I moved to Gene

I always dreamed of moving to Spain, literally lived this idea. Fell in love with Spanish, and then in Barcelona. Dreamed, until he met his Italian husband – in that very Barcelona. I graduated from the last year of the university and moved, in general nothing to doubt!

In Italy, I have already adapted for the 11 years and has long been adapted to local life. At the very beginning it was not easy, because life began with a white sheet. The diploma was unsuitable. Of course, it was possible to disagree a little, learn the language, but all this is necessary – "only" couple-triple. After moving, you remain sharply without friends and relatives, besides, the Genoese women are quite closed people. They are friends with the clans from the kindergarten, so it’s someone else is just so difficult. At first I really lacked communication, especially in Russian.

Thank you instagram, after eight years of stay in Genoa, I met Russian girls – Wow, how important it is for me. And daughter – biling. Therefore, now there are no problems with Russian. Italian friends too grabs, but "mine" Mentality is very important, especially not in the native country. And not enough, perhaps, only my mother’s borscht, sour cream and buckwheat 🙂

Scary to move usually for the first time. I would really like to live somewhere in the tropics, where the eternal summer!

About work

In Moscow, I graduated from MGU, Legal Academy. Specialty did not work because of the move. Now I work in a very interesting place – a company engaged in the import and distribution of natural wines and alcohol of the highest category in Italy. Gastronomy has become not just a hobby for me, but and work! We do not have any rigid rules, dress code, but everyone must fulfill their duties to the maximum. And at the same time we are all like a big family.

In general, with the work of tight. More precisely, if there are documents, you can find a job. My Russian girlfriend itself found the work of the accountant three months after the announcement is published. Who wants to earn, earn. But to open a working visa at the invitation of a local firm is very difficult – bureaucracy.

Advantages and disadvantages

I moved to Gene

The first plus, of course, the climate – in Genoa all year round all the green and almost always shines the sun. In winter, the temperature does not fall below 5 degrees (and very rarely). Sea, sea and seas again! And food. In Italy, the cult of food, and I like it insanely! Italians for one or another dish can and two hours. So 🙂 And the most interesting thing is that in every region your culinary traditions and typical dishes: for example, in Liguria Pesta with pesto (type of pasta is necessarily Fusilli), in Apulia Orekette with Raga or Botto Boton.

Minus the minuses will probably have another mentality. Sometimes I do not understand them. Italians love to speak beautifully, promise, but not the fact that they will do the promised. I’m already used to passing everything through the filter and divide politeness into two. I will give example. One girl worked in a very good Italian cabin in Moscow, she was offered to transfer to the Milan Salon of the same company. She agreed and began to engage in documents, removed the apartment. Six months later, when she got a residence permit and moved to Italy, she was told, they say, I’m sorry, we found another. By the way, in Italy, the quality in the field of Beauty is lower than in Russia. I can not find where to make a normal manicure. Russian masters are very valued.

The cost of life is probably higher than in Russia, but we have other salaries. For example, the lowest salary in Genoa 1200 euros, renting an apartment costs from 350 euros per month, products are more expensive: tomatoes from 4 euros (you can find and cheaper, but low-quality), milk 1.20 euros, diesel liter costs 1.50 Euro.

I do not regret that I left Moscow, because I learned so much and so much to learn! Six languages, 53 countries – and this is not the limit! And most importantly – I am learning to enjoy life! Italians can do it. They travel with every opportunity, love delicious food and wine. Followed by itself, appreciate friendship, and, most importantly, your family. And what else can be more important?

I moved to Gene

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