I moved to Bavaria

Move to Europe I always wanted. My husband from Latvia, we lived together for three years together in Moscow, looking for options for moving, began to work on the opening of the Wake Park in Latvia. In the central office of the company, where I work, a vacancy appeared, I responded to it in January 2016 – after two stages of interviews I was offered to move. It helped a lot that I was already on a good account, in 2015 I ranked first among CRM Key-Users among all representative offices of the company. So we found yourself in the city of Landsberg am Lech.

The employer sent a contract, on this basis I received a working visa. It was necessary to confirm a diploma of higher education for compliance with European standards. Fortunately, my university was listed in the list of accredited universities of the Russian Federation in Germany. To collect all the documents was easy, on all issues I consulted in the German embassy, ​​the entire package of documents translated into the Bureau to German. Upon arrival filed documents for a residence permit and after three weeks he received a card for five years. It helped that the husband of Europe, – this made the process easier, and with loss of work, the residence permit will continue.

We moved forever, it was a contract condition. Two years later, we feel at home. Good get used to good 🙂

First impressions

I immediately drew attention to the tranquility and the size of life compared to Moscow, the friendliness and desire of colleagues to help. To a warmer climate and high standard of living and the ability to travel in stunning places around. Here people are in no hurry and live in their pleasure, the pace of work is completely different, more.

We moved quite without knowing German – it was hard. My company is international, in the office I could communicate in English, but beyond it, people inactively spoke in other languages, I had to learn German rather quickly. It was not easy, but it was worth it. There is still a lot of paper bureaucracy here, but you can figure it out.

I say already actively, at B2. The spouse teaches, but he periodically leaving the Baltic States on the business of the Wake Park, which we eventually discovered too.

The circle of communication is not very wide, there is a company of the Germans, very open and friendly guys. Colleagues with my work and a couple of colleagues. In two hours of driving in Nuremberg, friends from the Baltic States seek often. There are friends of childhood in Zurich, up to him 2.5 hours drive, and there we are often often. I had a friend from German courses, but she moved to France.

Advantages and disadvantages

The climate is better because we are south. Spring comes early, and until the end of October heat.
We live in an hour drive from the Alps and are constantly there, we walk in the mountains – various places a great set, and all are beautiful. The presence of the mountains near is one of the biggest advantages.

The city of Landsberg himself is very beautiful, though small, located on a romantic road. In the city center is Wild Park along the Lech River, there you can go well and meet a roe. Munich in an hour by train, but we are rarely there, prefer mountains and nature. From Entertainment Walking in Nature, Traveling around Europe, Visiting Restaurants. Summer Wakeboarding, a number of parks are located nearby, the husband began to study the snowboard in winter, I also plan after birthday. Yes, we expect adding in a few weeks.

Food here is significantly higher than quality, many diverse vegetables, cheese, meat with what is in Moscow, just do not compare.

On Fridays in offices short working day. If we worked the norm of hours in a week, you can leave since 12. At the latest, when I left, – 14 hours. Weekends almost three days!

Excellent roads, Germany is known for their autobans without speed limitations – 200 km can drive in 1.5 hours, and even faster.

Housing rental here is growing due to the proximity of Munich, many live in Landsberg, and work go there. On average, one bedroom apartment costs 650-800 euros with utility bills, electricity, 40 euros per month is paid separately. In smaller villages in the district you can find accommodation cheaper, but we work in Landsberg, and live more convenient here. Finding an apartment is not easy, the owner chooses the tenants by itself on the basis of applications of numerous wishes and according to the documents confirming the income. One apartment casting from 10 applicants and above. Plays a role where you work, recommendations from past apartments and from colleagues.

Product costs are not higher than in Moscow, but for the same money quality is much higher. The average fork for salaries in Bavaria is higher than in Germany on average, varies from 1500 to 3000 euros and above (gross per month) depending on the work.

About local residents

I moved to Bavaria

Bavarians are very traditional, but friendly. All do according to the rules, here very quiet and calm. They also know how to have fun, noting Oktoberfest. Almost everyone has traditional Bavarian clothing – for women Dirndl dress, men have checkered shirts and leather pants (Lederhose). They are worn during national holidays, for weddings, and just like that.

Not only Oktoberfest, there are regional festivals, where the beer is poured by the river. Beer here drink a lot, sell it from 16 years, which surprised him a little. You can drink on the streets, the police will not stop. In February, a costume parade fashing. All in costumes, like Halloween, walk in the city center. There is a parade – on the central street through the entire city, a variety of platforms with people in the costumes are moving, very fun.

Unfamiliar people can say hello, everyone smiles, no one hurries. Everyone lives according to the rules and in their pleasure.

About work

I worked and work in a German company. In Moscow, he was the head of the department for working with clients, now the post is not guidance and is associated with CRM and user support worldwide. We introduce a new CRM platform for all offices, conduct trainings. I went to maternity leave in early June. I plan to go back with partial employment when the child is a year – in this regard, the company is very Family Friendly.

Spouse worked in Moscow in the company on progressive crop consultant. Now, until he owns the language freely, it works in stock. The spouse was harder because of the language, I was looking for a job a little more than a month and first worked through the agency. If you wish, you can find the work, the demand for employees is always. Now he is on the direct contract and actively teaches the language for further growth and development.

Vacation here 30 business days, and not calendar, that is, six weeks are super! With colleagues, the relationship is good, everything will always help, there are no intrigues.

The main thing

Moving expanded the borders, it turned out to take a fresh look at the world and life. I became more calm and learning to live in my pleasure – in Moscow, forever was in fuss, in work. More travel and impressions. Learned to be alone, especially when the spouse was leaving for work in Latvia. Of course, the first year was not easy: exit from the comfort zone, longing to house, – but every month it gets better, and we do not regret the decision.

I moved to Bavaria

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