Huntun – real name Ravioli

Chinese cuisine is known worldwide. It is characterized by the wealth of the range and high mastery of cooks. Mandatory requirements – careful selection of source products, their combination, fine processing and ownership of fire regulation of fire force when cooking dishes.

One Chinese philosopher said: "Chinese cuisine has the same significance in the world of taste sensations as European music in the world of sounds". Few people know that, for example, the National Italian Dish Ravioli – Chinese Origin. His brought to Europe the famous traveler XIII century Marco Polo.

For foreign tourists, the distinguishing feature of the food of the Chinese – the use of chopsticks for food. It is convenient to use them, because the components of Chinese dishes are always cut with small pieces. In the country is considered indecent cutting food with a knife on a plate. Chinese culinary art begins with seasonings to emphasize the best taste quality of dishes and repel unwanted smells. Most common soy seasonings supplied to almost all dishes. Soy has a strong taste, and therefore the use of salt in Chinese cuisine is limited. But the Chinese cooks are very loved by ginger, and even boil the jam or eating in a candied form. Instead of creamy oil in China, sabers or oil of earthwoods are usually used. The Chinese love to join, seemingly incompatible things. For example, they can weld broth from beef, birds or fish at the same time and add raisins there. Or prepare a pork with fragrance of fish. It is such a dish, called Chinese Yusyan Sus Sy, often prepares Sergey Jan Sha, Vice-President of the Foundation "Chinese cultural center" (Recipe see. below).

In China, it is believed that food should not only fill the stomach, but also to have a healing effect on the body. Therefore, in any Chinese feast, a certain balance of components in the choice of dishes is observed. Chinese cuisine is not so homogeneous as it may seem at first sight. In different regions are prepared in different ways and completely different eats.

Guangdong Province Kitchen is more varied and sophisticated. Guangdong cuisine dishes are famous for the aroma and freshness of products, preferably purchased on the day of preparation – immediately before serving on the table. Preparing dishes with a small amount of oil and sharp seasonings. Brand dish Dim Sumy externally resembles dumplings with different fillings. The most famous suolars and snake soup, roasted shrimps, dishes from "eight jewels", Mushrooms under the oyster sauce, roasted pig with a crispy crust. Guangardy cuisine is distributed in all Southeast Asia and, perhaps, is the most popular in the world. You can get acquainted with her, for example, in the restaurants of Window of the World, located on the 28th floor of the CITIC building in Beijing, or Four Seasons on the first floor of the hotel "Jiango". You can also recommend the She Canguan restaurant in Guangzhou, which attracts first-all lovers of exotic. It is here that you can taste the famous soup Longhufen with snake meat, leopard cat and chicken. Or shark fin soup, boiled in broth swallows nests and even rotten eggs.

Huntun - real name Ravioli

In Shandong cuisine, the dishes with a high content of protein and calorie predominate. Here is an important place to occupy soups and seafood dishes. One of the most revered products is Trepang. In the Special Flaours Restaurant, the most famous restaurant of Shandong cuisine in Beijing, located on the seventh floor of the hotel "Byjin", You can try turtle eggs, crab meat with shark fins, Milk soup with nuts and much more. Sichuan Province famous Ravioli – Huntun, as they are called in China. When cooking this dish matters even air temperature. One of the best restaurants in Sichuan cuisine in Beijing – Sechuan Restaraunt – are often visited by the leaders of the PRC.

In Beijing, preference dishes in which products retain their natural taste. For example, Chun Yan Ji, a dish of lamb, prepared in a bronze pot, inside which is divorced fire. Each guest is preparing a dish of numerous components (brown oil, red pepper sauce, onions and others.) supplied by the waiter. Boiling water put cabbage schnitzels, spinach, green peas and pasta. The pieces of meat are lowered for a few seconds in hot broth, then loose in the sauce to cool, and eat. The famous world is known for the whole world "Peking duck". The most famous restaurant of the Beijing Duck – "Qianman Zyuanjude Kajadyan". In his menu, more than three hundred names from duck dishes, and visitors are given the opportunity to personally observe the process of cooking. Restaurant at the same time can serve up to thousands of visitors.

In Shanghai, the provinces of Jiangsu and Zhenzzyan are common to Yanzhowa cuisine. Freshness – distinctive features of this kitchen, especially fish. Great value attached to natural taste. Preparing dishes on a pair and slow heat. "Branded dishes" – Steam pork in lotus leaves, duck stripped with spices, meat cutlets "Lion’s head".

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