Hunting for tourists in Merida or "Hello, Money!" Part 2

In order to get from Campeche to Merida, you can use the second class of AST bus. They depart from the 1st class ADO terminal (Terminal ADO de Primera Clase). We chose just such a bus departed at 8:10. For tickets gave 145 pesos, on the way 3:00. Discount coupons on the second class are not accepted only if you are driving ADO or OCC buses.

We need to ask about buses of second class at the checkout, because there is no information about the information about them, not all flights may be displayed on the scoreboard.

To move Campmec Merida, you can also use the ADO bus (first class). The ticket is worth 200 pesos, on the way 2:30.

Do not forget about coupons for a discount of 10% For the next trip, if you use ADO and OCC buses. Coupons are printed right on the landing pass, so do not throw them away after the trip.

At the end of the article about Campeche the map shows the location of the bus station with which buses go to Merida. The bus on which we drove and buses ADO arrive at the central bus station Merida (Central del Autobuses or Terminal De Autobuses Merida – First Class Bus Station).

Bus schedule of first class and prices for them can be found here.

How to get from Merida to other places, you can read on this site.

And finally, a reminder to capture warm things into the bus, especially if the night crossing is foreseen. Air conditioning is increhensive, so it is very cold (+ 16-18 degrees, plus ice air). Local, which are informed, go with blankets.

Where we lived in Merida (Airbnb)

In Merida, we rented a room that was found and removed using AirBNB. The place is called Casa Tolok Twin Bedroom.

Only 200 Peso On a day we got a cozy room with everything you need: work desk, excellent Internet, huge bed, a large wardrobe, two fans. The bathroom is common, however, she was very close to our room, which was very convenient. In addition to the room that we took off, only one is surrendered, that is, there are no guests.

You can freely use the shared kitchen and refrigerator. Free tea, coffee around the clock in any quantities. There is a dining room and living room in which no one also prohibits.

Rooms hand over two guys – Manuel and Vilmantas. Everyone will tell about the city, help and supply a card. They live in the same house.

The location of the house is relatively proximity to the center is not the most profitable, since it is from him 2.5 km. But close enough from the central bus station. A ten minute walk there is a Chedraui supermarket. Who does not know, this is a huge shop where you can buy all-all-all (food, cosmetics and other little things). To the center on foot to go minutes twenty-twenty-five, if you wish, you can ride on the city bus or take advantage of a taxi.

Address: Calle 82, Merida, Yucatan, Mexico

So, if you want to live in a cozy comfortable room for a little money, welcome to airbnb.

Here are the most suitable sections:

Going on the last link, you will be taken to the section where all the accommodations offered at Airbnb will be collected in Mexico. There you can enter the title of the city in the upper left corner, which interests, and get a sample of housing based on it, plus "Play" with other parameters.

Details on the operation of the Airbb service and order of booking, as well as $ 20 bonus on the first booking (for unregistered users), look for in my article article. There are reviews and links to specific rooms and apartments that we rented Andrews.

If you are accustomed to book hotels, sites like Hotellook will help.RU and, of course, Booking.COM (by the way, the likelug separates the search and on bucking including). Also on Booking You can now booked not only a separate room, but also whole apartments.

In addition, there is our General Article – How to find housing in a journey that can also come in handy.

Map with sights Merida

List of attractions and objects Merida marked on the map

  • Autonomous University of Yucatan (Universidad de Yucatan)
  • Palace of the Governor (Palacio de Gobierno)
  • Casa de Montejo (Casa de Montejo)
  • Cathedral De Merida
  • Cultural Center Olimpo (Centro Cultural Olimpo)
  • Anthropology Museum (Museo Regional De Antropologia)
  • Municipal Palace (Palacio Municipal)
  • Santa Park Lucia (Parque de Santa Lucía)
  • Park Centenario + Zoo (Parque Centenario)
  • Paseo De Montejo Street
  • Central Square (Plaza Grande)
  • Church of Iglesia de la Mejorada
  • Church iglesia el jesúS

Markets and shops

  • Market (Mercado Lucas de Galvéz)
  • Santa Ana Market (Mercado Santa Ana)
  • Supermarket Chedraui
  • Hunting for tourists in Merida or


  • 1st class bus station (Terminal de Autobuses Merida)
  • 1st grade bus station (Little) (Fiesta Americana Bus Terminal)
  • 2nd class autostation (Terminal Norest)
  • Minibuses (Parque de San Juan Terminus)


Hotel Flaningo Merida

What can be found in the vicinity of Merida with free time

  • Kabah (Kabah)
  • Park Selestun (Parque Natural Petenes-Ría celestún)
  • Ruins Ushmal (UXMAL)

Good to know

To the top of the article: Walk through Merida

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Vitaly 27.06.2014

Interesting story.Yes.Problem.And maybe not talk. In Spanish do not understand . In English too. And retarded

The fact of the matter is that everyone who speaks on the street is completely different on some obsessive sellers. It often happens that the same people are just interested in who, from where, what are you doing and t.D., Just out of curiosity. Marketers in Merida Well done, definitely!

Here’s jokes! It is a pity that the Mayan festival you did not see! haha! 🙂

I sympathize that you have to go there again. You are flying away from there?

Sheboldasik thirty.06.2014

Yes, fly away from there, but we are no longer on the market))

And everything so good began, ha ha!

Helena 22.01.2015

We lived in Mexico in Playa del Carmen and hired a car with a driver specifically for a trip to Ushmal. In Ushmale, it’s great, just I want to advise those who decided to wander around the forest paths carefully to look at the feet, the husband almost broke the leg, having fallen into some kind of overgrown with the pit (can the remains of some hut). In Merida, the wife lived with children (he divorced), asked for permission to call, invited to visit.

Sheboldasik 23.01.2015

Elena, thanks for the warning, I am sure someone will surely help avoid surprises. In the forest part of the Ushmal really can adventrate anything.

With the driver you are lucky))

Boris thirty.12.2015

I did not happen in Merid to face anything like that. True and was there for long, less than a day. Hats saw $ 20, not bought, t.To. They do not wear them. Probably vain. Sometimes in the heat saves and look better baseball caps.

Liked pictures in the City Hall Merida. By the way, there collided with a group of Russian tourists. 🙂

Sheboldasik thirty.12.2015

So it is in Merida so "Lucky" ))

For the year of Russians at all practically did not meet, except that one group in Chichen Ice and in Oaxaca met one of the readers of our blog, which were surprised and very happy))

I advise you to buy a hat – the thing you need and useful!

Boris eleven.01.2016

Imagine our surprise when in the early morning right from the plane we were on Teotihuakan, the first and only we met there was a couple of Russian tourists. 🙂

Sheboldasik eleven.01.2016

Yes, unexpectedly)) Probably at that moment you thought that the Russians in Mexico would be apparently invisible))

Alyona 09.06.2017

I am now in Merida, I came to a friend from Russia, who got married here. I haven’t seen anything like this) calmly talking, no, thanks. Everyone is very friendly, constantly smiling, here we are just three weeks, we will go to Cancun on 5 days. Thank you so much guys, for your articles and advice! Very helpful!)

Hope 25.01.2018

Very useful articles. Thank you so much for your blog. Traveling exclusively by your press. All information is relevant today January 2018

Tatiana 27.08.2018

You do not believe, not the festival, but the carnival in the Merid is still there))

And in general, I learned a lot of useful information before traveling. thanks a lot.

I do not accidentally know if European Spanish Mexicans understand? And vice versa? HABLO ESPAñOL UN POCO))

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