Little Hungarian city, whose name can not pronounce from the first time, became widely known thanks to the best balneological resort of the country.

Despite the fact that in almost every village of the country there are thermal waters, such status get quite not simple, but Haidusoboslo gained it completely justified. Here you can just relax, fighting in warm sources, but also cure many diseases, for example, from rheumatism. Among other things, the resort offers many entertainment: hiking along the most famous attractions, museums, as well as visits to restaurants and cafes.

The thermal complex includes several indoor pools, the water of each of which warms up to 35 degrees. A trip to Haydusoboslo implies a visit to medical, treatment rooms and gyms.

Waterproof complex is located in the central part of the city, its area is more than 20 hectares. It is worth noting that many hotels have their own reservoirs with thermal sources. 2000 was marked by the opening of the water park with 9 slides, the longest stretched to a kilometer. Hydusobostlo is able to conquer tourists at first glance with its diversity.

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What is interesting to see in Hydusoboslo?

Top attractions Haydusoboslo

Berekfuryui Bucking Dieodi – Ash Strendfury

Water Park "Haydusoboslo"

Ancient fortress wall

Square Calvin

Hortobad steppe

Bell house – Zoltan Rat

Haidus Commission: Excursions and Events

HaydusSBoslo perfect place to relax, both souls and bodies. Excursions on the territory of the town are not held so often. This is due to the fact that the majority of tourists are in a hurry to get to health procedures, buy in thermal sources, and the heat is simply soaked in local beaches.

Therefore, we recommend going to a cognitive tour on your own, corner, surrounding the quiet streets. In the central part of the city, you can stumble upon the Museum of Contemporary Art, there is an old, dilapidated bastion nearby. In order to get acquainted with the history of the battleship, it is worth going to the thematic exhibition. Not enough in Haydusosboslo passes interesting events, the most interesting and affordable – Praznik Healthy Products and Wines.

Usually the festival is carried out on the territory of St. Ishthan National Park. In addition to the natural beauties of the picturesque park, you will be waiting for a lot of interesting things. Tourists get the opportunity to visit this culinary event. Everyone will be able to enjoy any favorite dishes and delicacies prepared exclusively from natural products. Undoubted raisin event –Wine tasting from Hungarian cellar. During the scenes, there are performances of famous musicians and dancers.

History Haydusoboslo

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Climate in Haydusoboslo

A sufficient climate is dominated in HaydusSBOSLO, so precipitation does not fall out often.

The average annual winter temperature ranges in the area of ​​2-3 degrees above zero, while summer temperatures please visit tourists and residents of high temperatures in 25 degrees. But hot weather is easily transferred thanks to the cool air masses that brought nearby near the lake. The terrain is characterized by high temperature fluctuations. Since Haydúsbosbo is located on the flat locality, among the steppes, often the mood can be spoiled by strong winds.

Haidus Combosle: Entertainment and Active Leisure

Haidusoboslo offers its guests high-quality cognitive and active rest.

It is not difficult to guess that the main pastime will be dedicated to the thermal source, because initial tourists go here behind the landscape. First of all, visiting the healing basin is recommended to people suffering from rheumatism, arthrosis, gynecological diseases. The area of ​​the balneological complex is more than 25 hectares. On the study of the entire territory of one day there will be little. Kids can be frozen in the water park. For adults built a hill in a kilometer long. There are also pools with hard temperatures, with artificially created waves, even a pearl bath. For a long time, tourists are able to captivate therapeutic procedures and spa. Professionals skillfully make a massage. Mud baths will improve well-being. For lovers of rolling lifestyle, the service of therapeutic gym.

On a huge beach you can play interesting games, on the lake – ride a sailboat or catamaran. A small ship will help brighten up the leisure tour of the water. In the city there are bicycle rental locations where Haydus Communications and its surroundings can be explored.

Transport features Haidusoboslo

In the town of Haydusoboschlo transport infrastructure is not developed at the highest level. The fact is that local residents simply do not need a wide variety of vehicles for movement.

The basis of public transport is buses, there is also a taxi service. From Budapest to the resort leads a two-way track and railway. With the rest of the lake resorts, the city is connected by road. Pedestrian paths are well equipped, so it is convenient to move on a haydus bosom. There is an opportunity to rent a bike and wheelhouse in the surrounding area.

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