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Birthday – a solar holiday, and on this day I, as a culprit of the celebration, I want the whole world to rotate around me. And in order for this rotation to bring a lot of positive emotions and, moreover, turned in the direction I needed, I, as a rule, fly away from the family birdhouse to distant Dali. I fly away to meet new adventures, new discoveries. After stopping rolling between Italy and Greece, I detect on the principle: where the fate will indicate the finger. The vector of fate turned towards Greece. It means so that.

I say "Farewell!»Gray, cold, already snowed in Yekaterinburg, I turn off the phone, I sit on a plane and fly to the city, warmed by the tender sun, brought by the accommodation of the turquoise sea, the homeland of European civilization and ancient philosophy.

The plane makes landing at the International Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos". I am again on the ground of ancient Eldla. Warm autumn day, bright affectionate sun, friendly faces. Without difficult, I found the subway end station, it conveniently settled in the soft chair of the car, successfully "parked" the suitcase and, filled with the wisdom of antique philosophers, began to dream ..

Athens…. I will not limit my desires and be sure to face the streets called in honor of Diogen, Eurypid, Plutarch, Sophokla and many other outstanding personalities. I will definitely rush at the parliament building, I will look at the shift of the guard from the presidential palace, take a picture of the column of the temple of Zeus Olympic and on the background of the White Paracter Olympic Stadium. I will make selfie from the University of Athens, the Academy of Sciences and the National Library, climbing the hill of Likavitos and, of course, the ancient Acropolis to get acquainted with the famous temples: Parthenon, Erechenon and Propileyon.

Noticing, almost drove the metro station "Sixyagma Square", on which I needed to transplant to another branch to get to the place of my time deployment.

On the running board, an inscription with familiar letters appears. Arrived. In a comfortable elevator, climb the surface. Not having time to deploy his cheat sheet, I hear:

"Once suggests help, why to?"I thought I answered quickly:

– There quickly! – says Elderly Greek, looking into my crib, and asks to follow him.

The hotel really turned out to be "there quickly", across the road, among the thick greenery.

"When you want anything strongly, the whole universe will help your desires come true".

I. Athens. Guest, you will be fine here! Athens, Greece Blogs and travel notes of tourists in Athens

By registering, I ask for permission to leave a suitcase at the reception, realizing that before settling in the room I wait another clock 5-6. At the same time I get the map of Athens and please show a short road to Acropolis. Pause is delayed. Apparently, the "interplanetary" language language in this case did not work and I start with horror to understand that sooner or later, and the foreign language would still have to repeat ..

– Agapo Tin Elda! – I say, learned a year ago phrase. Folding the map, take the handle of the suitcase and suddenly hear: "Ohh-Ohhi, Señora!"

I do not believe our eyes! Hotel owner with number keys! Meet me?! And without surcharge! Such a gift from fate did not even wait! And if I use the subway, I will have time to open the complex.

Fourth thousand years there are Athens. Among the monuments of antiquity, Acropolis occupies a special place. In some period of time, all the activities of architects, sculptors and painters focused mainly near this sacred hill – on his slopes created an ensemble of buildings, which caused admiration for not only Ellini, but also neighboring peoples. Here with these invaluable creations of human genius and start his acquaintance with the city.

* Bought at the entrance to the complex a single ticket costs 12 euros and consists of 7 separate entrance tickets (roots). Sold in all complexes, so it does not matter, from where you start your campaign on the sights of the capital, but 7 main objects you will see.

I. Athens. Guest, you will be fine here! Athens, Greece Blogs and travel notes of tourists in Athens

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