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Favorite clients-tourists, it is they who already once again define the country of my next holiday. Perseverance and the vast desire of one of my customers to relax in Hungary (specifically in Budapest), made me look at the country and change the decision taken earlier.

At the end of the year, a working trip to Cuba was planned. Beautiful, hot, temperamental, colorful cube was without regret, Promenanan on absolutely incomprehensible Hungary. Dilemmas, visit Hungary with a working visit or there to hold New Year’s holidays with their family, did not arise. Domaders voted unanimously for rest, romance and holiday. Started searching for hotel, tickets and other pleasant troubles.

So, Budapest. The city that is completely unlocked in the Russian market. If you ask the average traveler about where he wanted to relax, believe me on the word, choose anything: Prague, Paris, Vienna, but certainly not Budapest.

Now, after time, when I am asked to share Impressions about Budapest, I ask the interlocutors to submit a "noble" dust of a bottle of wine brought from old cellars. Bottle without label. You know that in the bottle of wine, but what kind of wine it is, what it is for you so far. Anticipating pleasure, make one small sip and understand – the wine has its own unique shade: full, bright, rich, harmonious, memorable, with a long velvet aftertaste. Wine, in truth, beautiful and does not seem to be one of those that you have time to try. This wine is Budapest – the majestic, large, hospitable, conservative and distinctive, with beautiful palaces, pompous architecture, gothic churches, well-kept parks, thermal sources, special smell of spices.

This country was under the igg of the Ottoman Empire, but you will not find neither architecture, nor in the interiors of public historical sites even a hint at the "live" east, except for the top ten of modern stylized in the oriental style of buildings. But the "east" in these buildings is present, exclusively on the facades: Designer chips. Everything is destroyed and erased. Small, proud people erased from cities of their country, streets of their cities all reminders about the interventionists of all time. Only monuments by Soviet soldiers – the liberators of the Hungarian people from the fascist invaders of the Second World War half a century stand in their places. Hungarians – a people who can be grateful.

The special route for inspecting the sights of Budapest was not, because the tasks "do and exceed" did not stand. I know by experience: the best route is a tourist, developed and tested by time and tourists themselves. Therefore, we did not invent anything and seek, just went to look, holding a map in your hands and a guide. Option with rental cars died for two reasons. First, not drowning on time, we flew on the journey and without receiving the driver’s license of the international sample. Secondly, given the features of the Hungarian language and characteristic only for him "Harizmu", still in their homeland decided that at this trip, we would do without a rented means of movement. Although now I recommend my customers not be afraid to take a car in Budapest. Why? If I do not forget, I will definitely write.

So, moving around the city, using public transport, a single pass ticket and "my two". The beginning of our journey became the area of ​​Buda. Stood sooner, 5 hours of time in time long enough in bed did not allow. Despite the fact that our hotel is located on the central street – Waci Duck (Pest), next to the Arzhebet Bridge, reach the chain bridge to the tram. At the oldest bridge, guarded by the "harsh" lions, were transferred to the opposite coast of the Danube, in the area of ​​Buda. Early in the morning there was no queue on the funicular, and we begin to inspect the royal palace without problems. The symbol of the royal dynasty – the bird was drowned, under the morning gray, heavy January sky looked frighteningly and at the same time majestically. With great pleasure, I looked at the change of Karaul at the President’s Residence. Having a rich history, the residence building is completely devoid of pomp. Next, we continue the movement "strictly" by the guide: the historic Museum of Budapest, Military Museum, Museum of Marzipan, Red Hedgehog House, Rybatsky Bastion, Wine Museum-Shop, Labyrinth ..

Traveling around the maze, the underground kingdom of Buda, added adrenaline. Of course, tombstones "Count Dracula", fogs with "candy blood" with sounds that infuriated from dark secret rooms, the Russian tourist do not scare. But the labyrinth himself … Without suffering from cartographic cretinism, we still soon hurried to return to the entrance and asked outside. Reached to the end, or rather the past all the way, got a bonus – a disposable cup with wine poured into it.

The exhibits of the Museum-Pharmacy were interesting and entertaining. Russian tourists rarely indulge in this building, so the guide – the age-related lady is a very extravagant species – on broken English, with endless enthusiasm and special love for his work and the institution, told us about the history of the museum and about the values ​​stored in it.

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Easy snack in the oldest confectionery Budapest, which was specified in the guidebook did not require long search. And unhurried continuation of inspection. View "Top" to the area of ​​the exercise. Why we did not allocate time on this area? First, we had it not so much. Secondly, information about the remoteness of some historical sites, the emphasis on which is made on the Internet is not always true. Actually, disinformation on the main attractions on the tourist route itself is also enough. For example, Alcinkum – the ruins of the Roman city, to get to which you can exclusively on the train. Kiray’s swimsuit, although geographically not so far located, but in comparison with the swimsmores, the gellert and the crossings have very and very small sizes and a less presentable species. After a multi-hour leisure inspection of Buda legs pretty buzz and demanded rest. The second half of the day decided to spend the gellert in the bathing. Photos on the Internet of the facade of the hotel "Gellert" as an entry pointer to the bathroom put in a dead end. And where in fact the entrance to the bath? Place at the foot of the mountain with an age-old history: at first there was a hotel, then bathing. Previously, the hotel and thermal shops were "mud bathing". Today bathing – this is a spa hotel center. And only in one, I agreed with the Internet: the hotel "Gellert" Hotel is actually the most beautiful symbol of Budapest, with the most beautiful and luxurious bathrooms of Hungary.

Several days were allocated to the sights of Pestty district. Despite the fact that almost all of them are within walking distance, we, as I wrote above, preferred to use public transport, in particular – the subway. Metro Budapest One of the oldest in Europe, older, perhaps, only London. The metro of Budapest is a whole underground city that copies the city "from above" consists of three lines – the old and two new, intersecting at the same transplant station "Ferenz Dick Square". It is rather small, however, using this particular type of transport, you can get to all the main points of the city, so, for example, the "yellow branch" will take you to the opera, the Square of the Heroes, Cechhenia, and the "Red Branch" – to the Parliament Building and T.D. Personally, I gave a special pleasure to ride in ***************** The wagons of the old "yellow branch", admiring the "under the old" stations, and kneading, do not hide on the railway When he is already moving away. The driver will definitely wait, open the doors and even think – "Well hurry, we wait for you!". "Blue Branch" more resembles a good old Soviet metro with elements of modern youth creativity – spray-art. Painted by aerosol paint wagons of the middle of the last century, at first they can even scare. According to the "Red Thread", modern trains run, as, for example, in Rome and Dubai.

District Pests no less beautiful than the area of ​​Buda. Buildings complex Vaidahunyadvar, bathing section, zoo, restaurant Gundel, Jewish quarter, St.Roch, complex Millennium on the Square of Heroes, Muzakademia.Sheet, Opera House, Dehsler Palace, Parliament, Basilica. Ishthan, wonderful place – central market. A lot, a lot of interesting and beautiful. Half of the listed is within walking distance: either on the central street, or on Andrassy Avenue, which Budapests call more "Our Champs Elysees". Not ********** In the story, it is possible to remember that before the Avenger Avenue was called Mussolini Avenue, in 1956 he was renamed the avenue of Hungarian youth and even wore the "surname" – the prospect of the People’s Republic. But all this remained only in information guidebooks, the people managed to return the original, national even in the names.

Morning walks around the city charged positive for the whole day. After a dense dinner, exclusively in restaurants and only with the order of national dishes (and lonely, none of us was going to lose weight, but it is not in the traditions of our family) Walking through the hospitable Budapest has always ended in the same way – in the swimming pool. Having drawn information on the Internet, by returning, as a rule, I conduct an analysis. And once again I am convinced of subjectivity not only to writing, but also the information itself, "Clausy" on the Internet. On the first day, after a visit to the Cechhenia, thinking where we have dinner, I remember the information, "that when you exit from the purchase, turning left, you will find a beautiful restaurant where the wonderful goulash is served", and the realities are: in the bathing beds three inputs and, Accordingly, three outputs, and if you go left, you can leave "nowhere". This later became clear that the speech was about the restaurant Gundel. So, every time, your own theory is not to believe everything that is written, – I confirm in practice. The same bathing sections themselves – a party and youth place. Never thought that in establishments intended for recovery, you can entertain. I did not consider and do not affirm, but it seemed to me that there are much more youth in the baths than in cinemas, especially after five o’clock in the evening and on weekends.

Of course, Budapest is not all Hungary. Excursion to Balaton, Heviz, Tikhan, Kestehei, significantly expanded my idea of ​​Hungary. Once again, I am convinced that it is impossible to know the country for 10 days, and I will return here. And not only because I want to walk again in the evening along the Danube Embankment with your beloved spouse, see the Danube’s emissions from the deck ******* and, in the romantic setting of the elegant restaurant to taste surprisingly delicious and fragrant dishes, gentle desserts prepared by unique Recipes, and exquisite wines. Historians argue that the Urals and Western Siberia – Praodina Hungarians. It turns out, I have a common root with them. Relatives?! Yes, here, she, the reason for my desire to return to Hungary, on the surface: to swim in relatives, chat with them, relax, improve health, recharge your positive. Relatives, they are always welcome, they love them and wait!

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