I do not want to fly – how to return the non-returnable plane tickets

We figured out how to return non-returnable plane tickets in a coronavirus pandemic. Airlines are now going towards customers and return money in certain cases. However, it is possible to return a non-return ticket under normal conditions.

Tickets are returnable and non-returnable.

Non-return airline – this is a ticket that can not be returned without a special reason and get back money. But non-return tickets are cheaper.

If you bought a return ticket – there should be no problems. Usually they can be returned no later than 40 minutes before the start of registration on the flight.

How to determine what the ticket is irrevocable

Ticket refund conditions need to be signed in the description of the tariff on the airline’s website.

If you bought a ticket yourself on the airline’s website or through the aggregator, search for information in the section "Booking Conditions", "Tariff Conditions" or something similar.

If you have a foreign airline, look for approximately such an entry:

  • Changes not permitted
  • Ticket Is Non-refundable
  • Tax Is Non Refundable

All this means that the ticket is irrevocable.

KLM has a website in Russian:

This is part of the tariff net at KLM. Economy Tariffs

What is the price of the air ticket

The air fare consists of tariff and fees.

Rate – this is the cost of airlines.

Fees – This is the amount of expenses to transport you by the plane:

  • fuel
  • the costs of passenger services (both at the stage of buying a ticket, and at the airport) and the plane (repair aircraft at the airport between flights)
  • leasing and repair of aircraft, airline staff salaries, marketing, navigation in the air, and so on. D.

Non-refundable rate return only airline fees, but some will not be returned and. Conditions are different.

In some cases, you can return the non-refundable ticket

A non-refundable ticket is cheaper, but if you change your mind to fly, you do not return the money for it.

That’s what says Air Code of the Russian Federation to refuse a passenger on the flight (the first three paragraphs about the return tickets, we are interested in the item 4):

  1. 24 hours before the start of registration, you can recover the full cost of the ticket (via a return fare).
  2. If the return is less than 24 hours, then returned to 75% of the cost.
  3. After the start of the registration money can not be returned.
  4. Return the money for non-refundable tickets can be if:
    • Airlines canceled your flight;
    • flight delayed so much that you have changed travel plans;
    • sick you or a close relative who is supposed to go with you;
    • He died a close relative;
    • you do not put on your flight.

    It works in Russian airline. Abroad, the disease is often not considered a reason for refund. There’s this case covered by insurance.

    How to return the non-return ticket due to illness

    To confirm that you are sick, you need to send to the airline medical certificate (scan), or other official document with a seal. Usually this can be done through a special form on the airline.

    The severity of the disease is not important. If you have a chronic illness, you can return the money, for example due to the fact that you needed treatment dates.

    That is what is written in the famous tourist forum

    For example, Aeroflot due to illness return the money in full. For this need in the reservation system in the «REASON FOR REFUND» select the item «MEDICAL REASONS».

    In "application", attach a color scan of the original document file on the basis of which you want to return the money.

    It can be a hospital leaf (disability sheet), extracts from a hospital or certificate on forming institutions, certified by the seal and signature of responsible persons.

    On the scan of the document, the name of the medical institution, the position and surname of the person who issued the document, as well as the details of this institution (address and telephone number) should be understood.

    To return money for the ticket airline S7 By illness, you need to send original documents (a complete list can be found on the S7 site)

    Documents send by registered mail to:

    633104, Novosibirsk region, g. Ob, Mozyrine Avenue, House 10, JSC ; airline ; Siberia ;, complaint Commission. Add to Director General of Klebanova Vadima Anatolyevich.

    How to return money due to the cancellation of the flight

    If the flight did not take place due to the fault of the airline, then return the money easier.

    If the flight canceled the airline (for example, due to the fact that the country closed the borders), then the money will be returned. But everything is very individual. Perhaps instead of refunding the money will be offered to exchange tickets for another direction or at another time. Sometimes a ticket can be returned for a small fee.

    No additional documents need. Everything can be done through the airline site interface.

    Changes in various airlines schedules ( Because of the epidemic Coronavirus):

    Not all airlines publish changes in a convenient form. Open the "News" section on the site of your airline and look for the information you need.

    How to return aptive ticket if I changed my mind to fly due to coronavirus

    If your flight has not been canceled and the border is not closed, But you still decided not to go due to the fact that you are afraid to become infected, many airlines go to meet customers and offer to transfer departure. But the full cost of the ticket only because of the reluctance to fly to return will not be.

    It’s easier to make a sick leave and return money with him.

    Return information in KLM

    How to return Aeroflot’s ticket

    Aeroflot allows its customers to return tickets due to the abolition of the flight and get the full cost of the ticket no longer than December 31, 2020.

    I do not want to fly - how to return the non-returnable plane tickets

    To do this, call: 8 (800) 444-55-55.

    How to return the ticket company S7

    The company S7 published information that it is possible to return the full cost of the ticket purchased from March 5 to April 10 (return and non-returnable) if your tariff refers to the category "Basic".

    But you need to pay 1000 rubles.

    How to return non-returnable tickets to the airline victory

    Victory has almost default tickets. But it is possible to return the money after all.

    The airline’s website says that all tickets booked until March 7, 2020, You can return and get the full cost for them.

    For this will have to pay 2300 rubles. For each passenger.

    For the return of the ticket purchased after March 7, 2020, You pay 999 rubles. For each passenger.

    If the "victory" canceled the flight due to the fact that the boundaries of the country where you were going to fly, closed, return ticket will cost 499 rubles.

    For questions about returning tickets to the airline Victory, call: +7 (809) 505-47-77.

    On the site:

    1. Go to Manage Booking.
    2. Choose how you will be convenient to return the ticket – by or without a booking code.
    3. If you return by the booking code, enter it into the appropriate field. In the next field, enter the email address or ticket number.
    4. If you return a ticket without a booking code, you will have to enter the following data: Airport and departure date, arrival airport, your surname and date of birth, your passport data.

    How to return the non-return ticket of Ural Airlines

    Because of the coronavirus pandemic from March 8 to April 15, 2020, you can return money for any ticket in full.

    This action is valid for any tariffs, but return the ticket more than 40 minutes before the start of registration on the flight. For some tariffs, return the ticket only with a fine of 1000 rubles.

    On the site:

    1. Go to the Ural Airlines website in the section "Check orders".
    2. Enter all the data and click on the "OK" button.
    3. On the page that opens you will be available all information about the ticket.
    4. Press the "Ticket Return" key.

    What is said in law

    If your airline does not want to return money, you can try to refer to Article 541 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

    By law, if circumstances appeared, in which you would not buy air tickets, and they are not specified in the sale contract, then this agreement can be terminated.

    Under this article is not only an epidemic, but also other circumstances. For example, you did not issue a visa.

    Where to look for information about travel during coronavirus pandemic

    On the website of Rosturism There are reports regularly with current information about the situation with coronavirus and restrictions related to it.

    News section on the Rosturism website. Look for headlines "Information for tourists".

    The number of flights is constantly decreasing. The nearest focus of the epidemic is now – Italy and Spain. But all countries of the European Union closed the boundaries. Airplanes from Russia fly there, but only in the capital.

    Contacts of Rotturism

    • 8-499-678-12-03, round the clock
    • 8-495-959-15-66, round the clock
    • 8-915-117-04-51 from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 19:00

    Operational duty officers of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia are working around the clock, which you can transfer all information by phone:

    • +7 (495) 587 88 60
    • +7 (499) 244 19 77
    • +7 (499) 244 19 88
    • +7 (499) 244 28 47

    Through Messenger WhatsApp to the number +7 985 046 52 97

    We will support this article up to date.

    If you have already happened to return the non-return tickets or, on the contrary, you do not return money, please, Share your experience in the comments. Your experience will be useful to others.

    Thank you for reading.

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    Non-return tariff, this is one of the conditions of the transportation agreement that you conclude. Ticket, only part of the contract. The entire contract carrier is obliged to give you in the form of a certified statement from the automated system on your request in order.3 st. 105 of the Air Code of the Russian Federation. Here it will try to avoid. But since the non-return tariff is a contractual condition, it can be changed. And the contract can generally be terminated in order p1. Art. 451 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. In no case do not go for airlines trying to convince you that termination is possible only to flight. The contract of transportation, as any contract, is terminated by execution. While it is not executed, it acts in time before execution or termination. Termination may be by agreement of the parties or court decision. First, the claim, then best of all in Rospotrebnadzor on. Moscow. They will protect your interests in court for free.

    good day.
    You had some kind of experience what you described. Please tell us more details.

    Seryozha, I am a lawyer. And otherwise look.3 st.105 of the Air Code of the Russian Federation. There is an imperative: ; The carrier is obliged to issue a certified extract from the automated control system ;. Here on a specific transportation contract everything will be described. All that they have on sites is information that has no legal force ;

    I describe what is happening now in practice. For your reasoning thanks!

    The article repeats what is so described on tourist portals. About our a / k. But with foreign how to fight? I can not get a refund from EL Al and from Aegean; And I feel behind the summer trip also with Airserbia I will fight (there at all on the whole family tickets). Greeks offer transfer to autumn; I do not need a transfer, I have a vacation in March. Now silent, like the Israelis. What to do? Where to complain?

    Foreign is more difficult. They do not fall (or only partly) under the action of Russian laws. Here it is necessary to study the legislation of the state of the airline. Especially in Eastern and Asian countries. EU airlines operate on the basis of regulations: Regulation (EC) NO 261/2004 and COUNCIL Regulation (EEC) NO 295/91. There is still the so-called Montreal Convention.

    But I have such a story with the return of money for a non-return ticket.
    It all started long before all these viruses, in November 2019. We discovered the active tickets of Aeroflot (naturally non-returnable) in Thailand and not thinking, they were purchased and began to plan a trip to the country of smiles.
    Our flight was supposed to take place on March 2020. And here, the coronavirus came unexpectedly nigandanno and our plans for the trip began to progressively fade.
    Watching the situation in the world, we decided to call Aeroflot and ask whether it is possible to somehow return tickets, otherwise you see what is happening in the world, in response they said that since there is no pandemic in Thailand, then return We will not be money, but if I will announce that there is a pandemic, then we will consider return options or exchange of tickets.
    Time passed, we constantly monitors the news, but everything was somehow disappointing, after all, we took the final decision, which is not going to be exactly and there is nothing to risk health and in general we will not get away from there because of the boring closures and other restrictions of entry and departure from countries. At the same time, we began to think, how to return our denyushki for air tickets, because they are non-returnable.
    Curved about all possible return options, among which was a passenger disease. And then suddenly, three days before the departure, I truly got sick and I could not fly anywhere. Immediately wrote a letter about it in Aeroflot and waited for an answer from them, I thought they could do me at the same time and explained what documents they would need to provide for confirmation of the disease, but there was no answer from the airline (but I understood that they were unlikely Whether they can answer so quickly, because they are now all attacked).
    It came on March 20 (departure date) and I decided to call them and warn that I could not fly because of the disease (it had to be done no later than 40 minutes before the end of registration by the rules of the forced return of the ticket). It means I got through and I tell them that and so that I can not go. I asked me the girl if I could confirm that I could not give a certificate about the coronair, I certainly confirmed that I could not get such a certificate anywhere, because they are doing only in Novosibirsk, and the flight is already in a few hours (Then there were no laboratories and express tests in our region to confirm the coronavirus).
    After my confirmation, the operator girl said to wait for me a couple of times, after waiting she reported to me that I made me a forced refund of money completely and that I wait for 10 to 30 days.
    So I didn’t even have to send them any confirmation of documents (but I think it’s only in this situation, when everything is so difficult in the world). And just the other day I received a full refund of cash. But here my boyfriend, when he called them, they said that only fees would be returned, but it seems to me that he must return everything completely until he was still no returns, we are waiting.

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