Hunting: Pure Australian Killings

Hunting – Strange Entertainment. It seems to be cruel, and on the other hand – a natural male occupation, the most important thing about being vitally justified. Someone and today hunt for bread, or rather, the meat of the pressing. But for most hunting – hobby, energy source and inspiration. The occupation is difficult, sometimes requiring courage – but the more exciting, the greater danger it is for the hunter.

In this sense, Australia is perfect for hunting. There are hunting in any way: on jeeps and walk, at night, making my way through the shrub in search of crocodiles, ready to pounce on the hunter. The charm of Australia is that there is a choice that around is a variety of nature, the beaches under the side, and immediately – supercivilization, amenities, even luxury.

In addition, this continent, unlike African, is not mastered by our hunters. Until now, we were offered a cultural holiday in Australia on the gold coast, on a large barrier rife, as well as excursions in Sydney. In the best case, tourists took a day to the reserve – to lay on Kangaroo and stroke the coal. And now Australian, in the face of the largest Australian tourist company Iris Tours (its Moscow office is called Australiana Iris), they began to offer something special – that, in fact, people travel to Australia from all over the world. Tours deep into the continent, in the caves, alloys on rivers – and among other things, hunting and fishing.

Hunt kangaroo (their 50 million, and 5 million of them are shooting annually), foxes, boars, night cats, Voluti (animal a little more cat), wild dog Dingo, buffaloes and crocodiles.

Oddly enough, the licenses for it do not need. License, like a weapon, has a local hunter, who for tourists and conductor, and teacher, and father of the native. The license holder is responsible for everyone who hunt him to the company. And if the guests begin to shoot at each other during the hunt, he will sit on the dock. Danger to be a raised neighbor – the only possible time during a kangaroo hunting, Voluti, night cats, foxes or boars. Because animals move with wild speed, hunters are forced to chase them in open jeep. The main thing is to get into the running beast. Hunt at night, in the light of the searchlights – the day is too hot, and there are no animals in the open space.

Best Place – Eastern Coast, Brisbane. There is the most popular "gold" Hunter – David Gold. It would be more correct to say – "Family Gold", because it organizes the hunt not only David, but also his spouse. "Golden" The family has an advantage over solids: one hunter has the right to take a maximum of two – to better control each. And in the two gold take four, so you can go by the company. This is cheaper: if you are four, the event will cost $ 640 from the nose, if two – $ 700. Expensive, of course, but it is not just a one-time hunt, but not for one day.

From the gold coast to Brisbane – 80 kilometers, there is a small plane of gold on the airfield. The plane delivers the company to the base where everyone chooses and shoots a weapon – "Remedton" Large caliber. Then everyone in jeeps get to the farm – there and feeding, and overnight, and other joys. And actually hunting. It’s funny that the farm owner with which David has, is the Minister in the past. Typical story: I retired, engaged in agriculture and began to host fans hunters. Australians Everyone lives like that: dear, but without luxury, house, high-quality, without frills, food. And almost complete absence of alcohol. They drink beer – climate dictates their requirements.

And those who came to hunt, not worth taking alcohol. God forbid, the conductor is learning the smell of alcohol, even if yesterday, – the hunt will not take place, and cried your money.

Unlike Kangaroo, foxes ETC, on which to be pregnant at least a year and without restrictions, hunting crocodiles is limited. There are tough quotas and deadlines – you can shoot them in September and October. The fact is that this hunt comes in a single place – in the north of the country, in the area of ​​the city of Darwin, in warm wet tropics, where many Aborigines. For them, crocodiles – hardly the main food.

Hunting purely Australian murders

Nevertheless, it is the aborigines to lead to crocodiles of tourists who want to join the hunt. This happens next to Darwin, in the National Park "Cockatoo", literally sisite crocodiles and other evil spirits. In the case of crocodiles it is not clear who hunted someone – a man on a crocodile or vice versa. It happens, hunters die – zoologists say that one Homo Sapiens crocodile is enough for a whole year. Recently, local newspapers and the Internet bypassed a terrible photo: a dead crocodile with a private belch, and in it – legs, hands, undigested torso. According to the signs of the eaten, they even were able to interface: it was just one of the fans hunters.

So that this does not happen, the conductors are the same as many tourists – Aboriginal, who knows the habits of animals, a white hunter with a license, accompanying tourists, and sometimes a guide that speaks Russian: in case the client does not understand a word. I will not scare: Usually everything ends well – so, a little bit of adrenaline, and then the hunter gets a crocodile in the back and leaves the prey. On the killed beast, documents are issued, allowing to take a trophy from Australia and bring it to Russia. That the client wants, then for him with the remains and will be done: it will be scarecrow, or the skin will be done, or the soup will prepare.

When not a season of hunting for crocodiles, shoot dingo or buffaloes. The latter are not very dangerous, the first are dangerous almost like crocodiles. Dingo Schitras and omnivores. Residents of Central Australia – "Dingo territory" – So they suffer from these red-bearing animals, which built a two-meter fence from the iron grid in length.530 kilometers and inserted it for 30 centimeters to the ground, having overwhelmed themselves and their herds. Each farmer is responsible for its part of the fence, checks whether there is no subcords if the mesh is not damaged. But in the north there is no fence, and Dingo is walking on national parks at freedom.

If you get tired of hunting – you can give. In the Darwin area, Aboriginal fish Baramundi is found – hefty, to a meter long, white, like a cod, but much more and more tastier. Catch it in traps woven from rods and aborigines show guests like using gears.

And you can not do anything. Do not hunt, do not fish, do not ride in the Aboriginal settlements, especially since living aborigines walk in Sydney. True, in the city they are not so colorful, but also stand out from the crowd. You can watch for hours on the ocean of the ocean shark, pulled out by fishermen – the other day on the beach next to Sydney hung a huge fishery for universal view. You can satisfy by that.

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