Hunters for heads

In the fact that Marlin will be caught, no one doubted. Therefore, we drove along the ocean coast, they did not stare on the sides, but seriously discussed. The subject of discussions – head marlin. Whole marlin home is not lucky, it is very great, but the head is another thing. But again, the question: if you carry, then what – big or small? And after all, Marlin got the head of the head, it will be dried, it will be dried, bring it to a commodity look and will send separately. Wait later.

Marlinins bring together people

– You arrived at Mauritius in the mango season. We have the seasons of pineapples and bananas, and now we have spring, and at this time the beautiful mango ripen.

November stood on the courtyard. In that hemisphere, where the glorious island of Mauritius is located, there was a great, really spring weather. And the amateur team arrived safely to the Mauritius shore, who arrived at the first open Russian tournament of Blue Marlin. This tournament organized a tourist company "Sodis", which is distinguished by scope and inclination to all kinds of fudges.

On the island already knew about a new start, and in the hotel La Plantation we met a welcoming poster. The only one who did not warn about our arrival was marlin. And this, it should be noted, the creatures are legendary. They are not easily given (this is still Hemingway in "Old man and sea" noted), real men are accepted for them to hunt, and there are several international tournaments in the world of marliners in the world, and it is precisely blue. Blue Marlinins are the largest of all marlinins – can reach five meters in length. And the trouble of them is that they are, first, tasty, and secondly, they choose the same places for living as the resort workers. They like the tropical seas and water temperature 25-26 degrees. Take at least the same Mauritius with his warm Indian ocean around. And this is how it turns out: the tourist goes to the island, but not just like that. He has a goal – to catch Marlin. Of course, after that, he is no longer just some beachhead, he is a hunter. In his free time, he, of course, can sunbathe, and play casino, it does not change. And marliners are to blame.

I also want to assure you: no log "House" In general, neither the author of this article in particular bloodthirstiness differ. Just such a plot of the lives of vacationers and an exclusive report from the scene – to miss it was impossible. In addition, you know, the mango season. Any common cause brings closer. I have often watched Russians on foreign rest, who missed, but lived as strangers and know each other did not want. We also have hunters, everything immediately got a cheerful and fun. Mauritius looked at us unquestioned. Ate on the beach of smoked marlin (good). Bathed together (nobody came on the sea hedgehog). And in the evening later everyone went away from the dance floor (after the native November frowns in the tropical banana-lemon soul space, you know, asks songs). Before that, some managed to rent a car, master the left-sided Mauritius movement and go to the capital of the island of Port Louis. Now they teased our guide, my sleeve mariel: why do you have here on the central square, our Andropov is worth? Enlightened Mariela (she studied in Russia for several years) Krotko explained: it’s not your Andropov, this is the local prime minister, just like a little. But the Lenin Square in Port Louis is really there, you have seen?

In general, in that, the first day life promised a lot. In a large park, our wonderful hotel has a lot of pools, and where there were no pools, a variety of flowers and palm trees grew. And everything around sledge. At the top – Birds, down – Naked Mauritius frogs. And peace-loving ocean licked white sand. And somewhere, in the ocean, doomed marlines were attached, on which eight hunters from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk and Rostov (which on Don) were going to leave. There was still a group of support – two representatives "Sodisa", Known to you correspondent "Houses", Two young ladies (held with hunters as wives) and one very young young lady (hunter’s daughter).

Marlinins are not looking for meetings

Have you ever seen the belt on the fisherman, and the belt is ahead, and the big spinning is inserted into this mount? It turns out courageous. He stands with this impressive stitch sticking ahead, and everyone can see that he is a real fighter. Watching this spectacle, I immediately understood: it is impossible to laugh, you need to admire. What is his face if he caught fish. But it’s not a fish at all, it is a victory!

Maybe psychologists should take the method for armament and arrange trainings in the sea to improve marital relations, for example? In any case, I recommend the ladies: if possible, divide the men’s fun. Admire. After all, everything is known: a man wants to get the biggest elephant (or Marlin), a woman – a man who got the biggest elephant (Marlin). So let him finally benefit something in your eyes.

These useful thoughts visited me not immediately: the hunt began too early, the rise was scheduled for half the sixth in the morning. To the sea was to stay nine hours. And, standing in unfortunate ear on the berth, where a small flotilla of boats was moored, I thoughtfully thought: grief to you, Marlinins, once went such a game, I will choose a boat with an uncompromising name Killer. Participants, having previously crashed into a couple, played the boats in the lot (according to the rules of the tournament), and Killer got two cute and not. When our five boats diverged by flashing with smooth white brunches with loose water, the Novosibirsk was climbed to the upper deck and began to work. The work was to look out for flocks of chap. Seagulls are racing low on the water where the fish shoals go. And Marlinians hunt the same fish (they are predators). We also have fish, color plastic flavors. Is Marlin really amenable to this deception?

In the first few minutes I was convinced that if the legendary resident of the seas and will suffer, then not from my hands. My fishermen will not see him for him. They greedily watch all seven spinning "Killer" And just throw them to them, like the cores (and it is characteristic that the crew hunts with no smaller excitement than guests).

The first luck appeared through any half an hour. Short fight (burning eyes, tense muscles, friendly swear and cattle on the deck), and now glittered bright, yellow-green, large fishing. It was Dorada. Then the plot scrolled three times. When all four dorades were laid in the hatch refrigerator, we have already gone far away in the open ocean. Two hours flew in one breath. The boat swung, but the men pitching did not notice and rejoiced like young cats, pulling out fish. Then everything ended. "Killer" Full loneliness circled in the ocean, losing money. We looked at all for a long time, seen someone fins – whale or shark? Ate sandwiches drank beer. I went to bed and think useful thoughts on a soft sofa in the cut. I woke up when a few plump tunats caught (they, unlike dorada, are not considered noble prey). Marlin was not, but happiness, largely written on already tanned faces was.

And what remaining? Boats returned one after another. Hurray, catch "Killer" It turned out to be the biggest (upon arrival of all caught fish, of course, weighed). And one eight-kilogram dorada we took with you to the hotel.

Marlinins are like aircraft

Dorada ate for dinner to all team. The table was covered in an open restaurant on the shore, at the water itself. But in the team, despite the exotic snack and the charm of the silky resort night, were doubting and even dissatisfied. Maybe it was necessary to go to the other side of the island? Or in November inappropriate season. Or bait not that. And you can catch tuna, put it as bait, and then Marlin.

– Yes what Marlin, then the shark will bend.

– And what if there is a fish in several hundred kilograms? Do not stretch it on the deck.

– It will have to drag in the water in the water.

– And who knows where the southern cross?

South Cross was on the spot. The next day we decided to go on a tour of the island (so all the hunters usually come – the day in the sea, then the break, then again the sea). It turned out that on Mauritius, pineapples eat as much. Purified small (but sweet) pineapple is beautifully cut and planted on a wand. Black pearls here are very cheaper. But it is necessary to bargain. We traded, we bought, of course, and pineapples, and pearls, and local aborigine – cut from a tree Bird Dodo.

– Dodo is now a symbol of Mauritius. These birds demolished only one egg per year. Did not know how to fly and so they quickly ate them. All up to one. They were tasty and trusting. We regret Dodo. Passage by Hindu temples, past the plantations of sugar cane, climbed into the rainforest, looked at the high mountain Python and turquoise lagoons. Mariela said:

– You see, on the island of many unfinished houses. But this is done on purpose, not to pay taxes for real estate. In general, people live here not to. Mauritius – the second level of living Country in Africa.

Hunters for heads

And we almost forgot that we are "in Africa". Time at Mauritius just one hour is different from Moscow. And not hot with them in the spring. Heavenly blue from time to time varied clouds. And short rains spill on the ground, did not have time to seriously scare anyone.

We examined "Colored land", Mysterious Phenomenon: Multicolored Rainbow Stripes of Earth, open to all winds and rains, for some reason do not mix. Palm trees in the mountains. Moved like all the local tourists: such a small island and so much a variety of destroy. Mariela showed us a big, volatile birdlike birds that fly to the light of God from six o’clock in the evening, and immediately calmed down: "They don’t drink blood, they eat only fruits. They, you see, the nice face, like the hedgehogs". It should be noted that not only mice, but in general, all landmarks here has a good temper. There is no poisonous snakes, no bussy beasts. Predators dwell only in the sea. For example, Marlinins – we, of course, did not forget about them for a minute. And you would have forgotten if you had to hunt the sea giant, which happens, weighs 700-800 kilograms? After all, what kind of silica has such a fish. And the rate of marlin can develop a huge – up to 130 kilometers per hour. How do they succeed? The fact is that Marlin is arranged almost like a plane. The streamlined body, tail fins work as horizontal stabilizers, and spear (elongated jaws) serves to turbulizing the incident water flow and strongly reduces the windshield.

This is the most spear (in the surprise "horn") Marlin and became the object of hunting on this sightseeing day. There was something affected. Not that the hunters surrendered, no, they, the experienced fishermen, of course, will not be misunderstood, but just in case. For the horns came to the usual Mauritius house, the hostess let us into the room, and here it is: on the tables and shelves there are pieces of twenty polished copies of different sizes. The biggest (one and a half meters) bought the most gambling fisherman, Arkady from Rostov. He was frustrated most due to lack of mining, all

I could not calm down and then went still to negotiate about buying a marline head. Tomorrow was scheduled to continue the tournament.

In the morning, early again went to the sea with the whole team. This time at six o’clock. Before leaving, the owner of the center of sports fishing Mikhael Duforka was tortured: we still have marlin or not. Mikhael poured out that last week there were past four Marlin. And it is now nearby from the island running serious adults, it is reliably known to him. We met the volatile fish and flocks of dolphins. Caught Dorada, Bonites and Macrel. But Marlin, jumping out of the water, Marlin, sharply diving in depth, Marlin, shaking boat so that the deck leaves from under his feet, – His none of us saw. All day, they contacted each other by radio, waited for news. Final finally waited. And what: the biggest fish again dorada, the weight is 11.6 kg. Maxim Peshegolovets from Moscow for a long time with her fought, in his arms he had cuts from the fishing line (I had to put the plaster). In the evening in a solemn atmosphere, he was awarded the winner of the tournament. All the rest were awarded by grades. Arkady, who still suffered because of the treacherous Marlinov, marked with a diploma as the owner of the audience sympathy, and he excluded (it still contributed to the local rum and very good South African wine). And Alexander Tashechov, our most stubborn hunter, just said: I still catch it.

And along with a comrade the next day, he again went to the sea. He was in the sea five days. During this time, we managed to participate in the Safari on the Mottaris, to dive, take a walk on the bottom in the transparent Batiskof caps and buy the exact wooden copies made by hand (this is a corporate Mauritius souvenir). Invisible the Botanical Garden, where 80 species of palm trees are growing. Someone conquered canyons and a waterfall height with a nine-story house ("It is fantastic!"). And Novosibirsts still sewed three suit on the island (Mauritius is famous for its textiles). But the unbending hunter Alexander Taisheov finally returned with the biggest fish. It was not Marlin again! Again, dorada, however, weighing already in 20 kilograms. But there is no doubt, sooner or later he will actually benefit, big and blue. After all, everything we just start.

Next tournament "Sodis" intends to spend in February-March 2002, at the end of the Mauritian summer, when water off the coast of the island will become completely warm.

What else? The adventures of the hunters were satisfied. Even Arkady from Rostov agreed that it was not bad. Everyone was good and in general, peace-loving people. Instead of marliny heads, the model of sailboats was carried in the baggage – and nothing, did not be upset. I also purchased a ship, slender clipper "Katty Cark", And this is what firm conviction: the era of the company. After all, many of us have already seen, visited on excursions. And now on vacation, I want to fully enjoy life and feel in other people’s edges as a fish in water. And Marlin in this matter is not the main thing (hunters forgive me). The main thing is that there was a plot and friendly mutual understanding.

The holiday season on Mauritius continues all year round, but the best time is from November to March (average air temperature is 24-28 degrees). Hunting for Marlinins also continues yearly, but in February-March, as expeditions assured us, chances for good luck more.

Flight to Mauritius through Europe costs from $ 1100 and takes about 11.5 hours (the island is at the southeastern shores of Africa, 855 kilometers from Madagascar. I highly recommend everyone to fly by Air Mauritious, the flight falls at night and it turns out urgent.

Service on the island is good, an interesting excursion program and any sea sports entertainment are possible. More Mauritius is famous for its hotels (the price of a decent four-star or five-star hotel begins from $ 200 per day). On the island of the Mixed Nationality and Religion, Indians are peacefully living here, immigrants from Asia and Africa. And no conflict is observed, but the holidays are more than in other countries.

Participation in the Blue Marlin Tournament cost hunters about $ 23,200-2500 per person (flight, 6 days at the hotel with half board and payment of two-day deep-sea fishing included).

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