Hungary is famous for its thermal sources. What of them are considered the best?

What people in antiquity did not imagine their daily life without SPA? These were Roman. Roman, founded province Panonia On the territory of modern Hungary and city Aquinkum (Part of modern Budapest), first opened healing properties thermal sources. Thus, the Hungarians inherited the resort traditions from the Romans, and now we will introduce you to five most famous Resorts.

MOSHONMADYAROVAR &# 8211; Welfare and Professional Help

Approximately at 30 km south Bratislava not far from the border with Austria There is a city known for its thermal baths. Thermal water in it enters Five most effective v Europe.
V Moshonmadyarovar One of the most iodine mineral water, which contain Large amount of dissolved salts. V 1957 She was recognized Drug. Thanks to the content of silicic acid and fluorides, it is particularly suitable for Inhalation. Recommended for rehabilitation after chronic bronchitis and nasopharynx diseases.
Water also renders Beneficial effect on the reference &# 8211; Motor vehicle, Helps for Muscular and diseases Joints and suitable for Rehabilitation post-traumatic states. It is also suitable for Prevention of caries teeth.
In complex Moshonmadyarovar You will find a total of 4 pools with different temperatures. The water of the warm outdoor pool is about 38 C.
Procedures, Offered B Spa salon, Also help you relax. You can try, for example, Mud wrap or Various types of massage. This resort will especially like those who love Silence and peace without adventure slides, parachutes and other attractions.

Tip for you: In order for your stay to turn for you to benefit, it is recommended to consult a doctor before any spa treatment.

Secheny &# 8211; During the walk in Budapest.

SPA in the center Hungary, in the capital Budapest , is one of the largest in Europe. Sources were accidentally discovered by a geologist in 19 century during their research, and since then people can swim in Thermal baths Secheny.
Water is effective for the treatment of rheumatism, gynecological problems or problems with the reference &# 8211; Muscular apparatus.

Per Additional fee You can pamper yourself Massage, wraps, Baths, manicure, pedicure, exercises in the thermal pool, beer baths .. Most of the procedures are bought on Cass. Received by you Electronic bracelet Used only for opening lockers and can not be used as an electronic wallet.

Tip for you:
We recommend to visit this resort along with the excursion along the capital of Budapest, which will certainly please you with their culture, history and architecture.

Bukfurdo &# 8211; 32 pools and modern playground.

Resort Located near Ot Austrian border. V 1957 Not far from the city Bug was drilled thermal a source. The surrounding area and received status Resort.
On the territory of B 14 hectares There is a wide choice pools thermal and ordinary water. You will be interested in such healing procedures, how Magnetotherapy, electrotherapy or various types of massage. Thermal pools have a temperature to 38 degrees. Modern playground is designed for kids.

Tip for you:
Here all year round are waiting for lovers to play sports, and on sports grounds (beach volleyball, beach handball, foot tennis, badminton, beach football, streetball, table tennis) have entertainment programs.


The development of resort life in its current form began around The biggest lake in Central Europe at the end 19th century. Today Lake Balaton &# 8211; One of the busiest tourist centers Hungary. First sources, Possessing Medical action, Located in the city Balatonfüred, where the resort tradition began to develop about 1700. The first resort house was built here in 19 century. Northern Lake Balaton in many ways formed volcanic activities, which is the cause of sulfur and carbon sources in these places. These underdevelopment sources also fall into Lake Heviz. Known SPA-center on Lake Balaton &# 8211; Tapolts, where cave, Filled Karst water, hidden under Saint-Dieur Range. Here are most often treated Respiratory diseases, chronic degenerative diseases of bones and joints, rheumatism.

Spa Colory

Hungary is famous for its thermal sources. What of them are considered the best

Mineral water Hot sources of Sharhruha It has Natural alkalin and suitable for Treating many diseases:
&# 8211; Diseases of the Muscular System
&# 8211; Post-traumatic rehabilitation
&# 8211; Stress and fatigue.
Two thermal sources of Charman
Bat Under the city from depth 2 km. One of them has a very high temperature 83 ° C. The feature of this source is Much content in it is ordinary cooking salt, and Barbonate, bromine, iodine, fluorine, various trace elements.
Near Sharvar – Quiet town and forest park. Coming guests find everything you need for Full relaxationSimulatory rooms, sports fields, walking alleys.
Upon arrival you can stay in a luxurious Spa hotel Spirit Thermal SPA , which is located in a beautiful place in the middle of the forest near the center Sharhruha. He offers his guests Unlimited use of SPA and wellness center with more than 20 pools, saunas, jacuzzi and fitness center.

Resort Zalakharin

One of the most popular resorts of Hungary &# 8211; resort Zalakarosh in the southwest of the country, not far from Lake Balaton. It is located in the middle of a beautiful landscape. Healing water Zalakarosh Perfect for Treating diseases support &# 8211; Musket Apparatus and Gynecological Problems. Zalakarosh It can boast huge spa with Medical Center, covered and open zones. Resort Zalakharin Used not only for treating local thermal sources, but also for Entertainment and recreation. There is here Water slides, saunas, massage, as well as cultural and sports possibilities (for example, tennis, volleyball, football, water polo, mini golf and t. D.).
Upon arrival at the resort you can stay in Modern 4-star hotel Park Inn , which suggests Comfortable spacious rooms, Direct access to Spa Center Zalakarosh and located close to the newly created thermal lake.


Resort B Egersselok It was built only ten years ago, But quickly became famous. V SPA there is 17 closed and Open pools. There are pools C Medical water and Water slides. So here will like and adults who crave a beneficial effect of water with a unique composition, and children who want fun.
Resort Egersselok Located U Foot Mountains Mattro and Buck v Valley River Lashko. The temperature of water beating from 410 meter Depths, amounts 65-68 ° C. This water contains Significant amount of sodium and metasylicyclic acid, which has a beneficial effect on Health-musculoskeletal system.

What is needed for swimming
It is recommended to take a swimsuit in the spa, bath towel, if necessary, bathing cap, slippers and bathrobe.

In most SPA there is Good restaurants, so take food not necessary. Do not forget to observe Drinking mode.

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