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So without deciding to the end, where I wanted to spend the New Year holidays, I go to my who became already a native travel agency. Manager’s offer to visit Hungary has become a complete surprise for me. It is in this country in the next decade I was not going to go for sure, so I was even a little confused. Seating more comfortable in a chair with a cup of tea, I begin very quickly, without thinking, answer the question of the manager about what Hungary is associated with me. The first thing I remembered is about the Ikarus buses, no one decades of living in our city; Ernu Rubik with his cube, which I never could collect correctly; about the light of youthful love in the operetta squid and, of course, about the "Hungarian Rhapsodies" of Beethoven, the music that the clock could listen to; About the beloved cake "Esterhazi", as well as about delicious salads from childhood, prepared by careless mother’s hands, in which Hungarian green peas and corn was attended, and a lecture that I was always glad to burst into a bite with sausages. From the bins of memory "pull out some events related to the history of this country, but within the school program. Next, the thought process slows down, and I suddenly start to understand: I already want this country!

On a date with Hungary, we fly tightly nude. Salads and other delicacy of the New Year’s table are still fighting in the stomach for bed. "Oh, if only the plane took off well and extremely successfully sat down," I sang all the way to the airport. Early morning. Make a landing at the airport to them. Ferrency Sheet. Budapest gently takes us to his arms. Well hello! Let’s get acquainted!

"Suitcase of jewels" or the most vivid impressions of what seen ..

After reading about the miraculous power of the gellert sources, acquaintance with Budapest is starting with a bathing of a gellert that opens its doors to such an early hour. The reference is the legendary hotel with the same name. Hurry to us nowhere. The city is just now starting to wake up slowly. On the Herzhebet suspended bridge, named so in honor of the beloved Hungarians, Empress Elizabeth Austrian, go from the feet to be. In a narrow pedestrian walkway along one of the slopes of the Mount Hellert, past the Kupolni Rudash, we reach the freedom bridge. And here it is one of the most beautiful buildings of Budapest, made in the style of sessesion (in my, by the way, loved), towering on the shore of the Danube at the foot of the mountain. The fact that the bathing gellert is the most ******************* of the city of Budapest, it is easy to determine in the number of people who want as well as we are early, festive in the morning "to warm up" in their healing waters. The first thing that rushes into the eyes already at the entrance – pompousness, but not intractable and annoying, and completely different, with charm, inherent only in antiquity. Indoor complex with multicolored glasses, elegant pools, decorated with columns. A total of 13 pools Gellert: pearl bath, thermal, sedentary, children’s, swimming pool with waves, many of which are covered with chic mosaic, and on the edges decorated with statues of Amur and Venger. "Lyapota!"- as if said the notorious Bulgakovsky hero. By noon, hungry, we leave Terület derű (serenity territory). It’s time to get acquainted with the city.

The first impressions presented an exciting walk along the winding streets of the city. Especially since such a walk, in the first days of the new year, especially interesting: each alley, the area or showcase is still small works of art. Festive design of streets, houses, balconies, numerous cafes, trees and even ordinary lampposts are set up on a positive way, and a good mood is already impossible to lose. I imagine what colorful atmosphere reigned here a week ago, in christmas. It is a pity that for several years I have not been able to add my vacation in such a way as to visit Europe for Christmas holidays, breathe their fragrance and enjoy the unique flavor.

Beautiful city with historic buildings, beautiful squares, cozy parks and interesting museums, which the Danube River divides into two parts – I will be. Pest lies on a flat plane area. For his architecture, luxury buildings – mansions are most character. In essence, Pest is one big commercial center. In this part of the city there are fashionable shopping complexes, expensive hotels, wide avenues. So, for example, Andraha Avenue is also called the Elysee fields Budapest. This street is already in itself – a landmark. Another, no less interesting street – Waci Street, with the hotel standing on her, who has become a temporary chapter, is almost the center of the city, his heart. Wacitorpask Street, which originates from Wörushmart Square and stretches along the Danube to Favam Square, ending with the indoor market, "dotted" by brand shops, small cafes, small shopping bears. The majestic beauty of this part of the city produces a strong impression! Built in the neo-neutic style of the parliament building more similar to the building of the English Parliament; Basilica of St. Ishthan; Opera House, one of the most beautiful theaters in Europe; National Theater; A large synagogue, numerous architectural errors made in construction, the status is not reduced by it; Hungarian National Museum; Large passage, one of the largest and most detailed shopping centers, with a facade laid out with icing bricks and many other buildings.

Urban park vasoshleget. Stroller on the park We start with an inspection of one of the main attractions of the city – Millennium Memorial Complex on the Square of Heroes. The complex has two semicircular colonnades. And this is not enough, which of the colonnade make the final photo: left – with two allegorical figures symbolizing labor and well-being or right – symbolizing knowledge and glory. And who was the "snake-tempter", who gave me a book on Feng Shui for a holiday?! By the way, I think that the patroness of the coming year is a water black snake – he was satisfied with the way we met, every day splashing in the warm thermal waters of numerous pools of the sechens. Going the street Olof Palma, the camera was not cleaned and did not turn off. The building of the Museum of Fine Arts We pass by, planning time on it *************** by the end of the trip. Skating with a pavilion, recalling winter entertainment from distant childhood and adolescence, added sentimentality on a trip. Building complex called "Vaidakhunyad Castle", consisting of two dozen ************ from different ends of "Elderly" Hungary. Zoo, a visit to which has become a small event. Walking in the alleams of the park between majestic plaiders of the peaceful-fledged spleen and ducks, white swans, gracefully changing the surface of an artificial pond, loudly "talked" seagulls. Circus, Amusement Park, Museum of Transport, Famous Restaurant "Gundel". Incredible, but Hungary begins to like more and more.

Buda is green hills, with palaces, churches, fasteners and narrow cool medieval streets, from which a fabulously beautiful view of the opposite shore of the Danube. We did not change the long-established tradition and did not rush to look for the treasures hidden in the labyrinths. Protane and proven tourist trails will quite satisfy our needs for knowing the beautiful. Staying with the lions guarding the chain bridge or the "Old Lady" (as Hungarians call him), I make a few frames, telling a bike at the same time associated with this place. Legend says that if a man passes between lions on the bridge, never even thoughted his wife, then the lions should burn. In justification, I hear: "Well, that’s how they eaten?! They are stone!". Yes, I know that they will not break! Ahead of the tunnel, the entrance to which begins with the square, which is considered to be the official center of the city – it is here that there is a symbolic stone that denotes zero kilometer. Further our journey in Bud and his winding streets will bring us a whole Pleiad of discoveries. We start counting kilometers.

On the territory of the royal palace rose to the funicular. Immediately remembered that the luxurious palace "starred" in the cinema, for example, played the role of Red Square in the film "Red Heat". Unlike the main character, they did not march on a blocking. On one of the columns, the fence is huge, with an intense view of a bird, similar to the game, is the legendary turn, the symbol of the Dynasty of the Arpadov, the founders of the Hungarian state. In the Palace Square, the monument of Prince Evgenia Savoysky, the famous Austrian commander and statesman, Field Marshal and Generalissima. Beautiful and Brutalen! Hungarian National Gallery, Museum of History of the Newest Time and State Library. Secheny. Fountain Maturity. Marble sculptural group, reproducing the plot of ballads of the famous Hungarian poet M. Woolmart about Saint Elena. Shandor Palace, Corvin Gate, National Dance Theater, Patriot Monument. Slowly, but correctly moving towards the old town. Square of the Holy Trinity, in the center of which the baroque column rises, erected in honor of the relief of the city from the plague. Church of Saint Matia. Opposite the Church of St. Mathia, on a high, decorated bas-relief pedestal, stands one of the most expressive monuments – a monument to the king Ishtan I. One of the most unusual structures of Budi can be called fishing bastion. Snow-white building with many ladies and turrets, arcades, shady corridors, stone benches. Opels to the opposite bank of the Danube Panorama – fascinates. What a pity that the camera will not be able to transfer the whole stunning beauty imagination.

From the Square of the Holy Trinity in different sides, the rays disagree the narrow streets of the old city. Palaces Knight and modest housing of citizens, cozy courtyards, spiers of old cathedrals. But the Hilton Hotel left the strongest impression, or rather talent (with a capital letter!) and the fantasy of the architect, who managed to build the remains of the bell tower of the Church of St. Nicholas, standing in this place from the 13th century. In the lobby of the hotel they were not allowed, but through the stained glass window you could see fragments of the church, harmoniously inscribed in the interior. Although, if we talk about the modern architecture of Budapest as a whole, stemless, illegal, more sacrificed, more similar to the barracks of residential buildings, do not please. Architects "Soviet" times about the beauty and harmony of the city (especially in the historical part), and his future did not think at all. The status age lady with an aristocratic lady dressed is not in his will in a simple dress of the young Cinema – it looks like this in my understanding. But go on. In the unique pharmacy museum, we were the only visitors and we were even allowed to photograph the exhibits, which in principle prohibited by the rules of the museum, and at the end of the excursion gave a postcard than even more surprised and pleased at the same time. House of Red Hedgehog, Medieval Church of St. Mary Magdalene, Museum of Military History, the grave of the last Turkish Pasha. In the dungeons of the castle hill (labyrinth), in the caves of which the tourist route is laid, and on the path of the following, there are compositions from wax figures, according to the booklet, illustrating the most dramatic moments of Hungary’s history, is difficult to get lost, but I have no desire to walk for a long time for the catacombs. Museum of Marzipan, prices in which turned out to be slightly higher than on the market; True, the presented assortment was a little wider. I do not know how family, but a little more and I "Losing" legs. Imagine my joy, limitless joy when we have a small cafe on the way. Dizzy smell of fresh baking and coffee … Cake! Eyes, what is called "in Range", everyone! Rested, buried, tasted divinely tasty cake, drinking strong hot coffee and, on the road. Leaving, as usual I make a photo of the institution. What? Where-where we were?! Cafe-confectionery "Ruszwurm" ("Rusvurm")! So, according to a special smell, the smell of spices, not by tourist map, was found and visited by the attraction in Europe. There would be no happiness, yes … walled in the Wait for another couple of hours, we decided that it was time to go back to the pivest. On the way back, we used the services of public transport.

We try to taste Budapest

Budapest Restaurants are different, simple, friendly atmosphere, wonderful cuisine. And, of course, that may be better than the evening at the restaurant under the incendiary melody of Hungarian Chardas, executed by violinist. It is known that dishes in Hungarian cuisine have a kind of taste harmony and, moreover, extremely satisfying. Classics in Hungarian cuisine are considered dishes that combine both the first and the second. First of all, it is world famous (I will not be afraid of this comparison): Goulash soup, weld, spicy and very tasty, ledge, pairpash chickens with dumplings. Did not refuse yourself and the pleasure to try pork steaks and fish cooked on hot stone. Surprise learned that the cabbage is very popular in Hungary, which is a delicacious pate of the gousine liver, and noodles with bacon and cheese are served on a garnish to fish dishes. And I also realized that if someone sits on a diet, then in Budapest restaurants it is better not to go. Sometimes even the waiters are trying to figure out what number of people we order this or that dish. Diet food you also don’t find. And what kind of national kitchen without national wines? Tokay ******** spoke about him Goethe – "King of wines, wine kings". By the way, according to historians, Petra Favorite Wine. After long walks in the fresh air, my legs themselves carried us to the cozy warm cafes in which we had time to try traditional Hungarian fried sausages with paprika, Halasle fish soup, Mulled wine and strudeli with many different strokes. And also get (in any case, I) the pleasure of saving your favorite cake and strong fragrant coffee. But the famous pancakes in an equally famous restaurant we did not try.

A series of joyful, bright days filled with fun and music, generously seasoned by the fragrance of paprika and numerous traditional sweets continues. We are going to Balaton.

On the way we did not have to miss: Warranty landscapes, magnificent panoramas, visiting one of the most ancient cities – Texfehervar, as well as the city of Kesthely, Lake Heviz and Tikhan Peninsula.

Hungarian Rhapsody - Budapest, Hungary Blogs and travel notes of tourists in Budapest on the turmon

As broadcasting "Internet encyclopedia", Balaton is the largest lake in Central Europe. Back in time, before the arrival of Hungarians, Romans, German and Slavic tribes lived on the shores of Balaton. In the middle of the last century, with the development of railway transport and shipping, life on the banks of Balaton seemed to be. Holidays on the shore of the lake became so popular that by the end of the century along the entire coast of Balaton one by one grow resort centers. Today the service offered by the resort is superior to all expectations. Establishment of guests: Wellness centers, fashionable hotels, comfortable campsites, private homes for rent (and for sale), yachts, sun, beaches, beautiful parks, clean air, "live" water, and a good mood. Walking in the park I understand that ahead of us is waiting for another large cultural program, but I can not "tear up" yourself from this fabulous beautiful place. The main thing is to find a reason to linger at least an hour. And here is the reason – a cute restaurant, so successfully turned out to be. After all, it is stupid to leave, without trying the classic Balatonian eshi and the delicious, original Badachon wine. The resistance family did not have.

That’s certainly not when I did not think about the fact that I once visited the homeland who had already become local (Soviet-Russian) "Ikarus" buses. Temkesfeherwar – difficult to the city name (well, how complicated this Hungarian language is!) You can translate as "throne white hail". Around the city, though we drove fast. Visited Basilica, or rather, its balances in which, according to legend, in the Middle Ages ******************* Hungarian kings were buried. Cathedral of St. Ishthan, built in the 18th century, on the site of a more ancient destroyed cathedral. Chapel of St. Anne, one of the few buildings, survived all wars ever held on the territory of Hungary. As well as the town hall and the Episcopal Palace.

Enter in Tikhan, which is at the same time an old fishing village, and a natural reserve, and a Balaton’s tourist center. Vintage streets, churches, fortress, a small Tikhansky abbey with an exposure telling about the last King of Hungarian Carlem IV, the church in which the King Andrash I is buried (Anastasia Yaroslavna’s husband, Princess Kiev Rus, Yaroslav Wise daughter), museums and souvenir shops. With an alley, departing from the church, a stunningly beautiful view of the lake and the surroundings. In Tihani, there is also their own lake – Belasoto (inner lake). And there is a mountain with an unusual name "Echo", and very touching, beautiful legend associated with this place. Rolling with echo – became one of the few entertainment for tourists who come for a tour of this area. You go on a quiet winding street, the villages and suddenly you hear a powerful, rolling: "Russia – My Motherland" and echo fours: "Rosiyrodinamo..I … aaaa ". Yeah, another group of Russians on excursions, having fun. Meanwhile, as the legend says, it is necessary to make a secret desire, it is returned to echo and must be executed. Although, Russia is not bad, it is also not bad, maybe.

Kestheha and Lake Heviz. Another amazingly beautiful place. Kesthely City – Small, Cozy, Lustful Town In Green. The same vintage narrow streets, Palace and the famous library, a huge number of interesting parks. And the main attraction of this unique place – the lake and bathing, the extraordinary beauty of which is in the harmonious combination of the phenomenal natural landscape with the creation of human hands. Heviz is the hottest thermal lake of Europe, whose healing water is rich in mineral salts. The bottom of the lake covers a high radium. Here are people who suffer from diseases of the nervous system, disruption of metabolism, for the treatment of musculoskeletal system, in order to facilitate rheumatic pain and to simply relax. Lake is very beautiful: part of it is decorated with blooming all year round lilies, though the water in this place is just colder, but also to swim among the water lines is forbidden, and the uniqueness of the lake also adds the fact that the water in it is updated every 28 hours, always staying clean and warm. Darkens to close the complex 2 hours. Have time. The cheerful pastime in the bathroom, ideal for rest at any time of the year, passed unnoticed. Already in full darkness, the beds are glad to take us in their arms.

"Today we are waiting for a wonderful walk and shopping," she announced the day plans for the day, opening his eyes in the morning. To make yourself and your loved ones are beautiful, and the main thing you need, gifts go …To the market! And then then in the shopping center. The market is the only place where local residents meet and show. A place where life beats the key throughout the year. Grocery stores and outlets, as it seemed to be created solely to serve tourists. Hungarians walking on market pavilions with wicker baskets for products, fascinate, or rather, bribe them, their simplicity and pragmatic. Traditional magnets on the refrigerator, pupae in national costumes, a pair of embroidered napkins, a couple of painted plates, a pair of porcelain statuette, on a stick of sausages for each family member (as it turned out, everyone has their own addictions), by ********** ** Delicious goose liver, marzipan, package with paprika for a walk and just … Mda … so got carried away that on the way back I had to buy a new suitcase. And on the second half of the day is still scheduled to visit the shopping center.

Budapest hands and hospital – it’s true. Architectural monuments of different times and styles, museums, galleries and gardens. It is here that his unique, charismatic character. It is here that the decentity and the dimension of everyday life with the business activity of local residents are combined with the most incomprehensible way. Embankment Danube. At dusk, after sunset, the illumination of the "Treasures of Budapest" look so majestically that it is unwilling to straighten the back, starting to live and breathe this city. And already stop fighting with the desire to return to Hungary as home.

How it is not sad to realize, but our New Year’s journey approached the end. Sorry with welcome hotel staff. For 14 hours Ordered taxi to the airport. Leaving the hospitable Budapest, I guess the desire to come back here, to the country where there is a unique opportunity not only to relax, but also support the tone. Let the year, so positively began in Hungary, will be doubly happy for us!

Hungarian Rhapsody - Budapest, Hungary Blogs and travel notes of tourists in Budapest on the turmon

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