I moved to Barcelona

The idea of ​​moving appeared in the head back in deep childhood, but all this remained at the level of dreams to one fine moment. I studied at the Academy of Physical Culture, was preparing to become a good coach. Before the last course matured, the figures about the salary of the coach, thoughts about what would need to provide a family in the end, in the end to buy an apartment. Calculating all this, I realized that I was not better.

There was a conversation with his parents, first decided that it was necessary to finish the Academy and then leave for the border, a week later we agreed that I would not finish anything and I would go after six months, and after three days later, the final decision was departing in three months. And then preparation began. In Ukraine, at that time there was already visa-free regime with Europe, but the queues were crazy. To move, I chose Spain, Barcelona. There were already relatives, they agreed to help at first, plus there warmly – a good climate manil me most.

I arrived as a refugee. There is a global organization Red Cross, which helps such as me. This relocation was forever, and, by the Internet, I realized that the easiest way to get documents on cases – according to the laws of Spain, I must be on its territory legally for three years.

First impressions

My attention from the first seconds attracted Spanish speech. I never heard, as they say in Spanish, and indeed any languages ​​did not know, except Russian and Ukrainian. So quickly that I heard just some letters and sounds everywhere, I could not disassemble any words (except Hola) for another two to three weeks.

In the process of adaptation in the new country, it was necessary to get used to that all the shops, supermarkets, shopping centers are closed on Sunday. And, of course, Siesta – every day about from 13 to 17 hours almost everyone closes for lunch. Spaniards love to drink wine so that often after lunch no one will come to work, and the usual Siesta will go smoothly in dinner, and dinner is a bar, beer, fun. And so every day.

I live in Barcelona for almost a year, in Ukraine I have not missed yet, but in my family and relatives – every day. Imagine, we have a familiar life: Friends, family, every day you see everyone, do some kind of household, and then – wake up in the new world, people think differently, the day passes quite unusual, and yesterday you do not know. It’s like a little child knows the world and sees everything for the first time.

The program for which I am in the Red Cross provided me with the Spanish school – it helped me a lot, now I can understand what they want from me, and I can explain what I want me. Of course, not perfect, but I understand me. In general, it is not necessary to worry about the language very much – people have such a mentality that they will help in any case. If you need help, explain on the fingers, draw a map on the leaflet, hold you to the right place. No person for the year I refused to help me, but I asked her often.

When I went to school of Spanish, I have formed my circle of communication – these are guys in the same situation as I. They all arrived from different countries and continents. I have a special friendly relationship with an African (at that time he was 18 years old): We practiced Spanish with him, they taught new words, communicate to this day.

Advantages and disadvantages

Summer is terribly hot. Of course there are regions where cool, but it is in Barcelona two months of the wild heat – July and August, in the daytime it is better not to leave the room at all. The temperature reaches 40 degrees, on average holds 35. Near the Mediterranean Sea – the humidity is so big that when exiting the street in the first minute they expire later, but there is nothing to breathe, the air does not burn inside.

Most beautiful place – Sagrada Surname. On the evening on the beach of Barcelonet, the second life begins – here are some of the most famous nightclubs, an uncountable number of bars and restaurants, live figures, street musicians. The most famous dish, which is eaten by day and night – Paella, is preparing from rice, seafood and vegetables. As far as I noticed, it is rarely prepared here – there are many cafes where you can have a good dine inexpensively.

The average salary in Barcelona is 800-1000 euros, but who is looking for, will always find more. Spaniards for the larger account Lazy people, work 20 hours a week – this is for them: you can drink, walk, rest. Many rent their apartments, and they themselves take off houses outside the city where much cheaper.

The prices of renting an average apartment are 800-1200 euros, depends on the area.
I still need to have a personal apartment, as I am waiting for a residence permit. I remove the room for 350 euros, this price includes utilities, Wi-Fi. Just a couple of years ago, the two-room apartment could be removed for 500 euros, plus a communal and the Internet – about 600 euros per month. Now everything has changed due to agencies that raise prices. I still do not understand what it depends on, but I think, soon strikes will begin and prices will fall. The government listens to the striking and trying to settle conflicts by any ways.

Barcelona passes a large number of holidays. When training is being prepared, everything is stopped working in a week, after the holiday, the banquet continues for three days. Each district celebrates its holiday (district day), residents of neighboring areas go to visit each other. At the end of June, there is a San Juan holiday (very similar to Ivan Kupala) – all night blast the firefoot, you need to visit here to understand what is happening on this day. Still surprised that girls, women, grandmothers on the beaches sunbathe topless, it is absolutely normal. This is, of course, I like it.

I moved to Barcelona

The average life expectancy is very high here, and all due to the fact that people do not soar at all. There is work – well, no work – it’s also not bad, it’s impossible to die with hunger. Per person 150 euro is enough with his head to have all the products at home and do not refuse themselves.

Kindness, positive, endless conversations – this is Barcelona!

About work

When I received a document with the right to work, immediately settled on a contract for a full day – a familiar Syrian helped me with this, offering work in the Arabic restaurant on a barbecue. I never thought I would work in the kitchen, – I, a 22-year-old boy, who was engaged in sports and dreamed of becoming a coach.

My spanish is not perfect. When I came to the interview, I realized that no one pays attention to him, because the chef himself does not know him. Full time is 40 hours a week. I have good conditions with two weekends, which often do not happen in other restaurants, – Spaniards work six days a week. But many work only 20 hours, as I have already spoken. I am very lucky that I have a friend – without Spanish work in 90% of cases.

I really like their attitude to work: if you have a schedule from 10 to 18, you work smoothly so much. In the store, where my brother worked, the boss went to exactly at 18:00 and expelled him from work so that he did not proceed.

The main thing

In Spain, I learned to be calm, not worrying for tomorrow. Here you can afford to live, and not to survive – all the conditions for normal life are provided. I am very glad that I did my choice and I do not regret. After receiving a residence permit, I will definitely come to Ukraine to visit relatives and close friends.

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