I lost: stories from life

The most common case: went for mushrooms, carried away and lost. "We went with my wife and friends for Gruce in the Forest. Collected a little bit, sat in nature, adopted a balm for the soul and continued to collect mushrooms. Was drunk and dare, suffered me deep, and suddenly the feedback was not. Oh yes, telephone communication there is not at all. Climbed onto a high tree, tried to catch a connection, but the result is crying. I can not describe that panic fear, but very scary, seriously. Won the fire, climbed onto the tree to spend the night sitting on the branch. I think well, that’s all, life ends. By morning, the mood rose, thought the rescuers will now find. But that did not happen.

Here I saw an amanita and remembered how I was told that it could be. And I thought: what to lose me? Maybe I die here, so I ate it, dried on fire. I started to fit me, a shiver appeared in the limbs, and I began to hear incomprehensible noises and see the colors that never seen before. Then I fell asleep, for it was impossible to go. Sleep was strange, with visions and sounds. I woke up from the slaughter of a man already at dusk, the rescuer, what was very, very happy ".

Three nights as one day

White River, Republic of Adygea

To get lost in the mountains, just one careless step. In the summer of 2015, 12-year-old Nikita Koriugin disappeared in Adygea. "When I went for firewood, slipped and fell into a mountain river. I could not get up and went on the river – I thought I could go to the White River and climb to the camp. But soon I realized that I was getting lost, and then I decided to go only on the line, without turning anywhere. Overall in the forest, drank water from the river, "the teenager told.

Children do not feel time, so they are not scary

Rescuers were looking for Nikita to darkness, but the search did not give results. "Then they called another group. Boy searched for 20 rescuers from Krasnodar, Tuapse and Red Polyana with unmanned and helicopter equipment. And in the evening found him at the merger of the river Belaya and the Crystal stream – by chance, when they stopped a snack. One of the rescuers went down to the river and heard a children’s voice: the boy responded to his name, "said Operational duty officer of the search and rescue squad Andrei Kazarianan.

Nikita lasted two days in the mountains without matches, knife, food and dry clothes and not even frightened. "Children do not feel time, so they are not scary," the rescuer explained. – When we asked how many hours it was, he replied: "Well, I walked whole day". And in fact he spent three nights alone in the forest! An adult would be afraid, realizing that he could not find that you could die from hunger, heat, thirst, predators. Children do not realize. And therefore their psyche does not suffer, they easily forget it. ".

In snow captivity

Snow-covered trail Rutburn, New Zealand

Czech tourist Pavlin Pisovo had to wait for rescuers in the mountains of New Zealand for a whole month. Together with her friend she went on the picturesque Tropez Rutburn in the mountainous area, which became famous after the filming of the "Lord of the Rings". "This month was for me, my family and my friend’s family is very painful," said Peacock when she found rescuers. – And that day, the weather was just a terrible: heavy snowfall and low clouds, it was impossible to go, I had to spend the night right on the trail.

We tried to find a shelter, but Ondrey slipped and fell from the slope. I slipped behind him, but I could not help anything. When my friend died, I spent two nights in the open air before I came across the hut at the lake. Walked on the belt in the snow, the blizzard was offered all the marked trails, and I had to make the way. I very much frozen, tired and frosting legs. Then he tried to leave the hut several times, but could not – the snow was very much, and I didn’t have the strength to go on. I realized that it is better to stay in a safe place.

We made several mistakes: they did not report their campaign, did not take with them the location lighthouses and were not ready for winter weather in July – all this led to the tragedy ". Tourists began to look only after the consul of the Czech Republic saw on Facebook the post of relatives of the girl who had not received Westa from her. Therefore, Pavlina was found only at the end of August.

Wonderful salvation

I lost stories from life

Tingur trail (Tungur-ingen), p. Katun, Altai Mountain Altai

No rescuers came to the aid of tourists lost in the Altai Taiga, and the participants of the cross move held in these places. Daria Shvetsova, Viktor Grigoriev and Alexey Mestas went hitchhiking on Belukhu and got lost on the way from the village of Ingeng to Tünigur. "I slowly went through Taiga, collected and ate strawberries. It so happened that we switched to the animal and got lost from the human trail, – Victor said. – the water was only below – in Katun, where you need to go down the steep slope, and we went to sleep hungry. At night, we dreamed of water, wildly tormented. In the morning began to descend under a slope of 85-90 °. Alexey walked ahead, I’m behind him.

At this time, stones falling on top of our heads. The thirst interrupted the instinct of self-preservation ". "It was a peak point in our journey. We are tired, it was hard, the strength was over, "Dasha added. "Thought you crazy. And suddenly see very far from Christ. At first, they decided that it was meant, and then we see the column of people, – Alexey shared. – I have never experienced such happiness in my life!"

Meeting with a bear

A 17-year-old teenager from the Omsk region managed not only to independently get out of the taiga, but also to drive a bear. Andrei Khakimov went with a friend to collect cedar cones and wandered into the wilderness. "I began to scream – no one responds. I walked even more. I decided to stop in one place and wait: suddenly I hear how a friend screams. And there is no soul around, and there is no end! Two hours began to darken, I went to look for the night, "said the teenager. Andrei found a small hunting lodge, there he spent, but he did not stop – he was afraid that he would not find him.

I saw him, waved him with a cocktow, but he flew on. It was the brightest moment of despair

Teenager was looking for about 100 people: police, rescuers, volunteers, locals. Provided the rescue helicopter. "I saw him, waved him with a cocktow, but he flew on. It was the brightest moment of despair. I also remember strong hunger. Only a cranberry and a lingonberry that found. I had to drink swamp water. She stinks, but you want to live – what you can’t do. The worst thing was the third at night. I hear the steps behind my back, turning – at 6-7 m a huge bear! I grabbed a stick with dismay and shouted so that the bear fled. Andrew recalls – so do not sleep, "was shaking me that until the morning. Get out of the taiga, he could only on the fifth day: "I see power lines. I went to them and got on the road. It turned out intuitively came to the village where we used to live. It is 25 km from the place where I was lost. And then on the road just traveled friend from Ust-Ishim, who was returning from Omsk, and he drove me home ".

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