I moved to Beirut

In the specialty I am an oriental, but I never had ideas to move to the Middle East, especially after a series of revolutions "Arab Spring" began in the region. Fate, however, the thing is unpredictable 🙂 During the trip to Istanbul, I decided to call in almost the neighboring Beirut. So we met with Mike, my long-time online, after 10 years of correspondence.

As soon as I met the family of T-shirt and realized that they were all people close to me in the spirit, the decision was not allowed to wait. Moving turned out to be aware, but spontaneous, and took place 10 months after our first meeting outside the Internet. April 2 was exactly 2 years old as I live in Lebanon.

I was in Lebanon for the first three months, and in July in the Moscow registry office, our painting was held in Moscow. There is no civil marriage institute in Lebanon, herein, depending on religious affiliation, marry church or through Muslim nicks. For civilian marriage, the Lebanese often go to Cyprus or in the native country of the bride, as in our case. After collecting all the necessary documents and sending them to Lebanon, foreign wives of the Lebans are issued "ICAME", or permission to stay in the country.

I always dreamed of living in a warm sunny country with sea and delicious fragrant food. True, my imagination painted Spain, Portugal or Italy, and not Middle Eastern Lebanon 🙂

First impressions

East with its orders, traditions and features for me was not discovered: in childhood I often went to Syria for the summer holidays, there lived and worked my mother’s brother of my dad. Lebanon conquered me natural beauty when the cedar mountains to the turquoise sea feed hand, delicious cuisine and very fashionable people. Sometimes it seems that there is no east around at all, but Europe, although there are cities where you can meet a real Arabic flavor.

I easily adapt to new conditions, especially the family of her husband, the Lebanese Armenians, were on the mentality and lifestyle close to us, Russian. It was more difficult to leave relatives and loved ones in Moscow, as well as your favorite job – on "ICAME Wife" in Lebanon, I officially prohibited.

Classic Arabic I taught at the university, but it was 8 years ago, so much forgot.As for the dialect, I understand it well, I can speak to household topics, to explain with taxi drivers or sellers, but no more. Lebanese Armenians inside the family always communicate in Armenian, and with her husband we are accustomed to speak English, so the study process without practicing is slow.

I have a lot of familiar, mostly from the number of friends of her husband and his cousin, as well as three close friends (by coincidence, they are Russians). The aim of finding girlfriends is among the compatriots I did not ask, it happened by chance. We with girls combined my blog in Instagram.

Lebanon and I were quite quick enough, an intensive study of its history, attractions, travel around the country and writing posts about life here.

Advantages and disadvantages

Entertainment and food in Lebanon deserve a separate article 🙂 Here are the most incendiary parties, festivals and concerts in the Middle East, and Lebanese cuisine has been recognized by Travel + Leisure a Travel magazine for one of the most delicious in the world. The climate in the spring and autumn months is pleasant, in the summer it is hot and wet. In winter, snow falls in the mountains and trendy ski resorts open. Social aspects are developed weakly, Lebanon has not yet been fully recovered from a long civil war, which is aggravated by the war in Syria and the presence of a huge number of Syrian refugees in the country.

If you compare the average income of the Lebanese family (about $ 800 in cities) and prices for everything, ranging from products and ending with municipal services, then Lebanon Country is extremely expensive, more comparable to European. Another minus is that here is almost for everything you need to pay: for education (starting from kindergarten), medicine.

About local residents

Lebanon, though a tiny country, but extremely scattered, where it is difficult to find two identical people. Everything was mixed here: Short shorts and hijabs, churches and mosques, traditional closed families and free European morals. Lebanese, like all the eastern peoples, friendly and hospitable, will always be invited to a cup of coffee to her house. They love to say a lot and emotionally, but it is not enough to do, putting everything for tomorrow, spend a long clock in restaurants, appreciate our family and are Patriots of Lebanon, even if they do not live in it.

I moved to Beirut

Traditions and customs depend on the specific family, sometimes even from the region. Basically, they are associated with the professionable religion. In Lebanon, Catholic, Orthodox Christmas and Ramadan are equally celebrated in Lebanon, and the Armenian Lebanese Armenians have on April 24 in connection with the date of memory of the victims of the Armenian Genocide.

Arabs look at life contemptively, often shifting responsibility for decisions on God. No wonder one of the most popular phrases in the Middle East is "Inshalla", which is translated as "God".

About work

Before moving, I worked as a personal assistant vice president of a large international company, before that he was engaged in advertising, event management, writing texts and translations.

Lebanon is not the most promising country for career growth. Since the beginning of the war in Syria, many international companies have rolled out activities and left the Lebanese market. But in Lebanon, as one of the hottest points of the world, organizations are actively working on the provision of humanitarian assistance to refugees and the development of programs for the social development of the region. It is not necessary to get into local companies, in my opinion, there is no need from the point of view of development or income.

Being in Lebanon on a visa wife, I have no right to work until citizenship, so I do not have employment experience here. I heard that the Lebans work is not easy due to the features of the mentality: they are slow, lazy, not always required and extremely emotional.

The main thing

I learned to relax and enjoy the moment, today. Appreciate the time spent with the family, do not shy excessive emotions. After the Moscow bustle, this is a very valuable experience 🙂

I moved to Beirut

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