Hurghada: Russian discount 100%

Who says it is necessary to go to Hurghada? No, no, it’s not at all so. Be sure to go to Suzdal, in Pushkin Mountains, in Peter. And in Hurghada? Here you just need to regularly come. Issued a free week – and in Egypt, to the sea. And it does not matter when it issued – in winter or summer. Hurghada is good all year round:

By the number of hotels per capita, this town is definitely occupies one of the first places on the planet. Today they are more than 200. Another 100 will appear in the near future. And almost all hotels are built after 1990, so there is no chance of living in some kind of rolling. But – Attention! – In connection with the construction boom there is a danger to get a room overlooking the lifting crane or bulldozer. Noise and dust, you see, unimportant framing. Therefore, making up a ticket, do not be lazy to lose the manager and to this subject:

In Hurghada there are hotels for all tastes.

Does your hotel have meaning how far from the city center is your hotel? If you want to devote a considerable time to shopping, then – yes, then you should stay in Shedwan Golden Beach, which is closest to the famous shopping malls Hurghada. If the main thing is just a holiday for you, then the choice is simply unlimited: hotels are drawn along the coast of the continuous chain, the length of which is 40 kilometers. Getting from any of them to the city center (casino, restaurant, diving club, any other hotel) – not a problem. Route taxis will join the coastal highway literally every minute. One pound – and drove!

All hotels have a lot of common. Necessarily there is guard. Everywhere is equally clean. In any hotel decent food. Very friendly, attentive service. And a numerous staff is thrown everywhere: all the time someone cuts herb, watering the lawns, washes the path, rushes with a challenge. Stop in thoughtfulness in the middle of the hall, right there, as if from the air, a person appears with absolute willingness to help solve your problem. By tradition, any service provided to you should reward. Tips are small: you can give one pound, but it will be a sign that the work is seen and approved. It is necessary to reward a stretcher who delivered a suitcase into the room. Tippets needed, leaving, leave on the table as gratitude for the exemplary cleaning of your room. Bartender, waiter for dinner – also need to give.

And in the rest of the rest of the hotels are very different.

There are such as Dolphin, where all the amenities in the corridor, and there is no phone and television in the rooms. But but the funny price for accommodation, proximity to the shopping center, cozy and protected from annoying winds. And the windows of all numbers – let the small – look at the sea.

There are hotels in which Europeans do not live, such as Mirette. The owner is a zealous Muslim – does not allow the Bar to apply alcohol. But the inhabitants of Egypt come here large families, with many children of all ages. Usually there are no translators in such hotels, and all ads are made only in Arabic. The specific menu also distinguishes them from hotels, waiting for the European tourist.

For the same reasons, it is not necessary to navigate on Sheraton, which is also not adapted to stay our brother. But the second line of this hotel is now being built by international standards.

In the last two or three seasons, villains have a popularity. They are located on the territory of several hotels. For example, Hilton has very decent villas (not to be confused with Hilton Plaza). Remove the villa is much cheaper for big – at 6 – 8 people – companies: it turns out no more than $ 1000 per week at all. Breakfast and dinner, if guests want, they will cover them right on the villa, and you can eat, like everyone else, in restaurants. Service – in the same class as in the rooms. The villa is good because you live as if one of my big company and at the same time you are within the entire hotel service system.

Really five-star hotels can be considered those who add the word to their name "super". INTERCONTINENTAL, MARRIOTT, HILTON PLAZA. Hotels Destroy (over $ 300 per night), prices in bars and kiosks also bite, the kitchen is very good, 24-hour room service, magnificent sports halls, tennis and golf courses. Everything else is clean, friendliness, helpfulness – how everywhere.

Most of our tourists have chosen two -shedwan, who we have already mentioned, and Grand Hotel. Both are on the first line of the beaches. Both are proud of an excellent huge territory – green, well-groomed, clean. Each room has a TV with a Russian program, refrigerator, hairdryer, telephone with interphone access. In the bathroom – quite a decent set of cosmetics. Quite spacious single and double rooms, as well as high comfort rooms (categories "suite"). Double buffet – for breakfast and dinner.

Great selection of sports entertainment. Shedwan is also famous for its football field. By the way, the Red Sea is an ideal place not only for snorkeling, but also for windsurfing. It only looks like it seems that it is impossible to resist the verticar board in the crawler. One of us hired an instructor (it is in every hotel), gained patience and. Three days later, the envy of all beach beds rolled across the water stroke into the open sea. Now he wives that there is no greater pleasure in life.

About Beach. We did not manage to explore them all, but at least two above-mentioned hotels, the beaches are worthy of the highest marks. The sand was brought specifically from the desert, sacrificed, he sulfice daily, sweeping and smoothed. The beach zone is wide, enough space for volleyball, and for umbrellas, and for water slides. Spacious – here is perhaps the main definition of these beaches, although they are different – in Shedwan are made under cozy coves, in the Grand Hotel go long wide stripe.

And finally, who, besides our compatriots, resting in these hotels? Most of the Germans, and they, as you know, know a sense in service and dubious places try to avoid.

So, with the hotel decided. Arrived. Things unpacked. It’s time to start an active holiday.

Entertainment and adventure. Do not part with your loved ones

Question: How Hurghada is different from Tula? In Tula, as you know, is stupid to ride with your own samovar, there is in bulk in bulk. But in Hurghada, you must certainly go with a girl or wife (this is if a man reads us), with her husband or with no wrong (this is if a woman reads us. Unconventional oriented please read special editions). And this is despite the fact that even at first glance amazing girls and steep guys in Hurghada Navalal. The trouble is that after the second and third glance it becomes clear: all the stunning girls came here with men, and all the steep guys are engaged in charming companions even before the intersection of the Egyptian border. Of course, you can spend seven or fourteen days released to twist here Beach Romance. But it is still better with your samovar: and more reliable, and less troublesome, and more good to health.

However, even if you are not one in Hurghada (not alone), sooner or later (as a rule, on the third day), you begin to overcome the idea that, except for beach, evening and buying pleasures, there are also others, quite romantic and Even adventure. And it is right. Because to be in Egypt and not know what the Arabian desert is, not to see his own eyes, the only preserved miracle of the world – the pyramid of Heops, do not swim on the coral reefs of the Red Sea together with the fishing fishes – it would be at least stupid.

First of all we advise once in the morning, after breakfast, or once in the evening, before dinner, in the lobby of the hotel, find the manager of travel agencies and to start signing up on safari. This pleasure will cost you $ 35 and will be the following.

About two hours of afternoon to your hotel will serve a column of Japanese jeeps. Case your place, but do not forget to make a guide receipt on payment safari, it is your ticket to this trip.

The real Arabian desert will begin in a semi-kilometer from the hotel. Stones, crossed by yellow sands, endless space and distant peaks of the mountains on the horizon. Soon the Hurghada with the azure strip of the sea will hide out of the eyes, the sands will close the feed of the jeep, and this will mean that the safari began. Do not be surprised if the driver – the black Egyptian – suddenly will open the jeep door and at speeds about a hundred kilometers per hour will fall in full growth on the steep of the car, elegantly driving them with barefoot. It wants you to like and at the same time dip you in the atmosphere of a risky travel. Who loves speed and sharp feelings – it will like.

The first stop of the jeep will make on a smooth and boring plateau. Everyone is in a hurry to translate the spirit, and here the guide will indicate you on a miracle: you will see a real mirage. The smooth of a huge lake will appear before the looks of tourists at the foot of the desert mountains. Deception. But what a fantastic! It must be photographed to show pictures to relatives and acquaintances.

The new race on sand vegans, a few short stops, and here it is the ultimate goal of Safari – Stan of Bedouins, which graciously slide you on camels and show their simple economy. And then another unique show called "Sunset in the desert". You will raise a small stony top to see a monthly speaking range of paints on heavenly canvas, while the sun gives you the last long beam and does not fall tiredly for the sharp peaks of the mountains.

Now there will be a dinner for candles in the Bedouin Fate, dancing under the battle of the drums and looking at the night sky with huge shimmering stars. Not bad, yes? We advise you to dress on safari simpler: a sports suit or jeans, shoes – sneakers are desirable. Do not forget to panama, black glasses, and if it happens in winter or early spring, then a warm sweater: the evening is cool.

Relax day, and then go to the coral islands. This sea boat waits for adventure seekers at the hotel’s pier. There, the navigator will receive flippers, mask and snorkeling tube. Forty minutes in the Red Sea – and we have coral banks. We wear flippers, mask and – in water. The feeling that you are fabulously small and swimming together with fish in a home aquarium. Another miracle that will be remembered for a long time. After the tourist is noted, it will feed it with a modest dinner, cooked immediately, on a boat, from mackerel and fresh vegetables. And then take a real island, where you can get rid of sunbathing and swim. Tip: Since almost all day you spend under the scorching sun, you need to stock cream. Burn the duck in Hurghada – spit. Here you have to look into both, but a little climbed, the whole rest can go to the pump – such a merciless in these parts luminous.

And now, having received the impression of safaris and underwater walks among coral reefs, you morally ripened for traveling to pyramids. We warn you: this trip will be the most difficult, and it is necessary to prepare well.

First, from Hurghada to Cairo more than 500 kilometers. Daily excursion price – $ 85. In order not to go through the sun and do not waste a precious bright time, the bus will leave Hurghada at 2 am. For travel, it is best to fit in comfortable jeans, sneakers or soft road shoes. Before traveling in the hotel’s restaurant, every excursant will get breakfast in a box that can be eaten when it wanted. All five hours before Cairo bus goes accompanied by a police patrol. By the way, buses on this highway go comfortable, with TVs, toilets and bars, but alcohol should not be abused – the next morning you will be waiting for a really interesting program.

Inspection of Cairo begins with a magnificent Alebaster mosque, which opens the striking panorama of the city. In the Egyptian National Museum, you will be admitted to a well-guarded room with a genuine sarcophagus and the Golden Mask of Tutankhamon Pharaoh. For high quality impressions handy. Consider only to shoot with flash cameras there is prohibited, and for shooting without a flash will have to pay. But all this prelude to a meeting with pyramids. After a light lunch, the group will go on the outskirts of Cairo, where your meeting will be held with this miracle. Be careful: Around the pyramids – a lot of scammers and beggars, which are just waiting that naive tourist comes across their unwitched networks.

On the way back to Hurghada, tourists can not be able to avoid three mandatory pleasures: jewelry store, perfume shop and papyrus shop.

Already on the outcome of the day, or even for midnight the bus will approach the hotel’s relatives. Of course, everything is tired of everything: a long road, many impressions. But do not worry. Loading on the beach under an awning, you already feel readiness for new feats. Where now? Maybe in the ancient capital Luxor? It is also not free, but how interesting! Or stay on the sea? Yes, let’s eat forces, and in the evening let me in all the grave. What we are offered after dinner?

NIGHT WALKS. Safe for life, but not for a wallet

If we live in the Grand Hotel, it is not necessary to go far: right across the road illuminates discoil lights. Have fun at least all night. But we want something unusual for the workout, with a local flavor, so? Then you sit down in a minibus and everything for the same pound (though, at night there may be two or even three) we are going along the coast in Golden Five. And there.

Five rich Egyptian brothers built on the shores of the Red Sea new hotel, decorated it with fountains with electric light-lubricular equipment. Every day at 20.30 Here begins something resembling shows. Fountains are turned on and off, hissing, buzzing, sparkling with all the colors of the rainbow. Loading a 25-minute representation, and about a hundred people. It is worth it for an organized tourist $ 7, or 25 pounds, if you get to the hotel yourself.

One of the evenings can be devoted to an unusual dinner in the Egyptian national restaurant called "1001 night". Before entering something, resembling the palace, aliens meet camels. On the table dishes of local cuisine. Around – songs and dances with oriental flavor. A complete surprise can be the span over the heads of Aladdin guests on the carpet. In short, everything is like in a fairy tale, only drinks natural and strong, though for an additional fee. By the way, input – $ 25.

Lovers of more active evening entertainment can be advised by numerous snooker billiards and just opened "Bowling Club". It is located almost opposite the hotel Sindbad. To cut down the game in the bow here you can thoroughly. And then, moving the road, pay 20 pounds and go to the hotel on the show of Russian girls and the disco, once hearing the biggest and "steep" in Hurghada. We also recommend visiting "Oriental Camp", where they arrange a show black, like Smin, Nubi residents, indigenous Africans, Millenniums ago who served in the personal guard of Pharaoh.

In Grand Hotel, a group of actors from Italy appears twice a week "Animation Team". If you did not fall on a fun cabaret-ballet, it means that you can listen to rock operas next time "KETTS", "Phantom" or "Miserabls".

There are casino. When you pass by the InterContinental hotel, a lit advertising is visible from afar. Roulette, Black Jack, Poker, Local Poker Variety called "Oasis Stad", American (mechanical, not video) slot machines. the entrance is free. Closer to the night is going to the main people. Rules in roulette is also American – to "Zero" Added "Double Zero", Rates – from S1 to $ 200. Fitting pleasant, Casino hosts – British. Drinks, however, offer for a fee, however, if you are lucky and you leave the croupier good tips, then drink, cigarettes and so on will fall on you like an abundance horns for free. Do not forget to leave 5 – 20 pounds in the distant pocket, so that in the case of a full loss to return at night to the hotel by taxi, because the casino works up to four in the morning. By the way, at night in Hurghada absolutely safe. Played? Did the soul? Now it should be reinforced, check what the guests are hindered here. "Buffet" The hotel is, of course, well, but. boring. Romance is not enough. Acute sensations. Since we have been fixed today in all grave, then you need to eat this bowl to the bottom.

There are on the banks of the Red Sea Restaurants of different national cuisines. Next to the already beloved Grand Hotel you can taste Chinese dishes, a full dinner for two will cost only 80 – 90 pounds. And if the company found an eccentric, who can not live without a day without borscht and dumplings, then he is a straight road to the Russian restaurant "Marusia", Located near the center. Immediately, side by side, Italian restaurant.

There is where to drink and good beer, for example, in the pubs of the Irish Club of the hotel Sonesta.

But be in the sea and do not try fresh fish – unwise. Fish in Hurghada for some reason dear. Compared, of course, with meat or chicken. This is recognized even the locals who buy the seafood in the markets.

The best, or rather, the most specific fish restaurant-tavern is considered "Felfla", What is near the Hotel Sheraton, on the way from him to the old town. From here a beautiful view of the sea. Prices for local standards are high. So, for dinner will have to lay out at least 90 pounds per person. Lunch: Fried fish, shrimp, squid – in all kinds with all sorts of spices. In the sechal – parts of the Old Town – Fish Restaurant Runs "El Joker". Here, exquisite dishes are absorbed along with smells and noises of local origin, and you will feel yourself a real traveler, comprehended the essence of the Arab East. Prices are slightly smaller than in "Felfiele".

Hurghada Russian discount 100%

However, fish and marine animals can always be ordered in any restaurant. Here is the usual set on six: Lobster (half a large neck), royal grilled shrimp (four pieces), stewed eggplants, rice, potatoes and all sorts of salads plus a bottle of white wine – as a result of $ 16 per person.

Shopping. Not bc gold that glitters

How to get to the city center (Downtown), where most shops are located, we have already spoken: on a minibus for one or two pounds or for a taxi for 10 to 20 pounds – depending on the distance).

You can rent a car, but ride, except in Downtown, Nowhere. Simple "Fiat-Yurn" or "Toyota" will cost $ 35 – 40 per day. Jeep – $ 100. However, in this case there are unique Egyptian tricks. Machines rented, do not insure! What happens that the smallest repair will cost at least $ 300. Even if the machine stalls on the road at all about your fault.

So, we are in the city. The first walk around the center will take half an hour. Then you can go shopping.

What can I buy in Hurghada or, as you like to talk from us, what you need to buy? The choice is small, but quite interesting.

Let’s start with food.

Fruits here are wonderful. We, for example, did not meet anywhere of such sweet oranges and mandarins. And if you consider that they are 1.5 – 2 pounds per kilogram, then they are not at all competition. We recommend trying ripe dates. Good and good! Also buy drinking water in a plastic bottle – just 1.5 pounds for two liters. It can wash the fruit and even brushing your teeth, for no one is responsible for water quality from under the tap.

Another personal advice. You will see a small shop where the cheerful Egyptian delulito squeezes juice from ripe oranges, mixing it with a pomegranate juice, guava, strawberries, apples and cut bananas, come immediately and for three pounds buy a liter mug of this supervitamin drink, but ask to add a little cream Ice cream. After such energy "strike" Already in sweat throws, like after the handstone of ascorbic tablets, with only one difference, that it’s all natural and done on your eyes.

Surely you will have to buy alcohol (when it is over). In bars drink – not a problem. But expensive. Egypt – non-drinking country and buy "degree" You can only in one of two Duty Free with a passport where the corresponding purchase mark is made. You have the right to two bottles of strong alcohol and beer packaging (24 banks). Bought less – the mark is affixed, and there is no refund. Although there are cases when our bought alcohol and without a passport: a small bribe (without witnesses) is quite satisfying the buyer, and the seller.

Duty Free Hotel Ambassador Club – Cheaper. Bottle of vodka here costs $ 6.

Do not do in Hurghada without beer. Egyptian "Stella" – quite acceptable, something like improved "Zhigulevsky". All beer is divided into "Local" and "export". The first is in the store from 5 pounds, in the bar – 9, and the second to 15. Tip Being – "Local" much better "export", Although cheaper.

And now about purchases more serious.

"Russian discount one hundred percent!" This yoke cry you will hear on every corner of the Old Town. And especially from shops where they sell gold, silver or leather products. We can’t buy our tourist on such a cheap. But mysterious persistence, with which compatriots buy decorations from precious metals abroad, never ceases to amaze.

If you lost sight of my wife or companion, then, no doubt, she will be held in the nearest jewelry shop. Such outlets in Hurghada set, they are in every hotel and near them. The choice is quite diverse. Cute products come across. However, the masterpiece is difficult to find.

Gold here, as a rule, the 750th local sample (which corresponds to 18 karants), with impurities of other noble metals. Looks like sympathetic. But buying jewels in Egypt is both entertainment, work, and sports. You should always be alert. For example, you entered the store. Chose a gold chain, asked how much it costs (explanations in English here understand everything, and many can suddenly talk in Russian). You answered: "three hundred". You can take and lay out three hundred dollars, although it was about pounds. This is the first lesson. Lesson two. Always need to bargain. Is always! The price is usually overestimated by two times. Amazing but it is not done to just deceive you. The seller welcomes in advance to play with him in a sports game called "Pretch". In Egypt Trade – National Sports. Without this there is no buzz from sold goods. And you must accept the rules of this game. Only in 15 minutes it will become clear who – who.

To exit the winner, know that: one gram of gold in Hurghada costs an average of about $ 13; If you were told that gram cost $ 8 (frequent offer), it means that gold is defective or the weight of the product is significantly less than the stated; Precious stones – diamonds, sapphires or emeralds – imported (although they say that local), and they are established arbitrarily for them; Diamonds here are medium cleanliness, and you are unlikely to learn their true value.

About the skin. Here they buy jackets or coats, as well as leather shoes. Clothing models are not ahti, but come across quite decent. Now prices have fallen somewhat, and the jacket can be bought for $ 60, if you reject it from the initial price of $ 120. Boots, quite demolished in every sense, is cheap.

And then, and there you are offered papyrus with pictures, which are made on old technology from palm. In expensive stores, they cost from 10 to 500 pounds, depending on the magnitude. However, 10 papyrins for 10 pounds are often offered on the streets. Tourists assure tourists that these are not papyrus, and fakes made from banana trees. However, what’s the difference. They are absolutely identical. You can determine the difference in one way: if you hang a sheet with your hands, and then put on the table, then the real papyrus will deal, as if nothing was, and the bends and even layers will remain on the bananas. It is a pity to spoil the work of folk art.

Pebbles, scarab beetles, formerly sacred in antiquity, vases and plates, statuettes from Basalt and Onyx – all here in abundance, and the farther from large stores, the cheaper.

"Perfume". Shops with such title too many. Do not go hard. The fragrance will lead. Actually spirits in Egypt do not produce. But stubbornly prove to tourists that there are unique oils here, of which the french perfumers make the most famous perfumes. Dules from glass multicolored bottles are all shelves to the ceiling in "Museums perfume". You will give and sniff. And fool where you want by any varieties so that you enjoy smells "1001 nights", "Laguna", "Nefertiti", "Opium", "Kenzo", "Lotus", Mussy "Tutankhamon", Sweet "Khababi" and female sexual "Muskus". Fifteen milliliters such a liquid can be bought for $ 10 -15. If you bring to live in the Grand Hotel, then the problem "Perfume" It is best to solve near, going the road. There, mastocks from the hotel, there is a shop 12, the owner of which young hospitable Egyptian will treat magnificent tea, tells detail about every grade of wonderful oils, make a massage. In a word, without buying to leave from there it will be impossible. And communication contributes to the fact that his wife is Katya, in the recent past – Rosovchanka. So there is no language barrier. And last news. Recently, the largest shopping center on the Red Sea opened in Hurghada. It is called Holiday Center and is located in the heart of the city, 5 kilometers from the airport.

When you unpack your bags, suitcases and Baulas, when you wash with tanned shoulders and belly, the Red Krasnomo salt, when distributing all souvenirs when you show the films, print photos when you tell relatives and familiar about everything seen in the desert, in the sea, in Hurghada and in Cairo, – That’s, then you suddenly find out, all this you spent much less than expected. What the money you paid for rest in Egypt, you barely do Irkutsk or, God forbid, to Cheat. What you spent four hundred and small dollars are hardly enough for two days in some town on the European Riviera. Probably there are places and better than Hurghada. And we do not argue. We just say: Hurghada is not a fetish, but affordable and convenient for all resort.

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