I’m surprised

No matter how many journeys, in any country always notice anything unusual. To do this, in fact, travel. One admires another angers. Germany for me – the country where I was always an outsider. Endless wonder. Both good and bad. Good for some reason even more.

This time I was not surprised not alone. With me, the French, Polka, Spaniard, Spaniard and two Australians were surprised with me. We were theatrical troupe. Besides us in it were the British, but they never wondered. Were presented in the troupe and the Germans, they also surprised them, but this is another topic.

We are going in the car on the highway. No intersections are foreseen. Ahead of the running machine includes left flasher. I brake. Where, damn, she can turn here. And she does not turn. Just highway in this place makes a turn.

All international company is noisily surprised. Spaniards with respect – warns the rear car on the dangers of the road, the French with condescending perplexity. Polka annoyed. The French are shouting at the next visure: "Flashing, flashing on, we will be like the Germans!"

The French are unhappy with German girls. Still in Berlin, they say, you can look out on the street, but more often on foreigners, and in the village – just nothing to do. In two months in Germany, you imagine, I did not look at anyone. Marvelous.

Come in with polka in beer. Very characteristic German beer in the Berlin district of Spandau. At the table sits a caricature German company – hefty, thick, ruddy, drunk – and with them clearly overeating the dog. Drink beer and eat biscuits from a huge package. Through one throw a dog. The dog often flies. One of the drinking boosts on all fours and teaches the dog to catch handout. Cheerful casual atmosphere. Rugs around their tables are grazed by crumbs from cookies. The owner of the beer is clearly rejoicing the good mood of his guests.

We order one beer and one coffee. Of course, not the most favorable order. In addition, I ask matches. In addition, we take turns using the toilet. We speak Polish among themselves. And finally, I will eat a banana, and the skirt neatly put in the ashtray on my own, notice the table. The ashtray is very big, the skin in it calmly places, even the place remains for the cigarets.

Without nebledny the owner of the bar is red, so that I fear, would not have had his shot. His eyes moved almost to the crown. He walks up to our table in a terrifying form, takes two fingers to peel from the ashtray, slowly carries it into the trash can behind the bar and once again casts us look.

We quickly paying and wonder in the car. especially the polka. She screams that tomorrow will leave home, even high wages will not stop it.

Complain evening his German counterpart. Shrug: "And what you suffered in Spandau?"

In the Italian restaurant, the waiter asks in the afternoon: you coffee or a real German?

The whole company laughing merrily, one Pole shyly asks German. German coffee liquid in a large circle, it is assumed to packaging concentrated cream.

The village billiard German rustic chic – lace curtains, fake crystal chandeliers, gilded furniture. About a billiard table tables for soft drinks and two high stools. The summer season, but the evening. That is, the public does not coat, but sweaters or jackets. And now we, after two hot parties is hot. Without releasing cues from the hands, we throw our coats on a stool and continue to party. And from behind the counter of non-alcoholic bar already flies an angry mistress. Hardly aware that had the nerve to upset the order of the billiard. For jackets a dressing room on the first floor. Interrupted in such a way to continue the party no longer wanted, and we went out into the street to be surprised.

One of our Australians – a big man, even in comparison with the Germans. Forty-seventh the size of shoe. And now he can not afford to buy shoes. He was particularly surprised that in the women’s department – the last size of the forty-second, and the choice is very large, and men – forty-five last, rarely come across forty-sixth, and virtually no choice. I was most surprised that he still bought a forty-sixth, put in the wardrobe and tried on every day. not climbed.

Australians at the girls did not complain to the parties come to the natives of China, Indonesia and the Philippines.

In Germany you can drive hitchhiking. Pick up the willing. But on the autobahn. Catch the travelers on rustic roads – Liberate, I warned me. I checked. Difficult – does not mean it is impossible. After a quarter of an hour left in the right direction. True, it was the first car that stopped at all.

Our Spaniard does not like buses. She prefers five times a week half an hour waving his hands on the road, but go home with comfort. When there are no passing machines and hands to occupy nothing, she breaks lilac for the nearest fence. She loves flowers in the house, buying expensive, and here so much.

We go to visit her. Like any dancer, she immediately after dinner begins to discuss what will be for dinner.

– You love Tortilla (Spanish Omelet with Potatoes)? I will prepare the crook, sparky soup and salad. I always buy asparagus in the village. Here a kilogram costs six brands, and in Berlin all ten. Salad is best to buy in the Turkish market. Two and a half brand bunch against four in the store, and the bundle is much thicker.

Finally the machine is stopped, ready to pass us into Berlin. Husband with his wife, sending children to the village, return home, husband on this occasion got a beer, and a car behaves. English speaks with difficulty, he knows Russian "thanks" and "On Health". Talking about Spanish, she is very proud of her knowledge of German. For a whole year he taught, imagine free. In exchange for Flamenco lessons.

Discuss, as I understand it, prices for products. German agrees that there is much cheaper in the village. It shows a box of large eggs purchased on the side. Spaniard immediately creates an egg. The joyful German gives him. As she was going to treat me with omelet, I believe that she has eggs, and the individuality is purely sporty.

– Well, such! – she says when we spread goodbye to the kind pair. – They have so much so much let them give. And I need an egg for soup, I have only for a cantile. On the way it turns out that for soup you need to buy and asparagus, its reserves will only be enough for one plate. We go to the night store, where she is killed before the showcase, which did not buy enough in the village. My proposal will respond with enthusiasm. Apparently, it believes that not only the Germans have only many.

Our Frenchman took out German police from behind the wheel. Here you can’t burn. Rights selected. He tells: in the department a whole shelf for French rights. Flowing fingers: such a pack. I’m not surprised.

I am surprised at the relationship of Western and Eastern Germans. They say this is a topic for a whole study. I am surprised at the household level. Western mechanic, Hippuer Democrat, on a country road rides at a speed of kilometers thirty.

I'm surprised

– That so slow? – I ask.

– Yes you understand the eastern district. They are here wearing as caustic, kill each other every week.

About the Turk so to speak, he would not have come to mind.

I sent express documents to France from Potsdam. Instead of the forty-eight hours, they traveled week. I was indignant so much that I wanted to file a complaint. Since I don’t own the language itself, I asked the Western German to help. He looked at me crying:

– Do not stop. Potsdam – the city is East, they still do not know how, well, the wrong one, with whom it does not happen.

Eastern Germans roby to bureaucracy. Helped one to make insurance. Found out the price for two weeks, gave good. Began to execute. I realized that I was more convenient for a month.

– And for a month can not?

Found out. It turned out, you can.

– But he has already begun to draw up, uncomfortable.

– I will be inconvenient without insurance if I stay for a week.

With the visible effort on themselves asked.

Others said about him: "He is east, you can’t even imagine to what extent".

Fortunately, in Germany, I was surprised not long. Three weeks left home. Turned on the TV – and was surprised again. This time – speech of one general.

I'm surprised

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