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Good day good. (evening, night, morning) and good mood, regardless of the time of day when you read my opus.

For all those who want to buy real estate in Bulgaria, but is experiencing a certain feeling of anxiety and fear to be thrown by realtors or developers, or make the wrong choice in favor of one or another region, the location of the complex or price category Bulgarian real estate I want to devote this story.

How I chose and bought real estate in Bulgaria

A little about yourself: I work as the deputy editor-in-chief of one of the Russian editions (in connection with which I inform you in advance, it came to writing this story with full responsibility, several times replaced and made work on mistakes, I did not receive money for it and did not do any advertisement!), 34 years old, not married, I love travel, a beautiful diverse vacation, adventures and adventures – on the one hand, silence and calm – on the other (depending on the mood and life situation – any life happens in life). I write, being already in your own apartments in Bulgaria. I just want to share my experience and impressions and a little help to those people who only want to buy real estate in Bulgaria.

Why I decided to buy real estate in Bulgaria?

1. I believe that any citizen of Russia (citizens of Ukraine and Belarus is no exception) – not only for a comfortable and inexpensive rest, but also just in case (politics, war, crime, podstavas, falls and t.D.) Must have real estate somewhere abroad. Have your second home outside the country of residence (laws of economics!)!

2. Bulgaria is close to our brother-Slavist not only in spirit, mentality, but also in the kitchen, language, culture, climate and t.D.

3. Bulgaria is a member of the European Union, and the prices for real estate is still thanks to God are far from the prices of the European Union.

4. Black Sea, climate, ecology, products (vegetables and fruits, meat and dairy products) – in quality is much better than Russian, … and most importantly – prices)))

5. Simplicity in the purchase and design of real estate in ownership for foreign citizens. Legal component. Risks. Costs for maintenance. (Before you buy apartments in Bulgaria – analyzed the possibility of buying an inexpensive resort real estate in Greece, Spain, Turkey and Egypt – Eating Lord. ). Who is interested, why – ask questions – I will answer with pleasure!

… In general, you want to believe, you want – no, but for those 2 years that I chose a country, the resort, a complex, apartment – I consider myself a real expert in the field of foreign real estate and I am sure that I bought yourself apartments in the best place in Europe (according to the classification of price-quality-location-nature-ecology-standard of living and t.D.).

After missing everything, why I chose Bulgaria among several European countries (you can write a book), I inform you that in the spring of 2012 I chose it in Bulgaria. Appeals a bunch of guidebooks in Bulgaria, visiting the exhibition on foreign real estate, typing directories and t.D. – I sat down at the computer and for a month I studied everything that I needed to know both about Bulgaria itself and the possibility of buying apartments for rest, and the complexes themselves, their rating among property owners, pricing policy, reviews forums and Much more.

And so, buying tickets for the route Moscow-Burgas in June 2012, I set myself the task of the first to explore the entire territory of the region from Burgas before Elenite, the price policy for real estate, comfort of living, the quality of the sea and the beach, infrastructure, maintenance and much Other. To do this, I removed the apartments in different complexes by the sea (from the very beginning for me about the apartment in a sleeping area in the garden from the sea and speech could not be – I was not going to post a few tens of thousands of euro for an apartment but a seaside resort and at the same time to walk on the heat of the Stater To the sea and back with a complete set of beach accessories and water sandwiches) for 2 months and was for itself a table with pluses and minuses of a particular real estate in a particular region and complex.

I lived in many good complexes both within walking distance to the sea and right on the coastline. But the vacation approached the end, and the soul did not lie in any of the complexes. Already started thinking as in Bulgaria – spit.
And so, at the end of the vacation, in my list there was a "last" region – Elenite.
Initially, I skeptically treated this region.

Firstly, this is the outskirts of the resort, which is part of the Sunny Beach, was afraid of the fact that this resort is some kind of "essay" in Moscow standards …
But I was nice "disappointed!")))))))

On the very first day, being in Elenit – I realized that this is exactly the place where I would like to have an apartment!

Only 2 weeks of living in Elenite in the complex Atrium Beach convinced me in the correctness of my choice. The trembling ran in my body, I felt unity with this place, exclaimed: "Oh, God! I want to live here!". And that’s why:

  1. As it turned out, in Elenite – the cleanst of the sea and the cleanest air.
  2. Elenite is a closed, tightly protected mini-town with its own infrastructure, five hotels, complexes with apartments and villas, restaurants and bars, pools and children’s venues, discos and nightclubs, has its own aqua park. And to the center of the resort Sunny Beach just 7 minutes by bus ride.
  3. Silence, calm, mountains, sea, air, huge green area with parks and pleasure zones, sea breeze, evening coolness – one of the paradise corners on earth.
  4. Earlier in the territory of Elenite was the residence of the former Communist leader of Bulgaria Todor Zhikova, – and it says a lot! And Translated from Bulgarian, Elenite – Deer. Yes, yes, it is the deer. And all because in the forests and parks, that surround the territory of the complex Elenite can be found the most real deer.
  5. Own beautiful sandy beach with a length of about one kilometer, which cleans every evening with special machines.
  6. Not the highest price per square meter, but the price that is on the market – in this case it is worth.
  7. Unlike other complexes – at least in the complex atrium Beach – quite large and spacious rooms.
  8. Always the current office management company right on the territory of the resort. Solve any problems for a few minutes.
  9. The opportunity to lease purchased apartments through a management company or through local realtors.
  10. And a lot of more ……
    In general, in my table, Elenite scored 98%, lifting only the small share of the finish and the availability of parking for personal vehicles outside the complex. (At the same time, the finish in its apartment you can change to your discretion with all sorts of frills for quite a little money, furniture to put Italian or order a set of furniture and equipment at the management company for only 800 euros!).

Immediately I want to make a reservation that my friends who bought apartments in other complexes and having visited me, made the conclusion about the hasty in the purchase of its real estate in Bulgaria in a particular complex and white envy envy me which apartment I bought myself in Elenite.

So, moving a little in the complex Atrium Beach and analyzing the price policy, I still bought a two-room apartment 78 square meters in August 2012 with a view not only to the sea, but also on lovely green mountains.

What a year later I do not regret.

And now a little about the resort and property prices in Elenite.

After analyzing last year all the real estate Elenite, I came to the conclusion that the best and most popular for both accommodation and rental are the complexes atrium Beach (Atrium Beach) and Andalusia (Andalusia).

Firstly, both of these complexes are right at the beach (sea just 10-15 meters from the entrance), from the apartments of these complexes the best views on the sea, mountains, Sunny Beach resort, fountains or pools ..

Secondly – to the entire infrastructure, including to neighboring (outside the complex) of restaurants, market and supermarket – ************* distance.

The only thing that distinguishes Andalusia from the atrium is the square of the apartment. In Andalusia, the apartments are small, and in the atrium – large and spacious (not to be confused with hotel rooms atrium, which, too, with a small quadrature). That is why my choice stopped at the atrium – in which spacious apartments and stunning views from the windows and terraces.

Third – for servicing my apartments I cry only 750 euros per year. This amount is 2 weeks of renting apartments to tourists through a controlling company that covers all my service costs. All the time that apartments give up over 2 weeks – it is a net profit, a pleasant pleasing to the owner of the apartment upon arrival on vacation.

Fourth – a stunning view from the windows and each of the terraces. Yes Yes. And in the room and in my bedroom on the terrace! Overlooking the sea, to the resort of Sunny Beach, on chic mighty mountains!

Fifth (and most importantly!) – the cleansing sea, the beach with a length of 1 km, ecology. And what pure air.

Sixth – neither mosquitoes, nor cockroaches, no other rodents and insects, precipitating Moscow, Kiev, Minsk and T.D. Apartments.

Ask if there are minuses.

I bought apartments in Atrium Beach - Elenite, Bulgaria Blogs and travel notes of tourists on Elenite on

No place on earth so that someone because of their views did not find minuses! So I found minuses.
The main minus is "my dear Muscovites"! Yes, yes … anyone who visited any hotel of any country in the world will meet with a problem that there is always a para-triproom of individuals with milkheads and passage. And it is not necessary that there will be representatives of Tagi-Gi-Gila)))) In this case, I met mainly "tricky", with millennials, unsatisfied "ladies" with madly impudent kids!, which are all bad here, no one fucks them, squeezing about the weak hotel "frustral" without black caviar with mussels, tricky yogurts with bifiobacteria for their juvenile arrogance offspring (excuse me for written, because children are not guilty in their upbringing) and t.D. And poured their sleep and dissatisfaction with life on tourist forums. But, if you configure yourself to positive and not pay attention to these "representatives" of our society, then this minus can not be noticed. Moreover, if you are the property owner in Elenite – you are here the owners, and not these so-called "gentlemen"!

The second minus (mainly it concerns tourists) – this is the mass. Resort Elenite has more than 5,000 units of real estate for accommodation and tourist tourists. Therefore, for those who love parties and new acquaintances – this is paradise. For those who love a quiet beach vacation – you need to go a little east of the beach and retire in proud loneliness and complete silence at the foot of the beautiful green mountains. (By the way, it is there that you can seem to meet and get acquainted with a charming blonde or brunette 20-25, sunbathing topless or, about a miracle, completely without signs of clothes!)

If you are the owner of the apartment and do not rush anywhere, they arrived not for a week with a commitment to take off and work out the money spent on vacation, then you are still, what time you leave or do not leave today at all on the beach to fry your body like a cool shrimp.
Today I, for example, decided to sunbathe and swim in the sea. Entered the beach in 9.30 in the morning. There were several free sun beds. And what about the a couple of negative reviews on the forum (for sure, envious competitors wrote or these "Moscow fat" aunt) that sun beds already at 5 am in the afternoon with fire?
Maybe at 5 in the morning they cannot be found (these smashed Moscow ladies can send their podcablik’s husbands at 5 am to hold a sun bed), but in 9.30 – the worst breakfast, and all these "fat" aunt at the speed of sound at this time will fly their ALL inclusive. And I quietly spread my towel on a free sun bed, I accept sunbathing and enjoy bathing in the sea. And breakfast, having dining or dinner when I want and what I want and for the price, time is ten cheaper, all inclusive for tourists. And in the supermarket without excessive chemicals I can always buy seafood, and red or black caviar.

Will-Neils – went to prices.

Let’s start with food prices.
For one tourist, all inclusive per day in the sentence costs 60 Bulgarian Levs (about 30 euros). On man. Repeat.

For this money, I am alone in your own apartment, eating once a day in a nearby restaurant, salad + first + garnish with grill meat or fish + 2 glasses of beer, and in the rest of the time I cook myself when and how much I want, I will live 4 days. And if you do not eat in the restaurant, and always cook yourself, then all week. At the same time, it will be honest to notice that one per week will need to spend about 5-6 euros per sugar, mayonnaise, potatoes, water-beverages, sunflower oil and T.D., What is spent gradually. Alcohol for an additional price. (Whiskey and vodka – Russian or Ukrainian, oddly enough, in the local supermarket for 10-15% cheaper, and Bulgarian wines from 1.5 euros per bottle of 0.7 liters. At the same time, in the supermarket in stock products from Ukraine and Russia at prices, lower than in Russia!) But still – it’s cheaper and more pleasant!. And variety in food. Do not want to cook? Fit 3 times in a restaurant for a maximum of 10 -12 euros per day per person. Still cheaper.

And now about real estate prices in the resort of Elenite, and in Atrium Beach in particular.

The developer of the entire resort Elenite is the Bulgarian company Victoria Group – one of the leaders in the resort real estate market and tourist business of Bulgaria. In general, one of the major, reliable and promising companies. On the envy of competitors whom the competitors are difficult to call.

At the moment, the developer remains no more than a dozen apartments in the complex Atrium Beach at a price of 125,000 euros (and all the remaining apartments without a view of the sea or mountain).
But, staying last year (2012) in the atrium, at the beach got acquainted with one of the apartment owners in Atrium, who brought me to the idea that you could buy not directly from the developer, and the secondary is from the owners from Russia or Ukraine. And, as a rule, by virtue of the established certain life and financial situations, the owners sell their real estate much cheaper than the developer.
And so I began to create a new table with pluses and minuses of buying apartments in the event from the developer or from the owners (secondary).
And, like the last time with the table on the advantage of buying apartments in a particular complex, I chose the purchase of apartments in Elenite in the Atrium Beach complex is still from the owner (secondary), and this is some major, on my swapping, parameters:

  1. Real estate from the owner by 25-30% cheaper than from the developer. And this is a huge plus.
  2. Those apartments that remained from the developer are fully operated by the management company for renting tourists. So it’s not a fact that, having bought from the developer, you acquire "virgin" apartments.
    And, having bought the same apartments with the owners, you perfectly understand that the "race" of tourists in these apartments was either limited, or not at all observed and, accordingly, they are in a better condition.
  3. If you are a sensible buyer, then surely understand that the developer remained the most intense apartments. All the best is already bought! And, it means, the owner selling seconds, apartments are more respectable than the developer remained.
  4. I bought 78 kV apartments.M. with stunning sea views, sunshine bay and mountains in just 110.000 euro (the seller gave me 15.000 euro, and this is another +), while the developer has a total of 70 kV.meters, two floors below (it means, and a view of worse) and overlooking the neighboring complex Andalusia (without a view of the sea or mountains – the developer did not remain) worth 135.000 Euro.
  5. Apartment I bought fully equipped with furniture, appliances, kitchen and bedding, and this is another +.
  6. Registration at the notary just during the day for 80 euros.
  7. With the seller (and in his atrium for sale 1 apartment and in the other he lives himself) we are now friends and in all we help each other. And sometimes there are secular conversations behind the bottle of whiskey))).
  8. As for the cost of apartments in Elenite – then this is the price above average of the average real estate price of Sunny Beach. But the price is the quality and infrastructure. And beat off the difference between the minimum price of the Sunny Beach region and the price in Elenite on my calculation can be in a couple of years. Due to the rental, if you wish it. In July-August, book a free apartment in Atrium is practically unrealistic – everything is leased.
    In any case, the price of apartments in Elenite does not fall since the beginning of the crisis in 2008, despite the fact that the price of real estate in other regions of Sunny Beach fell to a secondary by 10-15%.

And now about my life in Atrium Beach!

That is the time that I, young and beautiful, unfulfilled and promising deputy editor-in-chief of one of the fashionable Russian publications, earned his blood honest labor and, embodying his dream of life, flew on June 6, 2013 to his own apartments in the most beautiful corner Planets – Complex Atrium Beach, Elenite Bulgarian Resort.

I perfectly realized that on the first day of my arrival I would have to "sweat": everything wash everything, to disinfect the toilets-washbasins, rinse the wall-furniture and T.D. I’m just a squeamy and love in everything clean and order.

Flew to Burgas at 10.30 in the morning. The day before arrival, I ordered a transfer from the management company Elenite from Burgas Airport in Elenite. I was met by the driver, who, despite my protests, I took my heavy suitcase with my protests (scaled sidura in Moscow a saucepan, plates, pan …, and in the end it turned out that it was much cheaper in Bulgaria – this moment is this moment, find prices for kitchenware utensils, I just missed it in the past trip) and it came to the car to the car. Cost me a transfer of 50 lips (25 euros). If you take a taxi at the airport – this is 60-80 levs.

Upon arrival in Elenite immediately went to the office of the management company Elenite. Beautiful people work there: Director Stanimir and Laura manager. They have a non-writer. Every hour, the owners of apartments appeal to them – repair something …, to repair something …, solve the problem with the one …, the leaf on the palm of drying – it is necessary to cut, pebbles on the beach was formed – you need to remove it.d …….

Respect them and respect.

… After waiting for some time, I received keys from my apartments and account for utilities for 2013. After reviewing the score, I asked the figures listed in the score and decided to find out what it means in the total amount of -255.00 Euro. Laura’s manager explained to me that from the moment of my purchase of the apartment and until the moment of my arrival, my apartment was leased (with my consent, of course), and the amount of payment to me in my hands was 1005 euros for rent. Minus 750 euros for service in 2013. Total for me to pay 255 euros.

Ask whether in life gifts of fate?
I will answer: is.
Such a gift I received June 6, 2013. Not only that I flew to my own apartments in Bulgaria, who bought in August 2012, I paid 255 euros. -)))) for rent. I’m in positive shock. These grandmothers are enough for me with my head for my 2 months of rest, and I will treat the girls with champagne))).

… And here I open the door of my apartments in Bulgaria, I go to the owner’s rights, checking the availability of equipment located in apartments. And … oh, horror. Lacking a microwave oven.
I do not even understand how to tourists managed to rented my apartments, filing a microwave oven. But Russian tourists for all hugers.

Laura immediately caused Stanimira – Director of the Management Company. Gray-brown-raspberry faces … they say in Bulgarians – I did not understand anything. Understood only one thing – Sori, Ave 20 minutes, everything is ok.
15 minutes did not pass, as I had a new microwave oven in the room. In addition brought a new. Bed linen and towels.

What do people say.

As the apartment adopted, immediately with Kum went to Saint Vlas (2 stops from Elenite, 3 minutes drive, 1 euro per ticket) and bought all sorts of little things (mops, vests, rags, brushes, detergents, plates, cups, spoons, forks and T.D.). It cost everything in 25 euros.

Returned, everything was washed-disinfected … everything shines-sparkles, as a virgin before the marriage night. And then I realized that he was very tired and it would be necessary to dine and drink a beer.

On the clock 15.25. Supermarket runs up to 22.00. I went to the store, bought beer, sausages – cheese, water-cola, tomatoes-cucumbers, every fear of 20 euros – enough for a week (in Moscow, at the best, everything would cost every 50 euros). And also bought whiskey for 15 euros – to note arrival (price from Moscow Duti-Fries is cheaper by 3 euros cheaper), a couple of bottles of wine and champagne about the reserve.

Immediately I want to notice, I got another positive shock (this day was the day of super-positive emotions!). Tomators-cucumbers – the charm itself! Sausage-meat percent by 10-20 cheaper. Variety of cheeses, sausages, conservation. Inexpensive beer and wine. A variety of fruits and berries: strawberry, cherry, peaches, apricots ..

My apartments!:-)))

Still – it’s great. – Have your apartments in the best Sunny Beach Complex. I’m cool. Aaaaaa – I still cool the guy.

Prepared dinner – "A La Restaurant on the ruble!"," Blind "put out the cutting on the table on the terrace, a cherry, strawberry, apricots and peaches in a cooler, as in the movie, decomposed on the just purchased a vase for fruits, frozen the ice for whiskey, beer, wine and champagne in the refrigerator … invited his new acquaintances for dinner and celebrate housewarming … stunning views of the sea, mountain view … somewhere in the distance in the sunshore I observe salute!

Sea breeze, light breeze, not hot at a temperature of +28.

All evening we enjoy this paradise sitting on the terrace. We drink whiskey with ice. We eat sausage-cheese products, try peaches and apricots … All the conversations that life still succeeds … In general, the baldness!

I do not regret for a second that I bought an apartment in Atrium Beach and embodied my dream to reality!) I am the coolest guy in the world.

I advise everyone to buyers of real estate or tourists: your best and unforgettable rest is only in Elenite.

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