Hunting Gate in Africa

Hunting Africa! Every hunter dreams about her. What is the hunter! Anyone who read the book Hemingway or Hunter was fond of adventures in the spirit of Haggard or Bussenar or simply watched natural science transfers on TV, probably felt the real excitement of hunting and felt the exotic charm of local places. For most African hunt seems unattainable dream, distant and expensive: "That’s when I become rich". In reality, now she is on his pocket to everyone who can afford rest in Europe or, for example, on Bali Island. And start your acquaintance with Africa most hunters prefers from the South Africa Republic.

What is South African Hunting?

First of all, the hunt in South Africa has already become part of world hunting culture.Also, for our hunter, traditionally prestigious a muffuhary or tether or to participate in the injection hunt for moose and boar, for the Western Hunter, it is necessary to try yourself on the hunt in Africa. For any hunter, even a beginner, the hunt in South Africa is available both at the price and level of service, convenience of communication, climatic conditions.

Usually the hunt in the Republic of South Africa is held private firms, owners of land. Dimensions of hunting land are different – from several hundred hectares to hundreds of thousands. As a rule, each such hunting economy has an equipped camp or house for receiving hunters and their satellites. The usual list of amenities includes equipped with all necessary double rooms, a dining room, bar, sometimes a small swimming pool. Beautiful and abundant cuisine, exotic (or traditional – who loves) drinks in the bar, daily wash (except jokes: on the hunt it is very and very relevant) create very comfortable conditions. In them and from the hunt you get the maximum pleasure.

Promotes this pleasure and weather. The hunting season in South Africa lasts from April to October. In South Africa at this time, winter. For us, residents of the northern country, this african winter is rather reminiscent of summer. Day temperature plus 20-25 and at night a little colder + 5-10 by with. A small breeze, a complete absence of insects – in general, about such conditions for our summer-autumn hunting we can only dream. In the northern regions of South Africa, the total lack of rains and even clouds are practically guaranteed during these months. Separate rains are possible only next to the coast, where the temperature difference is not as noticeable and at night.

By the way, the dry moderate climate and the lack of insects save us from the usual concerns associated with a trip to Africa – in the hunting season in South Africa, no dangerous infectious diseases are threatened. Accordingly, there is no need for vaccinations or receiving preventive.

Hunting Most animal species is carried out in a bright time of day, as a rule, in the morning and in the evening, when enough cool. The main way is classic "safari", When a hunter with conducted by several trails goes on a jeep on a bush (overgrown with a terrain), looking out for animals. At the same time, the hunter with the conductor is not sitting in the cab, but at the top, on a specially installed seat.

So, you leave in the expectation twilight. The temperature is about +5 degrees and when driving quite and very cool. Without gloves, a warm abandoned jacket and tightly sitting caps feel, just say, uncomfortable. But it is imperceptible two or three hours of hunting. The sun has time to rise high above the horizon, the air warms up to + 16-18 and something from clothes is superfluous. Begins "Hunting striptease".To return to the camp on Lunch (about 11-12 hours of the day) you stay only in shorts and a T-shirt and be sure to – in a wide-headed hat and sunglasses. In the same form, you go to the evening hunt. All the clothes that frightened the morning, you need to pick up with you. Now the gradual dressing begins, otherwise when returning in the evening, often already at dusk or in the dark, you risk pretty frozen.

Hunting Gate in Africa

Who, in fact, we have to hunt in Africa? If you do not have special ambitions and you do not aim on "big five" (Elephant, Rhino, Leo, Buffalo and Leopard), mainly on antelope. The Russian hunter who was accustomed to the moose and wilderness and having an idea of ​​deer and a roe, it is difficult to imagine that 30-40 types of antelopes at the same time live on the same territory. From this abundance head goes around. Requires a certain time to figure out and understand what trophies want to get.

You can specialize in some kind of antelope group, for example, the slopes (Kudo, Nyala, Bushbak, Iland). It’s beautiful animals with beautiful horns. Several species and subspecies included in this group are distributed throughout Africa and to collect them all, there will be quite a lot of concern and work hard. You can start collecting small antelopes – dike, stynbak, grysbok. The hunt for them is very difficult and interesting: in thick grass it is not easy to find and shoot antelope with a hare. It is worth thinking about the antilops that anywhere, except in South Africa, are no longer found. This is bright, several species of Springback, Black GNU. Think about the future! After all, it may be very possible that the years of Edak in 5-10 you will have to specifically go to South Africa at one species that will not be taken to your collection!

Find animals does not constitute any problems. You see hundreds of animals during the day. It is important to find a good trophy, and then you can easily paint on a distance of shots and successfully shoot, so as not to waste time and effort to search Pranc.

For almost all South African trophies, except lion, buffalo and rhino, enough rifles under various caliber cartridges 7.62 (308 Win, 30 – 06Springfield, 300 Win., Weath. Mag.). It should be borne in mind that the hunting for hoofs with smooth-bore weapons is prohibited, it is also impossible to use automatic and semi-automatic weapons. So ours "Vepry", "Tiger" and "Saigi" We’ll have to leave at home, however, the hunter can take a weapon in place. The usual distance of the shot is 100-150 meters, and sometimes up to 250-300 meters, so a well-shot optical sight is obligatory.

But first, you need to just get together, go to a real African hunt and discover a new hunting world. I am sure that you will never regret your decision!

Hunting Gate in Africa

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