Hunting Equipment. What must be?

Hunting can be a very long and tedious process, therefore, going, a person must take care to gather in a backpack All the most needed.

All the necessary hunting equipment can be divided into several groups:

  • Aid kit.
  • Clothes and shoes.
  • Electronics.
  • Weapon.
  • Outdoor.
  • Other.

It is very important to carefully approach the assembly of a backpack and pay attention to each of these items. Consider their details.

Aid kit

This is one of the most important components of a hunter backpack, and it doesn’t matter how much it is. Can happen any, from poisoning to allergies or open injuries, so the presence of a first-aid kit is not just important, it is paramount and vital.

In the first-aid kit is obligatory must be:

• Elastic bandage, bactericidal plaster, green gauze.
• Alcohol (needed for disinfection).
• Paintal (Aspirin, Nimesulide, Paracetamol, Citramon, Ketalorak).
• Phenolic gel (outer gel from bites and allergies).
• Medicines from stomach and nausea disorder (mesim, activated carbon, but-shpa).
• Antibiotics in case of angina (Summen, Ciprofen).
• pills from nerves (in no case should not be replaced by alcohol).

Clothes and shoes

Hunting Equipment. What must be

Dressed stands, leaning on the climate, where you live, and Following the weather forecast For the next few days. Do not neglect anything and be sure to take a cap and spare woolen sock, linen and gloves with you.

Dress needed warm but By the weather. Remember that at night the temperature always falls regardless of the place of hunting, so it’s hard to count on heat from the fire. Sweater, Termsel, Warm Clothing &# 8211; this is what every cautious hunter should wear.

Do not put on hunting shorts or shale. Clothes must be comfortable, but durable and tight, and whenever possible close most of the body. Even if the hunt goes to small game, and not on predators &# 8211; mosquitoes still not going anywhere, And still crave for human blood.

The raincoat should also take place. Dry clothing is much more convenient enough, and polyethylene is easier and faster will dry. But in case the rain still found the hunter on the way, or he decided to swim &# 8211; Towel is useful.

Shoes must be primarily, Comfortable, And on the weather. If you go to sunny weather in forest places &# 8211; Sneakers or heavy boots. If hunting goes in marshide &# 8211; it is better to wear rubber boots, since you will probably have to get shattered.

Equipment for hunting

To the mandatory gun We will need patrontash (primary and spare) and the cartridges themselves, as well as a set for cleaning if the weapon is contaminated. For hunting will also need stuffed, mankey and chopping knife. The ax can be useful both for cutting firewood for a fire and for self-defense purposes. And do not forget about Jagdtash &# 8211; Bag for mining. Because somewhere you will need to be prey?


To communicate with the outside world, it is better to provide it using phone (To which you need to take a spare panibank), radio or GPS navigator. If you wish, you can take a camera to capture beautiful views.


For the hunt with overnight and for the bonfire It will be necessary to take:

  • Tent.
  • Sleeping bag.
  • Awning.
  • Light slippers (on vacation they will need to resist the legs from the boot).
  • Kotelok.
  • Napkins and repellents.
  • Dishes and cutlery.
  • Toilet paper.
  • Provision reserves.

If you wish, you can capture binoculars or an inflatable boat (but it will be necessary for it and the rods with a bait, so that it is also to correct).


There are a number of things that you need to take with you to hunt. This is an identity card, passport, driver’s license if there is a car. Lantern, Rope, Map, Compass, Emergency First Aid Kit &# 8211; it’s all can come in handy in a long campaign. Maybe of course, It will be leaving excess cargo, But it is much better if the necessary tool at the right moment will be at hand. With it useful to have matches, mangartee, chocolate and salt. Last thing &# 8211; Infertiliates for emergencies.

Also before the way out It is necessary to make sure, that everything is put comfortable: the primary things are better to put on the very top, and the rest can be removed down.

Hunting Equipment. What must be

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