

Get honey

In the bars and restaurants of the Dick’s Last Resort network, the entry is strictly prohibited. The interior here is negligent, and the waiters can easily throw the napkin to the visitor, squeeze or force there without cutlery. And the books of the complaints will not use simply because the insults and humiliation of visitors are one of the responsibilities of the personnel.

Menu is the simplest: potatoes, hamburgers, salads. True, it is written in such a handwriting that visitors have to constantly ask. Next, it all depends on the fantasy of the waiter: some love to pretend to be tight on the ear or interrupt through the word, others, on the contrary, seem very polite, and then strictly declare that you are already too thick. In general, this place is more for those who are tired of hypocrisy or want to shake a little.

Eating from the naked body

⚑ Japan, Thailand, Canada, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Spain, United Kingdom, United States

Niotamori is an ancient Japanese tradition and an extravagant way to feed sushi when the dish is the body of a naked girl. Such a strange feed feed plays a role not only aesthetic, but also practical: sushi is heated to the right 36 ° C, which allows you to concentrate on taste. Of course, if you manage to break away from the contemplation of the "dish".

To make such not easy. First, the applicant for the position of dish should have a model appearance. Secondly, be able to lie on the table motionless, without reacting to conversations and injections with chopsticks, which take sushi. By the way, touch the girl’s body is strictly prohibited! There used to be another condition – only virgins took a job. Now it is not so strictly. Before the "serving", the girl is thoroughly clean, shakes so that the body is smooth as wax, and in some restaurants they first lay out a thin film or some leaves, and only from above – sushi.

Swim in a vest

⚑ Russia (St. Petersburg), China

Barmen is often called a psychologist behind the counter, and in some establishments he is simply obliged to listen to the complaints of visitors to life and try to set up to a positive way. In St. Petersburg, such bars and the name is the corresponding – "siny". Inside everything in black: walls, furniture, bar counter, on the walls are portraits of people who committed themselves, and the mandatory attribute is a vest in which you can cry. Sitting behind the counter, you can call the service of psychological assistance or complain to the unfair fate bartender. Moreover, if a visitor is breaking seriously, he is relying free alcohol. And the choice in St. Petersburg "sullenny" is very good, and the design is interesting: "Mayakovsky" cocktail, for example, served in a glass in the form of a gun, "Joplin" – in the syringe, and "after parting" goes with a living rose.

In China, negative emotions splash out otherwise. Establishments where you can cry, most often are karaoke bars. Sleep a sad song, let me go to the tear – and it seems like life does not seem so gloomy.

Feel blind

Humiliated at your own request, or unusual services in restaurants

⚑ Switzerland, France, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, USA, Russia, Australia, China

Restaurant O’Noir in Russia is found called "in the dark" that it is impossible to more accurately reflect its essence in Russian. Interiors are made in dark colors. To accidentally do not drop the order and help visitors go to their places, the waiters go to the institution in night vision devices (in the Russian pilot project, however, the waiters were visually impaired, he conceived as a way of employment of this category of citizens. – approx. Red.).

Search for food visitors accounted for a touch. And not everyone gets to wrap in the dark for a fork and a knife. Having tried, many postpone the instruments aside and are accepted eating hands – no one sees anyway! Lighters, cell phones and other things that can be highlighted, prohibited. It is said that the smell, taste receptors, touch and hearing are especially acute. In the dark, even crust scratches crusts otherwise.


True, as a salary you will not get money, and … food. (By the way, you knew that in some cafes you can pay garbage?) As a result, everyone is well: and those who have no money, and I want to go to the restaurant, and those who want to change the scope of activities, as well as the hostess of an unusual institution – do not hire staff. Talking in Japanese is completely optional, enough English. As it is not necessary to spend on the kitchen all day. Do not want to cook? Please! You can restrict ourselves to the help of other visitors, table serving or soaking dishes. Work will be found for everyone. Of course, you can come here and just to eat, but then for the complex lunch, on which the restaurant specializes, you will have to pay about $ 10.


⚑ Russia, United States, Spain, Japan, South Korea, Finland

Sleep deficit – the problem of modern reality. Especially in Japan, where the lack of sleep turns people right on the roads. Here are many catering establishments and meet their customers, offering afternoon sleep. So, Nescafé provides several options. The shortest dream lasts half an hour, the longest – three. Those who choose the latter, before falling asleep, offer a cup of coffee without caffeine, and after awakening – one more, this time is usual. Of course, for the service you have to pay, but to press legs in the chair and go for all sorts of tricks, so as not to fall asleep, do not. Cafe specializing in daytime sleep, offer full-fledged beds, mattresses or hammocks.

Humiliated at your own request, or unusual services in restaurants

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