Hungars decided to make soup-goulash monument

In the national cuisine of each people, there is perhaps such a culinary masterpiece, the greatness and aroma of which his connoisseurs glorify, Songs, legends, and even jokes. For Hungarians, this is a goulash soup, which residents of the country on the Danube for excellent tastes are often called "Royal Soup". And this is not an exaggeration.

Every year in Hungarian Solnok on "Festival Gulisha" The best cooks and lovers of traditional dishes of national cuisine from all over the country and even from neighboring states come. The soup is brewed right in an open-air in 700 giant boilers, and the commeromatic vessel does not have the end. A gastronomic holiday in the city in Tisa does not do without sparkling chardas, merry music, without a glass of turkey and egu. In addition, this time more than 70 thousand worshipers of the Goulash, who arrived in the Solnok, supported the idea to declare masterpiece of local culinary "Monument of cultural heritage", And the Organizing Committee of the Festival decided to contact UNESCO with a request to take this dish under protection.

Hungars still carry hot debate about what a goulash is a soup or a second dish, that is, meat in abundant spicy sauce prepared with a lot of spices. Most affirm that this is still soup. The fact that the recipes are even debugging. "What a goulash without beef and many greenery and spices?" – Skeged culinary will ask. And the cooks from the Solnok do not imagine a goulash without crispy cabbage and mushrooms. There are goulash from game, carp and catfish, chicken and lamb.

Researcher Antal Sirmai in his book released in Buda in 1804, argues that "Distributions" Goulash were Hungarian shepherds who were preparing soup in the field in huge chains. Soon the dish was loved by the people, and his recipe "ripe", Like wine.

Word "goulash" (Hungarian pronounced as "Guyash") means "shepherd". This is already indicated by an important detail: Numerous recipes of the Hungarian soup were not born in secular peaks. And if the Hungarian hostess is proud of their soup cooked on the stove, then the real goulash connoisseurs know that the true masterpiece can be created only in the open sky in the boilers so that he will absorb not only the harmony of Hungarian spices, but also the aroma of the air: after all in every region Countries he is special.

Master Goulash believes that it is this dish that helps to get rid of many diseases and contributes to the removal of stress. And in order for the soup to be fame, not only meat, vegetables and spices are needed, but also good mood and good thoughts. In the bad arrangement of the Spirit, it does not make sense to begin to cook soup, dark thoughts will not allow you to prepare goulash welcome and fragrant.

Despite the fact that soup-goulash can not be attributed to the number of cheap or dietary dishes, today it takes an honorable place at the Hungarian dining table. Flicder, like a flame, it can be ordered in almost every restaurant, but only old-timers know exactly where in Budapest, solo or semed should be tasted for a real soup to remember his unique fragrance for a whole year.

In the small town of Dewly, the local resident has not even been opened "Academy Gulisha". This name decided to give its restaurant 40-year-old Culinary Layos Elets. He offers visitors more than 30 soup-goulash recipes, arguing that each of them has an age-old story.

To glorify your favorite soup alone try the preservation of traditions, others – search for new recipes, third – enviable appetite. Famous Hungarian chefs decided to recently enter a new page in the history of culinary art and establish world achievement in preparation "The biggest portion of the national dish". Recordsmen – 19 cooks and 40 assistants in 7 hours welded soup in a huge boiler for 4300 liters. 700 kilograms of beef went on it, 140 mound kilograms, 8 kilograms of garlic, over 130 kilograms of fragrant paprika and many other seasonings.

Each recipe for a goulash has its own geographic affiliation, so real connoisseurs of culinary art will never confuse the Solnok Solnok’s soup, and the soup on the recipe of Debrecensky culins with the creation of cooks. True, some recipes are not connected with geographical names, but with the names of their authors. For example, name "Season Gulyash", Approve of experts, reminds not about the culinary abilities of the hosts living in the territory of the Transylvania (they are called pieces), but is associated with the name of the famous Hungarian writer and the poet of Jozhef Seja, who was not indifferent to the soup and felt his fragrance, the skill of the creators of the walk in many of their works.

Hungars decided to make soup-goulash monument

The recipe for cooking soup, at first glance, is easy. Juicy meat first cut into cubes and in melted fat grown to a golden color finely chopped onion. While the meat is stealing, cooks clean and cut potatoes, green peppers, tomatoes and other spices. What kind of paprika to choose for a walk, how much it is required to put spices and how long to stew vegetables – the secret of each. Goulash season salt, pepper, tmin and laurel sheet. Under the end of cooking in the boiler put "Chippet" – Hand pinned shapeless household slices, similar to dumplings. They give delicate and special soup soup. At the same time, the red paprika gives the soup a unique fragrance and a consistency that distinguish the Hungarian goulash from other soups with a similar recipe.

But back to the festival in the Solnok. 80-year-old Dewly’s uncle – the oldest participant of the culinary holiday – and not count, how many times stood for his life at the boiler with a goulash and how many villagers surprised the masterfully cooked soup. Previously, the whole world knew about this Hungarian, recalls culinary. Did not accidentally say that in the time of Cadar we built "Walking Socialism". Once a goulash was the personification of national pride and dignity. Representatives of the Hungarian County Dynasties, arriving at the time of Caiser Franz Joseph in the radiant beauty and luxury vein, in restaurants, as a rule, were ordered not the Viennese Schnitzel, but Hungarian Gulyash, once again confirming that carefully belong to their traditions.

And how to keep honor goulash hussary! On the occasion of large celebrations, they were sent for the tables not by the ranks – on the recipe of Goulash: at the same table, the lovers of the soup from beef united, after another – from game, for the third – connoisseurs of the fish goulash. Guests on such a peer drank red wine, praised the uniqueness of their beloved dishes, entering a sharp dispute with hussars at the next table. Alas, brewing on culinary soil often ended far from peacefully.

National dish were not indifferent known personalities. So, some historians claim that the aroma of bright red soup adored the prince of Ferenz Rakocy II. Soup Goulash was often served on the table of Emperor Franz Joseph. And his spouse is the most beautiful at one time the royal special feature of Elizabeth, which was distinguished by a flawless figure and adhered to the most strict diet, with each visit to his castle in Gedelle near Budapest asked the servants not to seduce her masterpiece of Hungarian cuisine and serve something more dietary.

The director of the Soloksky Culinary Festival Shandor Chani complains that many ordinary fellow citizens began to forget the vintage recipes of the goulash, at the same time more and more foreign restaurants are taken by Hungarian recipes. This dish should become "Cultural Heritage", He considers experienced culinary, just like the old Buday fortress, the famous Avengers Avenue or the old Hungarian village of the Holloe, taken under the protection of UNESCO.

Indeed, if the Italians decided to perpetuate the pizza monuments on the list of cultural heritage monuments, then why there are no places for the Hungarian Goulash, ducks in Beijing or Russian cake?

Hungars decided to make soup-goulash monument

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