Hurghada – One of the most popular resorts of Egypt, which is located on the coast of the Red Sea.

Hurghada can be bolden by the Winter All-Russian Health: It is here that we are tired of the autumn-winter weather. Tourists flock. The resort is known to our compatriots for more than 20 years: the first charter flight arrived here back in 1993. And by the year 2000, many Russian tourists visited the resort.

It can be noted that the resort of Hurghada – A decent opponent of another popular resort – Antalya in Turkey. However, the difference between these two resorts is that most hotels Hurghada were erected in 2000 and later.

Hurghada – The city is rather big, a relatively large administrative center of the province of the Red Sea (in total in Egypt there are 26 provinces). By the way, in Hurghada there is a residence of the governor of this province, as well as its government. Moreover, Hurghada – This is a port city where the Base of Coast Guard of the Navy is located. And that’s not all: in Hurghada, you can find the Orthodox Coptic Church, as well as the operating college of hotel economy.

Conditionally resort can be divided into 4 parts:

  • Center Hurghada (Old Town) El Daghar. Local locals live here.
  • New Hurghada Center, or Sakkala Kura (word «Kura» translated as «village»). Popular hotels in Holidays, such as Hotel Le Pacha, Hotel Regina Style. Interesting fact: It was in the area that the first restaurant MC Donalds appeared!
  • Third district of Hurghada – Newest Center. Here you will find a long promenade for pedestrians. This pedestrian zone stretched along the marine shore. You can stroll through it from the Hotel Sindbad and Mashrabia to Hilton Resort Hotel,
  • Fourth resort zone – The most south of the city, where the main hotels are located. It is curious that in total, the coastline of Hurghada stretches for as many as 40 km! This zone extends from the Magawish hotel to the hotels of Jberoi Sahi Hasheesh, Coral Beach.

Population of Hurghada – about 35-40 thousand people. By and large, local residents are engaged in trade or tourism. Many of them work in the hotels of the city, water buses with tourists, ride guests of the city on yachts.

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What is interesting to see in Hurghada?

Top sights Hurghada

Beaches Hurghada

Water Park Titanic

Safari Center

Monastery of St. Anthony

Giftun Island

Christian Coptic Church Hurghada

Show and Palace "Thousand ..

Monastery of St. Paul

Oceanarium Red Sea

Museum of marine biology and aquarium

Hurghada: excursions and events

Most popular and mandatory Excursions from Hurghada Next:

  • Trip to Cairo With a race in Giza. Here travelers will see the pyramid famous for the whole world. During the excursion there is lunch, visiting the pyramids, the National Museum, the Ibn El Assa Mosque and several interesting churches – Virgin Mary and Sv. Sergius. Excursion duration – 1 day, approximate cost of travel $ 70-80. We clarify that for young tourists a discount is made in the amount of 50%.
  • Excursion to Luxor (south of the country). It is here that there is a wonderful majestic Pharaoh Valley. Excursion duration – 1 day, cost of about $ 80-90, young tourists are also made a discount of 50%. At the excursion is a visit to Mnemnon’s Colossus, Hutchepsut and Carnaca temples, Pharaoh Valley, as well as a trip to a banana island. Lunch is included in the trip price.
  • Interesting and day excursion with a visit to the monasteries of St. Paul and St. Anthony. The cost of the trip is about $ 50. Power included.
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In addition to big excursion trips, tourists in Hurghad offer the following local excursions and entertainment:

Sightseeing tour of P NSUrgade

There is a commodity opinion that Hurghada herself is little interesting. However, this is not so. You will see in the course of a review tour, which is carried out for all organized tourists free of charge. Signal interests such as Coptic Church of Hurghada, ancient villa of King Egypt Faruk, a large aquarium and a colorful oriental bazaar,. Moreover, by visiting the city with the guide all corners of the city, then it is very easy to navigate in it.

Submarine «Sinbad», Hurghada

Try to schedule dive on a submarine "Sinbad" In Hurghada on the first half of the day – at this time there is better lighting. At a depth of 20-25 meters through large porth illuminators, you can admire corals, watch the Caracatians and Barracuds. The number of places on the boat is limited, so tickets should be purchased in advance. The cost of the trip will be about $ 25. Excursion begins in 9.00 from hotel sindbad.


Aquasks at the resort of Hurghada are special surface vessels with an underwater capsule designed for 10 people. At a depth of 2-3 meters there are two huge, in the entire wall, the porthole. Aquasks are definitely inferior "Syndbad" on the effect produced, because "Sinbad" – This is a real submarine! Watching aquascript, you can lure on a guided tour with a glass bottom. Glass bottom – it is, of course, loudly said. At best in the boat you will find a glazed window of 50 x 70 cm – be careful!

Aquarium Hurghada

In Hurghada, aquarium is located next to the hotel Three Corners Village. You can admire the marine animation here. Of course, this is not such a huge aquarium, for example, there is in Singapore. But still some living creatures are present here. Interior of the room leaves much to be desired, but in the aquarium there are signs with explanatory texts. Aquarium works daily from 9.00 to 17.00. The entrance ticket costs about 5le.

Coral Islands

Coral islands are approximately an hour and a half by the sea from Hurghada. Travel agencies Hurghada daily organize a lot of trips to the island. Travel cost will consist $ 15-20 per person, including rental, masks with a tube and light lunch on board. In the morning, the real flotilla of boats is going to be married – on board every 30-40 tourists – and the journey begins. The spectacle is extremely beautiful, especially if the captains are in good spirits and start racing. It is best to stay on the nose, the twisted legs beyond. Just don’t forget about the sun. If it is mercilessly bakes, it is best to swim in a T-shirt. Diving and bathing takes a few hours. Printed fish of different types and sizes are knocked in colorful flocks. Water is always warm and amazingly transparent. All the journey lasts from three to six hours.

Hind walks

South of Hurghada are stables with horses. You can make horseback riding in the desert. It does not go to any comparison with the Bitz! Here tourist can feel what real speed and space! Sometimes horses and camels ponperate on the beach and give stroll through the line of the surf. But this entertainment for children, however, with animals it is interesting to take a picture of memory.

Jeep Safari

Another entertainment in Hurghada, or rather, in its surroundings – this is a trip to the desert on the jeep. You will see a real mirage, then you will have a visit to the Bedouinsky mill with camel skiing and the subsequent observation of the sunset in the mountains, as well as dinner with candles in the Bedouin Fair and the colorful belly dance under the Barabanov battle. And what is the observation of the night sky with huge shimmering stars. It seems, all this is a simple show, but after him it is better to understand the life of the real Bedouin. Similar collections are arranged on quad bikes. Even teenager will be able to control this vehicle. The cost of jeep safari is about $ 30 per person.

History Hurghada

Climate in Hurghada

Climate Hurghada favorable for rest at any time of the year. It is noteworthy that the duration of the swimming season in Hurghada – 365 days a year. During the summer on Hurghada is always very hot, water has time to warm up and almost does not cool down in autumn time. And this resort is good because even in winter the temperature of the water in Hurghad is order + 20c. But winter evenings in Hurghad are pretty cool: In January-February, tourists should take with them warm sweatshirts (at this time the air in the resort cools up to + 15c, but the day is still hot here).

In the summer, the air temperature in Hurghad is + 33-37C, in August in the resort is hotter. Clarify that the air in Hurghada is very dry, the humidity is almost no observed, so even hot days are transferred to tourists quite easily. Moreover, light breeze is constantly blowing from the sea.

Below are the average air temperatures in Hurghada by season: the average temperature of January + 23c (water + 21c), April + 26C (water + 23c), July + 34c (water + 28c), October + 26c (water + 24c). Also see the weather in Hurghada for months.

Hurghada: Entertainment and Active Leisure

Activities in Huragd: Local tourists are most popular among tourists – this is a safari in the desert, or a trip to the village of Bedouins on quadranners (four-wheeled motorcycles), or on the usual jeep.

The most popular water excursions in Hurghada are windsurfing classes, kaitsurfing, water skiing, entertainment type of riding on bananas and paraglider, and yacht trips to coral islands.

And finally, the most popular underwater tours in Hurghada is, of course, diving in the Red Sea, where you will find not only a stunning flora and fauna, but also sunken ships. Those who do not particularly complain to Extremes are offered underwater excursions on water ships with an underwater capsule, or immersion on a submarine.

Transport features of Hurghada

Move around Hurghad can be in different ways, but all tourists we recommend not to take the car for rent – In Egypt, it is not welcome. Below are various ways of movement methods in the resort.

Taxi in Hurghada. Taxi in Hurghada is not very cheap – from 10 le. However, do not forget to bargain – You can feel tangible to reset initially the specified price! Pay attention to the peculiarity of local taxi drivers: upon completion of the trip, the driver can suddenly change their mind to one known reasons. In this case, we recommend leaving the car immediately. And yet: according to the existing rules, the entrance to the territory of the airport Hurghada pays the taxi driver.

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