I’m big lucky

Yes, sometimes after school you want to relax, but not everyone succeeds, and many of those who manage it, it can only be done in the country, and if someone manage to do it abroad, … not somewhere, but in a tour In Malta, this one is clearly big lucky.

And when I was, my mother and brother, I realized that we were really lucky.

eleven.00. Night. I, mom, dad, brother. Street. Sheremetyevo.

0.twenty. Departure hall. I, mom, brother. Customs. Border guards. Stingy. Airplane.

2.twenty. Sky. Malta.

I want to sleep, but it is impossible, and when the food will be handed out, they will not go past and wake, so I immediately asked: "When we feed us?" – and they answered that now we will drive and eat drink and go. When the breakfast was rushed (in the half-third night in the plane it was so called), everyone was asked, meat or fish, and besides that they were given: Bread bug white, half a piece of black, cheese is unknown as oil, salad refueling and salad refueling ( Olives, crab wand, carrots and something else), a cake, a plastic cup (for tea or coffee) and a fork with a knife and with a spoon, also plastic (so as not to drag).

So, you caught, now you can sleep. Caphed, now you can fly including. Flew, now you can fly.

When we arrived, we were promised, the drivers were met with signs. One of the drivers took us to the parking lot, where there were a bunch of cars with open windows and without drivers, and sometimes just open jeeps and convertibles, not what we have, – closed with drivers and with alarm. So, he took us to the parking lot, put things in a mini-bus and started a conversation about how and where he worked when Gorbachev came to them, then talked to her dad on the negotiation device and left us, saying that he would come now his dad and take us to the hotel. So it happened: the drivers dad came, shifted all things and brought us to the hotel, there we were immediately settled.

We came to the room, rearranged the clock three hours ago, as we were told on the plane, and went to bed, but before that I ordered "Wake Up Call" (a beading call) for eight hours, because we had breakfast from eight to nine thirty. The outflow is a call: "ITX Your Wake Up Call, Thank You, Good Bye" (This is your alarm clock, thanks, goodbye), on the clock seven, and what, they made a mistake, or what is a service, and we once again went to bed. Slept up to nine, and nine dressed, washed and went to eat. When we asked where the restaurant, we pointed the way and said that breakfast is over, because there are already ten. That’s how we were deceived in the plane.

We still didn’t have air conditioners in the hotel, and there was only a fan, and that was turned off when everything went away, because when you enter, insert the key into a special thing to turn on the electricity, and therefore sometimes when we left, we are in the key for the key inserted a comb wrapped in a piece of paper, and everything worked fine.

We lived in a small tourist town of Saint-Julians, where all the place was held by large hotels, small shops, big night clubs, so, our hotel was just surrounded by several nightclubs, in which a disco came every day with music on full power, So it was not easy to fall asleep.

To walk to the sea, it was necessary to pass five hundred meters, it was possible to do anything to the sea: ride a catamaran, on a scooter, on windsurfing and, finally, on the canoe, that we most often did. Once I even swam in the open sea, and savages saved me. In the pool, though it was impossible to rent anything, but it was also nice, although there was no moment when there were a few people, and therefore in the morning, going for breakfast, we took the sun beds, and after breakfast, when all the sun beds are busy, we calmly lay down on their busy. Another disadvantage had our pool: it was not a single water slide, although the slide was a slide.

I'm big lucky

Yes, in every water in Malta were their shortcomings and advantages, for example, wild beaches – the most cute business, only the beaches of them are stone. The best option was the sandy beach next to the most northern city of Malta – Melleeh (he is the highest point of Malta). There were a lot of sun beds and, as always, the disadvantage – a lot of too boats in the bay, but, however, one more advantage: there was a ride on a banana or on a special boat for one.

Every day in the evening, at nine hours, all-different things happened in the hotel room: that discos, then football quiz, then different mockery. For example, four young people chose once from the audience, they gave them a bottle of beer, and at first they just drank a chance, then on one leg, and then they put the sock on the bottle and drank through the sock, but this was not enough: the presenter changed the bottles and All drank through someone else’s sock, except for a young man who refused (and did it right).

And for children, but already in some club, which I did not find, went in the morning all sorts of children’s entertainment type painting faces or playing children’s bowling.

The intellectual part of our holiday was two excursions, one on the water, and the other on the ground. On the water we slept several bays, and on the ground we passed on Vallette (the capital of Malta). True, the guides were two, that is, one guide and one translator, and next to us there were two excursions with normal Russian guides, who know their excursions, we also watched the movie about Malta in Russian, this seems to be our official intellectual part of the rest It was over, but we continued it unofficially: once again we went to Valletta and my mother and brother went to the city of Mdina, Rabbat and Saint-Guan. I didn’t go to Mdin and Rabbat, because it was tired of relaxing and sunbathing, but in Saint-Guan – because they said that they would walk for a few minutes, but they themselves got lost and after four hours they accidentally came to Saint-Guan.

Since in the hotel we fed only twice: in the morning and in the evening – during the day we sometimes snap. For example, since seven or eight in two weeks of the trip, we went to a small restaurant called Piece of Cake and ordered any different way, and even I two times ate strawberries there (although in all other restaurants it was not the season for strawberries): first time with rum, and the second time without. Well, so, they ordered different things, and for the last time we came there, I began to order something in English, and our waitress suddenly says: "Gevoritte in Russian, I waslated", But when she brought us an order, I said with unusual: "Thank You", Although at the very beginning, when we just arrived, it was the opposite: it was very unusual not to hear completely and the Russian speech and answer and speak English. For example, once in the first days we bought ice cream, and the seller asks in English, what we want? – And I answer him absolutely in Russian: "And what do you like most?"

In fact, there was a lot of Russians, and on the same day, when we flew, with a difference of two more aircraft, two more aircraft flew.

I do not know how it was in those two aircraft, but we flew by a transit flight (from Johannesburg to Malta, from Malta to Russia, and from Russia, the plane flew somewhere else, but where, I don’t know), and therefore let everyone let all who had a pink ticket with inscription "transit", And only then all of us, and we have not written places on the landing coupon, they said – sit down on empty places. We went to the plane and found that the places are only one in different ends of the aircraft, my mother went smashed a little, and we were given three places in the business class instead of economy class, so we are in business class home and flew.

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