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Hvar is the most elongated, extended and sunny island in all the Adriatic. Its length is almost 70 kilometers, and the area reaches almost 300 square meters. The sun never goes out and shines most of the days a year. A large number of cities with a rich history and plenty of attractions placed on the island.

A lavender is grown in a huge amount, whose smell is easy to feel at any point of the island. Nature is distinguished by turbulent vegetation, abundant color, in a total variety of flora and fauna. It is best to go to the local edges in the height of the summer, when the whole area of ​​the halt is littered with violet flowers. The coastline is decorated with bays and bays. From the cities of the island easy to get to the so-called Adoving Islands, where the cozy sandy beaches are located.

By the way, the Hvar town of the same name is listed by the historic cities of the Mediterranean. The main square boasts the Cathedral built in the late Renaissance era on the site of an ancient church, which, unfortunately, was destroyed by Turks during the war. Many famous art figures lived and worked here.

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Top attractions of pouring

Spanish fortress

Franciscan Monastery in Hallery

Napoleonic Fortress

Square St. Stephen

Hvar: Excursions and Events

Hvar offers extensive opportunities for excursion programs. First of all, we are talking about the same capital of the most important historical cities in the Mediterranean.

Winding streets will be the case to accompany you, pointing the road. Where you do not see the everywhere beautiful architectural ensembles relating to different epochs and having their stylistic features. In the city enough museums capable of captivate a curious tourist for a whole day. The excursion route is to include a visit to the urban time tower, with which the island and its rich covered coastline is visible as on the palm. Interesting will be acquaintance with the building Arsenal, built at the turn of the 16-17 centuries. Despite the impressive sizes and some clumsiness, building is the central decoration of the pour. By the way, on one of its floors at the beginning of the 16th century, the first Public Theater was organized on the territory of Europe.

Not far from a hollow, the capital of the island, the building of the Franciscan monastery is located. Painting adds the church of the bay, on the shores of which he is. In its walls, valuable antiquities are kept … Printed publications, ancient money, paintings. Make yourself traveling to the island that is called «Admin». In antiquity on the islands prepared resin for lubrication of the wood wood.

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Climate in cheating

Hvar – the longest island of Croatia, where the sun is ready to shine the clock day. Located an island in the middle of the Adriatic Sea, from which cool winds are often blowing. But they are just saved from the exhausting heat.

Hvar, Croatia Recreation, Reviews, Hotels of Miscellaneous Tour Profection Travel Guide

A soft subtropical climate with sufficiently warm winters is dominated on the territory of the pouring, and at the same time, non-good summer months. The most favorable month for a trip to these edges is August, when heat falls a little and the air temperature warms up to 25 degrees. Water is still comfortable. And in June, lavender begins to flourish and the whole island begins to dislike.

Hvar: Entertainment and Active Leisure

Hvar – The perfect place for both beach holidays and entertainment. First of all, all activity is reduced to excursion programs. The city is very ancient, there is no little century and in it the amazing beauty of the church, cathedrals, other cultural monuments that have come down to us in perfect condition. Such walks can occupy for hours, because narrow, winding hills are not immediately ready to let go of curious tourists.

As in all of Croatia, local residents adore the game in tennis and table and large therefore in the city there are several tennis courts. In the summer, it is worth going to study the beaches. Crowds of vacationers float all the coast. Here you can play beach sports.

Often in the city passing yachting competitions. Anyone may take part in the action. Rent a sports equipment and go dive to the blue bunch of the Adriatic Sea. Study of sea inhabitants better on pebble beaches, no sand makes water transparent.

In Hollow enough interesting relief: there are mountains and rabbis. Wear comfortable shoes and hurry to the mountains, from where an unrivaled view of the city opens.

Transport peculiarities of pouring

For the island, the transport system of Hollow is developed on a sufficiently comfortable to move the level. Despite the fact that there is no other airport on the island, getting here easy. The island has several ports that take steams with tourists arriving at the resorts.

Acting a taxi service. Renting a car in the near airport will need to think about its transportation to the island. For the transfer of machines additional money is charged. It is more convenient to move around the island on a scooter or bike.

Hvar, Croatia Recreation, Reviews, Hotels of Miscellaneous Tour Profection Travel Guide

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