Hunting for crabs. Night, trident and … plastic pelvis

As a rule, crab hunting is included in entertainment lists for visitors in almost all local travel agencies. The method is worked out, the routes are adjusted to the smallest detail, the ammunition is provided. But what is organized catching crabs compared to "Wild"?! I fully felt this difference on myself and impressions I have a hurry to share with you.

We sat down the usual weekend, gathering with a group of companions, we downloaded everything you need in two SUVs and went to Umm al-Al-Kuwaine. Crab Hunt – Case Night, But to decide on the right place of fishing, it was decided to conduct exploration on the ground. Leaving a part "Hunters" sunbathe by the pool in Beach Resort, we left the jeep in the desert in search of a suitable reservoir. Like the monotony and at the same time a desert change! Scarce vegetation, proudly disturbing long-legged camels and sand, sand, sand. The air fucked up to 47 degrees, and everything was not visible.

We deepen further, several times deceiving a long-awaited glitter, which under the clue turned out to be a dry lake. Once we drove in "dead end": The car stopped on some incomprehensible shallow rubble. She was everywhere. Bewilderous, where did the rubbish come from here, we left the air-conditioned car and went into the pecked. What we took for small pebbles turned out to be tiny shells, and these seashells around were Miriad. Forward to move dangerously, there we were waiting for us "Sabeka". In such a clay with sand and salty water, the car will instantly obscure so that only the tractor will be able to pull it out. I had to turn around and go to the starting position.

Searches continued. Again Sands, Sands, Sands. and suddenly. Water! We found a great place to hunt the crabs. This was evidenced "Tags", which we discovered there – the extinct fire, dried shells crabs, torn shoes and abandoned empty bottles. Likuya, we returned to the camp to wait for the onset of darkness. And so,

"Sun tired slowly in the sea,
In Purple bloody painting the most recent ray
Foam on the crest of the wave.
Quietly sank. ".

Sound called: "By horses!", And our group has advanced in the sands. How unrecognizable the desert changed at night! All the signs that we focused on the day, in the dark disappeared. In search of the cherished place of the car twisted 32 kilometers in dunes. Before the fill we got when they were completely desperate to find it. Preparing for the hunt took a little time: it was necessary to change clothes into swimsuits and smelting, to go to tightly fitting sports slippers, consolidate ropes on plastic basins and armed with a spear-trident and a powerful waterproof flashlight.

Hunting for crabs. Night, trident and ... plastic pelvis

The team is ready, and, overcoming disgust for the Tine, or a slippage of the bottom and a rapid smell of standing water, starts dive. The fill is not deep – the water is barely reaching the belt. Meters in 20 from the shore ends the hlyben under his feet and begins with clean sand, which immediately become those whom we came – crabs. The optical effect of water distorts the size of arthropods, the darkness also does not add courses, the crabs seem sinister huge and very abrupt in movement.

The group crashed into pairs that broke into different directions. First on the right, and then the first victorious shouts are heard to the left: "There is! Caught!". The glare from the lanterns are moving along the water, blinding the crabs, the spears ruthlessly pierce the chitinovy ​​shells, the basins are filled with fresh prey. About midnight tired, but satisfied hunters are selected ashore, comparing the catch. Laundering with clean water from prudently captured bottles, bring all the crabs in a huge refrigerator bag:! Yes, there are almost nine kilograms! Upon arrival, we weld them with greens, sprinkle with lemon juice and eat. But first you need to get out of the sands on the road.

Return the same way, the track is rolling, but what is it? At night, the water began to arrive and literally before our eyes began to fill the way! It is very dangerous. Getting stuck in the darkness in the wet sand did not want at all. We risked! Rushed forward at high speed, and both cars were safely passed by an unexpected trap. Having selected on the track, we violently discussed the incident, imagining on the go, which could happen, the lifestyle and departure and at least half an hour. Here with such adventures, our very successful crab hunting ended, which will be remembered for a long time and supplemented with new items with each storytellor.

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