I have a ticket to Georgia. What to do with him now?

The hottest topic in our support, of course, Georgia. An article for those who have already bought tickets to Tbilisi or Batumi with flights later on July 8 – dates, when direct flights are stopped between Russia and Georgia.

We have compiled for you explanatory instructions with comments from airlines. Khachapuri and wine can still brighten your vacation!

What does Aeroflot say

Until July 8, 2019, all flights are executed on a schedule, but if desired, you can make a forced return. Parameters for flights to / from Tbilisi from 08.07.2019 is issued for a forced return or forced exchange for private flights to Yerevan, Vladikavkaz or Baku.

That is, if you have a ticket to Tbilisi with flights later on July 8, the airline instead will be offered flight to Yerevan, Vladikavkaz or Baku. But before Georgia further get. The same scheme and in the opposite direction. You need to independently get from Georgia to the above-mentioned cities, and from there you can fly home. If it is too difficult, our concern will issue you a ticket refund.

Commentary from Ural Airlines

Until July 8, 2019 All flights to Georgia from Moscow, Zhukovsky, Sochi, Krasnodar,

Yekaterinburg, St. Petersburg and Samara will be executed on schedule. But if you wish, you can also make an forced return of money. Next Complete ticket refund or forced exchange for regular flights to the Russian Federation and the CIS.

This means that after July 8, the airline will offer alternative destinations in Russia and the CIS, but part of the path directly to \ Georgia will fall on your shoulders. To exchange or return a ticket, contact our care service. We will help you choose a convenient option.

Offer from Airlines S7 Airlines

In the directions of Novosibirsk / Moscow-Tbilisi / Batumi and / or Friend from June 22 to July 8, 2019, you can issue a forced return or exchange for your own flights of the airline (Vladikavkaz, Yerevan, Sochi).

Here is the same policy as Aeroflot. The airline will change Tbilisi \ Batumi in Sochi, Yerevan or Vladikavkaz. And then at your disposal buses, trains or flights from local airlines.


All flights from the airline in Batumi and Tbilisi from Ekaterinburg, Perm, Kazan and Rostov-on-Don, canceled on July 8, 2019 inclusive. If you have tickets for these dates – make a forced refund. No alternative flights from Russian Lawroystr does not offer.

All flights to the airline in Batumi and Tbilisi until July 7, 2019 are inclusive on schedule.

Georgian Airways

I have a ticket to Georgia. What to do with him now

Georgian airlines have their own position. If the ban will be introduced from July 8 and at Georgian Airways Airlines, the carrier will offer its passengers to Tbilisi transit flights &# 8211; Yerevan &# 8211; Moscow &# 8211; Yerevan &# 8211; Tbilisi. In addition to Moscow, there is another option with Voronezh.

Transfer stay time not more than 50 minutes, and passengers on behalf of the Georgian airline will provide comfortable conditions. Until July 8, all flights are performed according to plan.

So what to do?

So, if you have a ticket to Georgia or back to dates after the fateful July 8:

  1. See what airline performs a flight;
  2. Select a convenient route according to the airlines’ offers that we described above;
  3. Contact our care service and tell about your decision: exchange a ticket or return money;
  4. Get a new ticket without surcharge or money for an alternative trip.

Contact us, we are waiting and ready to help:

+ 7 499 653-63-36 for calls in Russia and from abroad

+ 7 812 385-58-65 for calls from St. Petersburg

Or leave Applications on our website, And indicate the reason to appeal ; flights to Georgia from July 8, 2019 ;

I have a ticket to Georgia. What to do with him now

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